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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)

Told you it was easy.

Your prize (you’re not going to like it) is Johnny Depp hanging around at your place, in total method-acting mode as Jack Sparrow, sleeping on the couch until he can find a new apartment. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. He never throws out his pizza boxes, expects the household to do his laundry, and occasionally slips out of Sparrow-mode and speaks in his “normal” awful-British accent.

On the plus side, he’s as rich as Croesus and pays rent, cable, internet, all the utilities, and occasionally a Spanish silver dollar or even a gold doubloon.

Are you kidding? I would love that prize! It would be like when my wife’s older brother crashed with us for a couple of months, but better because Depp would be paying us, and acting like Jack Sparrow. That’s a win any way you look at it!

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Okay, new plot, since no one else has jumped in:

Power source goes rogue, changes the rules.

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I really want this to be something that involves both Pokemon and Einstein!

However, I would like to ask for a clarification, instead: is this a movie, or a TV show/series?

This is a movie, and a very well known one, at that.

Godzilla? No, probably not. Avatar, then, it fits better.

Neither of these.

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This is infuriating. I know that I know I’ve seen this, but I can’t think of what it is. It’s like I have a memory address line failure at xxx.

Weird Science

Noice! It technically works.

Fits, but not what I’m thinking of.

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The Matrix

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That’s the one!

Your prize is a lifetime’s worth of Kung Fu lessons on a thumbdrive. Unfortunately, you don’t have a port in your body to immediately download it to your brain, so you just have to watch it on a computer in real time.

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She demands a St Bernard, surfboards, and Harry Potter.

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I think we can let that slide by the whole “seven words” thing, since it is a poorly described plot.

Going out on a limb, here, but Swiss Army Man?


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It did kind of fit, in a super-weird way. But Swiss Army Man was a super-weird movie, I thought it couldn’t hurt.

The era is obviously modern (the HP reference, I hope you mean that literally). May I ask what the genre is?

It sounds a lot like His Dark Materials, if you get really creative with the clue.

Nope. Getting further away.

It’s a comedy drama.

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A dramedy, then. Animated or live-action, pls?

(live action, isn’t it?)

It is indeed.