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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


See, this is what I mean about an actual easy clue.

@acharlie1377 wins an annoying AI who constantly wants to know if you are fine, plus an impressive monolith that makes pulling out of the driveway a bit of a chore.


Medical misadventure, marital misunderstanding, malevolence, mayhem, murder.


Inner space?


Probably not, but Rear Window?


What lies beneath?


Clue #1:
Cagey cop cannot countenance creative crook’s cockiness


I’m liking what @Phil’s cooking up (Monty Python: “don’t practice your alliteration on me!”)

I was a big fan of @RossM’s Inner Space guess, just because.
But it was wrong, and I bet this one is wrong, too, even if it kinda works:

Total Recall


You’re right – it’s wrong, but it works pretty well : )

(Also: I am digging myself such a hole here! I have slight anxiety about the prospect of coming up with additional clues… : )


Face off? “Cagey cop” pun intended


If this isn’t the intended answer, it is becoming the correct answer because that is too perfect. If it is already the correct answer, I award @Phil with the title of Master Punnery Sergeant!


Hey, I’m the one who gives titles around here!

So of course, I gave @Phil the title of “Master Punnery Sergeant.”

(As always, @Phil, let me or any other mod/admin know if you want to change it or remove it. I entitle people whimsically and spontaneously, but I would never want to slap something on you that you don’t want. Plus, you’ve been here a long time, you deserve it).


Is correct! (and I am saved from figuring out a third entry in that series : )

(I will admit to being quite pleased with that clue, so I shall wear my shiny new title proudly.)


Goodness, I nearly forgot the prize…

@superjaz wins a John Travolta or Nicolas Cage mask (your choice), and a small flock of slow-motion doves.


New clue?

Two friends decide to construct room together


This is a precocious guess, but even if it’s wrong, it’s still right:

Synecdoche, New York

It’s a movie about a play that takes place in a warehouse that (TARDIS-like) is the size of the entirety of Schenectady, NY on the inside, and because of recursion, it includes a play about the play writer, which includes a play about that play writer…anyway, it was one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final works and one of the strangest Charlie Kaufman projects ever.

I don’t think this is the right answer, but it fits, and I do recommend seeing the movie if you haven’t seen it.

Otherwise, my guess is Rambow.


The Disaster Artist?


While I think the above answer is correct, I will also throw out Primer as a possibility.


That’s a clever lateral-thinking guess. I also like @acharlie1377’s a lot, too.


Is indeed correct, @acharlie1377 has won a framed picture of a spoon.