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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)

Pirates of the Carribbean?

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Told you it was easy.

Your prize (you’re not going to like it) is Johnny Depp hanging around at your place, in total method-acting mode as Jack Sparrow, sleeping on the couch until he can find a new apartment. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. He never throws out his pizza boxes, expects the household to do his laundry, and occasionally slips out of Sparrow-mode and speaks in his “normal” awful-British accent.

On the plus side, he’s as rich as Croesus and pays rent, cable, internet, all the utilities, and occasionally a Spanish silver dollar or even a gold doubloon.

Are you kidding? I would love that prize! It would be like when my wife’s older brother crashed with us for a couple of months, but better because Depp would be paying us, and acting like Jack Sparrow. That’s a win any way you look at it!

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Okay, new plot, since no one else has jumped in:

Power source goes rogue, changes the rules.

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I really want this to be something that involves both Pokemon and Einstein!

However, I would like to ask for a clarification, instead: is this a movie, or a TV show/series?

This is a movie, and a very well known one, at that.

Godzilla? No, probably not. Avatar, then, it fits better.

Neither of these.

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This is infuriating. I know that I know I’ve seen this, but I can’t think of what it is. It’s like I have a memory address line failure at xxx.

Weird Science

Noice! It technically works.

Fits, but not what I’m thinking of.

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The Matrix

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That’s the one!

Your prize is a lifetime’s worth of Kung Fu lessons on a thumbdrive. Unfortunately, you don’t have a port in your body to immediately download it to your brain, so you just have to watch it on a computer in real time.

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She demands a St Bernard, surfboards, and Harry Potter.

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I think we can let that slide by the whole “seven words” thing, since it is a poorly described plot.

Going out on a limb, here, but Swiss Army Man?


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It did kind of fit, in a super-weird way. But Swiss Army Man was a super-weird movie, I thought it couldn’t hurt.

The era is obviously modern (the HP reference, I hope you mean that literally). May I ask what the genre is?

It sounds a lot like His Dark Materials, if you get really creative with the clue.

Nope. Getting further away.

It’s a comedy drama.

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A dramedy, then. Animated or live-action, pls?

(live action, isn’t it?)