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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Correct! You win a small sack of sand.


Man’s girlfriend plays his fake girlfriend

(and I’ve now thought of another film which fits this much better than the film I’m actually thinking of, so I’ll have a prize ready for that one too.)

(and in case it saves anyone the bother – I’ve just checked back, and this is the only active clue at present.)




Not Gigli, and I’ll clarify the clue in that the playing the fake girlfriend is not a precursor to becoming the girlfriend.


A: Clue #1:
Gene therapy for millions of people




No, not Gattaca.

I meant to see that film, and never did. I really should do so at some point.


Just for larks, I’m going to start giving clues for the other film as well : )

B: Man’s girlfriend plays his fake girlfriend
B: Clue #1:
Mistaken for herself


Pretty Woman?


Not Pretty Woman (nor any other Pygmalion); but a nice guess.


Clue #2:
A: Learning to talk for the first time


B: Clue #2:
Returning from the ashes. Reconstructed.


A: Clue #3:
Making the best of the bad weather


B: Clue #3:
The plot for film B is more specifically: Man’s wife plays his fake wife


The Girl with All the Gifts? - seems to fit all but the girlfriend clue
Warm Bodies? - seems to fit all but the gene therapy clue


Nice – I saw that one recently. But as you say it doesn’t fit the initial clue.

I’ve not seen it, so I’m afraid it’s not that either; but I’ll add that the Gene therapy clue is not about the plot.


A: Final Clue:
Broadway Melody revival


B: Final Clue:
Set in Berlin in the immediate aftermath of WW2


The good German?


%#%[email protected]%% Singin’ in the Rain…

Now that I see it, great clues.