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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)




Alright. As I mentioned up above there are two more words to my clue that I left off, because I thought leaving them there would just give it all away! So I shall now include the two words and give you the WHOLE clue.

Building gets destroyed, then rebuilt by robots.


Grand Designs: Robot Edition, popularly hosted by Android 2013832146842.



Oh… yeah. I’m sure I can make this work… just give me time…


Nope. I’ve never even heard of that before.


It’ll be all the rage in the distant future (finally, robotic beings rule the earth).


For a moment I thought that was a package tracking number.


It was inspired by my slightly-flawed recollection of the credits for the soap opera “Androids”

The credits and theme song are also available in full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBsDvXBfzkg


I haven’t seen that in ages! :rofl:


Hmm…it’s been almost a week. Maybe I should give a second clue.


Oh wait, Batteries not included? I haven’t seen that in YEARS…


CORRECT!! You got it! Well done! You win a tiny robot alien, without power. Batteries not included. XD!


OK, I got one:

Hippies visit desert to dance, sing, kill.


Ooh! Last night my brain had nothing, but it must have been pondering it in the interim, as now it says:

Thelma & Louise.


Nope, sorry! Much more dancing and singing.


Jesus Christ Superstar :smiley:


I so want that to be the answer.


You are correct! You win your very own beaten up old hippie bus. Prize must be collected from desert.


Genius, trapped in taxi, wrestles for recognition.


That seems fantastically specific, but I’ve no idea what it is. The “taxi” bit has thrown me into an annoying loop of pondering and rejecting Taxi Driver, over and over.