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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Think we only have one other active clue, so let me put one out there:

Journalist quarrels with best friend’s father


That may be the most disturbing prize ever awarded here.

Well done.


Year One
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Ice Age?

(Also, I want to defend Year One as being a good stupid movie. It deserves the low ratings, but it’s still fun when you don’t want to think about anything).


No, but another fair guess – have an acorn for that one.


Clue #2:
Do robots dream of electric sheep milk cheese?


Spider-Man, the Raimi one.


You are correct! Your prize is a mason jar filled to the brim with spiders.


Particularly useful for an old woman who swallowed a mason jar filled to the brim with flies.

Take once a day with food. Do not take in conjunction with birds.


Clue #3:
Massive cheeseball plot (but inventive) introduces comedy duo


A Grand Day Out


I’ll just put a lid on that. Spiders suffocate in time, right?


Is correct!

You win a nice hot cup of tea, and a first edition of “Electronics For Dogs”.


I think @skeletor took that as a challenge.


New clue?

Politician falls in love with their bodyguard


50 Shades of White House Down


A very odd interpretation of Martine McCutcheon’s role in Love Actually


I feel it has the elements of a Terminator film.


None of the above. :slight_smile:


Perhaps a clue is warranted. The bodyguard escorts the politician to her childhood home, then to his.


I am ashamed this took me so long. Star Wars ep 2: Attack of the Clones.