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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Nailed it! Well played! :clap: :clap: :clap:

You receive a MULTI PASS in the name of “Drayven Dallas,” and a fist-bump from Luc Besson in a box (don’t open the box, it will get out).


Are these the Austin Powers films?




Don’t think this is right, but The Naked Gun series?


Nope. Pretty sure Britney Spears songs didn’t exist when they came out.


Austin Powers films
Naked Gun films

@pillbox still has the most correct answer, imho. I cannot personally remember a time showering whilst fully clothed (although I can remember bathing, swimming, saunaing, and otherwise cavorting soaking wet and entirely garbed.)

Give us a key statement or give it up, @bruitist.


Ok, a general clue: they are all, technically, not musicals.


The Pitch Perfect trilogy?



You win a microphone used by Hoobastank.


The Three Movies Connected By Ice Cream?!?!?!?!?


Do you mean the Cornetto trilogy?
Shaun of the Dead
Hot Fuzz
The World’s End


7 words
You got it

You get a videogame system with a buddy for life, a dead-end job, and the best brew-pub, all at once.


Easy clue, for NERDS!!!

Candle twice as bright, half as long


Yeah, that was the one I couldn’t make fit, but I have missed too many of these on unguessed hunches not to take the chance. Too lazy to look up when her career started, but felt 1994 (when 33 and 1/3 came out) was possible (looked it up. '99 was first album).


Thanks, Maestro and @bruitist. I wasn’t feeling old enough lately. Next thing I need to do is remember when The Matrix came out (my adult child was 2 years old back then. Hey you kids, get off my lawn! :older_man:)


You know, I spent a while trying to make @bruitist’s clues fit The Matrix trilogy : )

I almost suggested Starship Troopers, but I’ve only seen the first, so it was mostly a hunch.


Surely you only need the first, no worries.


Well, she was probably Mickey Mousing it up large at that time – and surely the Mickey Mouse Club must have blown up the occasional boat. It seems like a statistical probability to me.


Wait, did we start talking about Annette Funicello when no one was looking?

(I’m not that old, I wasn’t even alive in 1955)

I believe we currently have an active clue and room for one more!


Then I will “fill the void”, if you know what I mean:

Farmer lectures daughter in unconventional ways

If nobody gets it like this, I will add a seventh word, which makes it a lot more obvious.