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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Yeah, the Burbs is what popped into my mind immediately as well. Great clue!


I stumbled in here instead of what are you watching, but I suppose I’m watching:

Death of Pi


With that wealth of extra clues, it can surely be nothing else!

Although it’s much longer than seven words (and also rather famous), it’s impossible not to love Rick Polito’s plot summary:

“Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.”

I’d forgotten all about Dark City. I need to see that again.


The 10th Kingdom
The Black Cauldron

Of course! I really did try to make this an easy clue.

@Scribbs gets a pair of red glittery shoes that don’t quite fit, and a hot-air balloon that won’t take any passengers quite where they want to go.

Also, I have a hand-puppet of Frank Oz that I’m just going to throw in there, in the hot-air balloon basket. The thing has been creeping me out, do what you want with it.


Are we out of 2 clues, or does this count?


I think that one counts, but for the life of me I can’t think of anything that applies to it.


Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
Peace, Love and Misunderstanding



Wallace and Gromit and the Wrong Trousers.

  • The Thing (1982)
  • prequel The Thing (2011)
  • and the terrifying sequel There’s Some Thing About Mary (1998)
  • The Thing from Another World (1951)


I was hoping it was a documentary about the so-called Indiana Pi Bill, but I cannot find any record of such a film.


I had never heard of this, but it’s a delightfully bizarre story.


Very nice! Really gives a different feel to the third film.
Unfortunately, those are not the three things.

It counts. Perhaps I “didn’t do enough” to make it visible.
Maybe I’m a bit… Stern with myself, but most people have definitely seen this movie.
If you can notsee what it applies to, maybe these subtle hints will help you pin it down.


Ah, this is Schindler’s List (and: “a good doctor, a forgiving priest, and a clever accountant”).

(Which is… categorically different to my previous suggestion.)


Ding ding!

You win one month’s supply of Schindler 45 millimeter shell casings with polished insides.
I’d give you the finished shells, but they never seem to fire right.


Let’s see.

Man attempts to give away new boat



I like @Phil’s answer! Even though it was very silly.

I will respond with Swiss Army Man, which is also a silly answer, I am sorry.


(PS: @CasparP: well played)


Man attempts to give away new boat

This is neither That Mitchell and Webb Look nor Swiss Army Man

Nor is the boat in question a MASSIVE YACHT or a decomposing corpse, respectively.

A clue?

The man trying to give away the boat is not the owner of the boat, and the boat’s owners are highly motivated to regain their property.


The Hunt For Red October


Man attempts to give away new boat

Correct! Your fabulous prize is a pre-used Scottish to Russian phrasebook.