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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


The last jedi?


A HaiClue!? @El_Bee has gone rogue…


That is super close. One could say you are adjacent to being correct.




Because it is actually The Force Awakens.

(I’m not sure why I wrote “technically” instead of “actually” on my first go at this. I’m blaming my head cold.)


You are correct! You win three quarters of a portion. @RossM wins the other quarter portion as a consolation prize.


That seems fair.


Good logic. Not the answer I wanted.

Yes although not a 7 word haiclue. Next time.

Yes! Nice one. I thought I’d continue with the Stath. You win a bouffant hair do and snake skin cat suit with matching accessories of your choosing.


And since I think all clues have been answered: NEW PLOT!

Mistaken identity makes bumbling fool a hero


Life of Brian ?

Edit: Or it could be Bean


A Bug’s Life


Not quite.

Is still active; although MinuteWalt was pretty confident that it had been solved.


I am confident that is the answer as well, but you are correct that it has not been confirmed.


Neither of these.

Nor this.


Huh. I remember enjoying that film, but I clearly have absolutely no recollection of what happened in it!


Galaxy Quest?


Came up with a seven-word clue for once:

Don’t get angry, da. Bear with me.



Hint: Attempt to re-ignite the Cold War defused




Nope, way off on this one.