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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Man on the Moon? If it is, that was a terrific clue.


Can this please be The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ?

I will also throw Aliens vs Predator into the mix, despite not having seen it, as I don’t think it was mentioned, and it seems a likely option.

I can make 2001: A Space Odyssey work with a bit of lateral thinking : )

And let’s add Red Dwarf for good measure!

or The Last Starfighter ?

Some kind of Star Trek ?

Starship Troopers ?

Pacific Rim ?


26 days may be excessive for this game, btw. I am certainly willing to concede defeat.


Those are all correct!

Final double clue!

Late 90s, both set on actual ocean going ships!


Deep Rising?


Thank you. It was indeed man on the moon. REM are currently recording a song in your honour.


retired assassin. dead pet. dead pet assassins


Yes! You get the role of generic cockney in a film of your choice.

But can you beat the timer and tell me the second film? It’s got 2 golden globe winners in it!


The only other 90s film with an ocean liner in that I can think of is Titanic, but I’m pretty certain that’s wide of the mark…




Skeletor storms it!

You gain salvage rights to whatever you find!

Longest ever clue over!




A Fish Called Wanda ?


How about

Homeless drifter runs away with deserting soldier


Mad Max: Fury Road


Ooo, no, but I like it.


Grosse point blank?


John Wick


And I’ve no idea how a retired assassin would fit into the picture, but I really want to say Pet Sematary as well : )


’Former Olympic swimmer’ drowns in drug bust