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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


The Tick!

I know this probably wasn’t a poorly described plot, but still…The TICK!


lol. No, it wasn’t a plot, but here – have this framed picture of a tick.


I’ll cherish it always!


I just got done re-watching/re-reading all the things Tick. I didn’t like the most recent series at first, but man, it really grew on me!

(Yes, I’m banned…)

(also: It could have been a good misdirection to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. “I’ll cut you’re heart out with a spoon!!!” Obviously I’m overthinking it.)


But why a spoon, dear cousin?


New clue (I think we have a space):

Train, tiger, royalty, Friday, Elaine, Tuesday, McFeely


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Because its dull you twit!


Murder on the Orient Express?

Also this is where I go with spoon


Nope, but I get where you’re coming from.
Your “Spoon” image may be closer than you think. (<misdirection without actually being untruthful)

I will give one additional word on request.


Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, or the documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


Thanks, friend!

You’re welcome here at my house anytime (just put on your house shoes when you get here, Trolley will deliver them to you).

You also get a lifetime supply of sweater vests!

(PS, @COMaestro, I was referring to to the documentary, but the show is also close enough. Besides, to a sharp observer, I had mentioned it here as one of the best gifts I received this holiday).


I’ve never seen that show, but I do remember Mr T vs Mr Rogers.


@Phil Yup, I knew someone was going to link that, with an 80% chance it would be @Phil :rofl:


New clue!

Musical saw. Cello. Love. Cannibals. The Australian.

Not impossible, but maybe a bit obscure (you would also have an advantage if you’ve seen me talking about this in another thread here). I am willing to clue any question.


Yes, you were talking about this in another thread, which means I can answer Delicatessen.


You could have given the other players some time!

But yes, it’s the fantastic Jeunet et Caro film Delicatessen. You win a pocket-knife that you have to worry about if you throw it, and some cheap cupping/moxibustion glasses.


New clue!

Muscled man visits NYC and oh god I can’t watch this any longer, this is literally the worst film ever


Hercules in New York!


Shortest game ever? (I know I didn’t make it difficult, but even so : )

RossM wins a sense of regret that the time spent watching that film can never be regained…

(n.b. In essence, that clue was my actual experience of attempting to watch this film on TV one night, many years ago.)