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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


It’s no Cactus Jack


Wait, what am I saying?!

I’m taking back that prize and instead:

@RossM wins back the time spent watching that film.


New plot:

Super spy couple take kid on holiday


Spy Kids?
(The plot tracks with the clue, also it’s a really weird movie if anyone hasn’t seen it. As a side-note, I have memories of my child eating a huge gummy worm, confusing the feeling of being nauseous with the feeling of being scared by events in the movie, and then confirming which feeling was which by vomiting all over the carpet. We finished the movie after cleaning up and getting tucked in and comfy again, and we still laugh about it today).

As backups, I’ll also guess Mr. and Mrs. Smith and True Lies (both had kids and spy couples and vacation excuses for the ensuing hijinks). I know that’s a few guesses, I think I’ve wracked up enough failures to deserve them.

(EDIT: I know this isn’t right but I had to guess it anyway. The Long Kiss Goodnight! Family, vacation, spy adults, plus Samuel L. Jackson saying "You know what they say about assumption. It makes an “ass” out of “you” and “-umption.”)


@MinuteWalt has some good guesses, but I’m going to go with Undercover Blues


I am afraid all of these are incorrect. On the bright side, this means you still have plenty of failures racked up for multiple guesses in the future. :wink:


And that is absolutely correct!

As a prize, you now have an enemy who despises you with every fiber of their being and has vowed to avenge themselves upon you. However, they are so incompetent, you’ll never notice a change in your day-to-day life.




That’s Muerte! :wink:


Stanley Tucci in one of his most hilarious roles (in his long and multifaceted career)!

I can’t believe I missed that one, I have both figuratively and literally kicked myself (I’m getting older but I’m still flexible).


The rules here are guidelines, at this point. I don’t think we have any hard and fast ones (oh, you already know that, you’ve been here since the last time I shaved and didn’t see any gray hairs in my beard, yet).

Mod moment, here, sorry everyone:

This is always an available option open to everyone! I just thought I should mention it again.

If you scroll all the way up and think that something should be modified, shoot me a PM or put it publicly here in the thread. We keep bending and breaking the #1 post all the time, which is fine. I think this game is in permanent beta, and as long as everyone’s having fun, let’s keep rolling with that.


I think this is the #1 rule: this game is meant to be fun and entertaining for everyone. As long as everyone plays the game with that object in mind, we all win.


New clue:

Family struggles to pay back tax bill"


I think these are wrong, but let me know if I’m circling closer:

Money Pit
Brewster’s Millions
Overboard (and another Goldie Hawn movie) Death Becomes Her

I’m just burning up whatever collateral I have left.


Hi, I’m new here and maybe this one has been done before but I’m not sure how to search this lengthy thread. Oh well! New clue:

Delivery man gets unexpected four year holiday

(edit: misread instructions, have rectified)


Cast Away

(n.b. You should be able to search the thread by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the header, and ticking the “Search this topic” checkbox; however it’s absolutely fine to ‘repeat’ a film from earlier in the thread – I’ve done it several times myself, and I’ve yet to be booted out : )


Nope, none of the above!


Al Capone


Welcome, @Brandon! Don’t pay too much attention to the top post (well, at least glance at it, we’re not animals!) but we keep modifying it because it’s fun.

I have to back up @Phil’s guess of Castaway. That’s a great guess for this clue (also a great clue for this guess).

You’re booted! (Not really, that’s a legit tactic and perfectly fine. If someone specifically asks in their clue to not Google or search something [like a quote or a name], then it’s on the honor system for the other players to be cool [and everyone has been really good about this]. Otherwise, all of the internet can be your tool).

No mod has had to ban anyone in this thread. The flow of this ridiculous game has been outstanding.

Except for this right now. @Phil! Banned! (I assume I’ll see you tomorrow here, that was an awesome guess).


Dear sir,

This is an outrage.

Yours, etc, etc.