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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


The Revenant?


Dr. Strangelove ?

(I don’t think that’s going to be right, but it’s what it made me think of.)


Spies like us?




… Yogi Bear?


Nope. It’s a film.


Yogi Bear?



A film people have watched :stuck_out_tongue:




Nope, but feels more on the right track.


Final clue: no zombies, ghosts, elephants or sharks for the protagonist to handle this time.


@Nazhuret it’s been nearly a week and other clues have popped up (accidentally! It just gets too chaotic when there are more than two, and people get enthusiastic). Give it up, or let it go. If we don’t get a response, we’ll go with John Wick and the winner will get a small handful of bullets they can put anywhere, just using their hands (as long as it’s stylish).

It’s the holidays, though, no one’s concerned about someone taking a bit of time away from the site, if you come back to correct us, that will be fine. (@Scribbs still gets the bullets).


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ?

(he says, without being able to remember enough details from the series to be confident, but thinking that it seems plausible in principle : )


Not even close. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh! (The sound of another straw being grasped at.)

The Adventures of Tintin ?


No again.

I really thought the last clue would give away the lead, at least.


I’m sure that it does : ) I’m trying hard to think of characters who have appeared in stories which would have involved zombies, ghosts, elephants, and sharks; and there really can’t be very many possibilities, so I don’t know whether it’s something I’ve never seen, or if I’m just blanking.


Not necessarily the character…


Oh wait, Bill Murray? uhhh…



Correct with Murray, wrong with Stripes.