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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


I love that guess! : ) But no, not that.


No – and I also can’t figure out what film that is?


Oh, I think I know this! Dead Man, one of my favourite films. I already gifted Johnny Depp’s check suit when I clued this a while back (your clues were way better than mine by the way). Can’t wait to see what I get for a prize… Honestly, I’d be happy to accept the twist of tobacco.

(I don’t smoke)


Dead Man is correct!

Your prize is Neil Young following you around for a day and improvising a soundtrack to whatever you’re doing.


D’oh. As usual, it didn’t occur to me to search the history first. Oh well – no harm in repeats, really.

I like your clue! Nobody’s name is pretty irresistible when it comes to constructing a poor description, isn’t it? : )

Also, have you seen Paterson yet? It’s so good.


Repeats are totally fine. And you’ve reminded me to bump Paterson to the top of my ‘to watch’ list!

I’m very happy with my prize. Neil turned up and has already composed the first track “There’s a Musician in Your Kitchen, It’s a Bit Awkward”.


Yesterday I was sure it was a movie with Clint Eastwood.

Today I question my sanity.


Maybe a crossed wire with Pale Rider?


Yeah, I definitely new about that, but thought “To ride a Pale Horse” was another movie of similar vintage.

The main reference seems to be the whole four horsemen thing, death rides a pale horse etc.


Arrested development?


Batman Begins? Though technically the building only starts getting rebuilt by the end of the movie.


Nope, that’s a TV series as well. I’m thinking of a movie.

Ooooh, nice guess. But wrong.


Any chance of a clue? I think it is fair to say we seem to be stumped! :joy:


Did all three of these get solved?

Aliens was confirmed as one, and I think Deepstar Six was another, but I don’t think a third was ever given.


I think it was only part of a suit, @suz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s always money in the banana stand.


It’s literally all films ever.

But clue time!

(Massive cliffhanger.)




Extra Clue!

Insurance Job!



Edit: Too slow in posting! Nothing insurance job wise in that film