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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Let’s slow down a bit, do we have only 2 active clues or fewer? Things get crazy when there are more than 2.


It’s totally John Wick, guys. @Nazhuret you have to award the (fictional) prize, or give an additional clue.


There are 3 clues active at present.


Thanks, @Phil, I appreciate your alacrity.

Let’s whittle that down before introducing new ones.
I had no idea when I started this that more than 2 clues could get so crazy.


When I first gleaned that rule (which isn’t in the first post, btw) I thought “that’s silly! we should have as many clues as we like!” After playing for a while, though, I came to realise why you’d arrived at that decision, and that it was pretty sensible.


I will amend the first post right now, apologies.

This is a game that is evolving. I didn’t have all the rules when it was started, I was just like “let’s see where this goes” and it turned out to be pretty fun. So we’re all figuring out how it should work as it goes along.

Forum games are weird, sometimes. I think I made the “2 Titles” thing waaaay up above but I forgot to put something in the initial post, and I am sorry for that, for everyone, totally my fault and lack of oversight.

It’s through the collaborative effort of everyone here, though, that this continues to be fun, somehow. I mean, I suck at this. You people are the best.
(My favorite left-handed complement: “I would rather be here with you all, than with the finest people in the world!” :grin:)


The Guard


Thinking Statham and an underwater movie, so The Meg or, as he almost drowned in real life (probably not in a drugs bust) Expendables 3.


Correct. You win an afternoon in a hotel room in the west of Ireland. You can do with as you wish.

I believe this clue doesn’t quite work for that…


Former commonwealth diver delivers in Eastern Europe.


Transporter 3!


Very good! Your prize: Coffee and Madeleines. However I insist you share with @FunkJem.


Bald-headed hardman,
Delivers parody, while,
others get results


Loaded Weapon?


If you’re referring to Sam Jackson, I believe he has hair in that movie.


I’m referring to Bruce Willis!

Samuel Jackson has hair, but no dandruff.


My apologies. However, this is not the film I was thinking of.


The Rock?


The film. Or the actor?


The film. Ed Harris would be the bald-headed hardman, playing a parody of a hostage situation which he does not intend to follow through with, while some men under his command ARE willing to do so, thus others who get results.


^is still live too btw. :slight_smile:
Perhaps a clue.
They make their escape in a dilapidated old ship.