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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


The Man who knew too little?


Correct! An underappreciated gem of a movie.

You win a matryoshka doll that may or may not be filled with explosives.


WW2 + Innuendo


Going out on a bomb here, but Dr. Strangeglove? No, that’s Cold-War…never mind.

Inglourious Basterds?

Last guess, the original Casino Royale?


I’m not going to repeat myself, No.


Dad’s Army


…We are certainly moving in the right direction…


Listens very carefully

’Allo 'Allo!



I would give you an original Van Klomp, but it’s just be sold for £15000 so you’ll just have to have a copy.


Best friends go in search of food


is still active too I believe. Perhaps a clue @bruitist?


Ok, time for a visual clue!



Year One?
(Even if it’s wrong, you gotta admit it’s a little right).


It’s not the right answer, but I’ll give you a consolation prize of a ticket to see a better film.

(I’ve not seen Year One admittedly; but based on one of the worst Rotten Tomatoes ratings I’ve ever seen, it seemed like a fair comment : )


Harold and Kumar go to White Castle?


An excellent guess, but not the film I’m thinking of. You win a voucher for a burger.


Clue #1:
Perfect skiing conditions, but no skis


Oh, Brave?


I approve this answer.



You win … whatever is going on here.