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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Rejected clue: Second Life of Pie


“We’re looking for someone called Red Och’tober.”


If it had been Pies of Death I’d have an answer : )


I think we are ready for a new clue?

Man-child goes on an adventure for bike.

(I’m counting “man-child” as one word. If you disagree, go on if you’re hard enough! (don’t actually do that, I’m a lover, not a fighter. Besides it has nothing to do with the clue.))


Pee-wee’s Big Adventure?


Of course!

What do you think your prize is? (I’m sure you can figure it out.)

Ah, to heck with it!

It’s the coolest red bicycle you’ve ever seen, including one mile of chain if you ever have to lock it up.




American Pie? :joy:


That title sounds familiar but I have no idea what it’s about. 'Tis not.


Additional clue: It’s a television show.


Pies of Death
American Pie?

Numb3rs? Magnum PI? (sorry, I’m trying to force a pi reference here)

Anyway, I think you’re running out of time here, @Gwathdring.


Man commits manslaughter, makes dead things no one wants to eat into pies, and as a result has very awkward conversations with a detective.


Hannibal? (Even if that’s wrong, it’s kind of right)


In which there is romance and flowers are significant.

In which rather a lot happens in a minute rather frequently.

In which necromancy features.

Rejected clue: Show was not nailed to the perch.


I thought for a second Delicatessen, but there is no detective. I give up, maybe @COMaestro, @webs, @skeletor, @DogFace, @Phil, @RossM, @Scribbs, @Pravikun, @CasparP, @bruitist (holy cow, I’m running out of breath, and I’m only typing! I have to end that list here) or one of the other movie nerds can get it.


How did you guess this and then not immediately jump to …

Pushing Daisies


One of my favorite shows! I screwed that one up.


Correct. You win the constant anxiety of your capacity to break things.


Can I get a prize I don’t already have?


The prize you don’t already have was inside you all along. Sort of. It may require some repair.