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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Well done, all around! Let’s keep it moving.

New clue:

A car. A man. A computer.

One word short (sorry) and it’s a TV show.

(EDIT: easy! but we all say that)


New clue!

Frenchman is obvious choice for Japanese god.


But Knight Rider is two words.


Godzilla or one of its many relatives?




Probably not correct, but I have decided to put forth any random ideas that come to mind because they have been correct in the past. So, I am guessing Wasabi.


I’m not at all familiar with this film, so no.


I’m not either, but as far as I’m concerned Jean Reno represents all Frenchmen and in this film he was in Japan, so I took a shot in the dark. :slight_smile:


Mortal Kombat


Ooh, that’s a good guess.



This is in my top five list of worst closing movie lines ever. Christoper Lambert’s delivery of the final “I don’t think so” is just awful.

Still, better than the worst closing line of all time in a movie, which goes to (see 50s mark):


New clue?

Three colleagues start small business, hire employees


Ghostbusters (1 and/or 2)


Bingo! You have won your very own bag of genuine Stay Puft marshmallows.


That’s weird – I was just thinking about those.

p.s. Either I’m getting the hang of this game or, more likely, that was the pinnacle of my poorly-described plots guessing career, and it’s all downhill from here.


It was a six-word clue, silly person, not a seven-word clue. Knight Rider is an answer, not a clue!

Anyway, you nailed it.

You get a very small logic chip you can put into any car and you will become one of the best Uber drivers the world has ever known. Also a super-cool theme song.


Hey, do we have any active clues right now?

I’ve scrolled up and down, I could use a second opinion.

(I really do depend on you all to help me out. I know, I put this game here, but there are a lot of other things both here and IRL, and I appreciate any help I can get. Everyone here has been awesome!)


Pretty sure we are all solved right now.

I gots one.

Brothers quarrel with sister, before trashing home


This probably isn’t the answer, but I kind of like it, and it sort-of fits, so I’ll do it anyway: