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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Thor: Ragnarok


Oh, I like that.


Ha. I’d misread it as wanting a one-word answer…

And I’d thought you were just being cruelly misleading : )


Ah yes.


Nobody believes that unemployed man’s a poet


Correct sir! Whilst the prize budget couldn’t stretch to a mythical magic hammer, you have instead won your very own ball peen hammer.


Uh… did they animate her saying things, and then cut the speech from the soundtrack?!

Edit: Or did you mean the “Oh, it’s warm” just before that?


Blockquote Edit: Or did you mean the just before that?

Yep: Oooh, it’s warm.

WE have just reached the climax of a film where I don’t recall the plot too much, but I think humanity has fianlly done good stuff to save the earth and Gaia and all that. We have achieved harmony with the planet and nature. Cut to serious old sciency guy for his verdict on this momentous occasion: “Oooh, it’s warm!”.

It’s. Warm.


I believe this is wrong, but I have to put it out there:
The Fisher King


Don’t think this is right either, but With Honors?


:clap::clap::clap: Well played, solid guess.


I’m afraid I’ve not seen With Honors, although it sounds interesting. The Fisher King is likewise incorrect, although that’s also a good guess (and a fine film). From the pictures I’ve seen, Joe Pesci in the former is looking more than a little like Robin Williams in the latter.


Clue #1:
The ghost in the machine


Is it some sort of Cyrano de Bergerac with an AI?

Dunno if such a movie exists, but it would fit and be cool :stuck_out_tongue:


AI or Al ? : )



Building gets destroyed, then rebuilt…

There are two more words to this clue but I am keeping them secret for a bit as it’ll totally give the answer away.


The Star Wars trilogy


Nope, this is a single movie.


Clue #2:
Western. Black & White.


I’m Not There?__


To Ride a Pale Horse