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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)

Dammit, I was going to guess Sahara, @Scribbs beat me to it.

Hidalgo (or even Ishtar, which I admit a nostalgic fondness for. I watched it again, it really isn’t the worst movie ever made.)

Is this a one word clue?

If so, The Lego Movie

Correct! I’d do a trilogy, but I’m a few bricks shy of a load.

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What’s the prize?!?!
I also have to ask what the prize is for @COMaestro guessing Brick .

Seriously, guys, if we don’t have real fake prizes, why do we even play? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I could do another clue: Not Actually About Bimetalism.

But the real prize is the brick-related films we found along the way.

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Please tell me this isn’t a GBLTQ Transformers movie that’s about metallic compatibility issues. That should probably go here. Otherwise, I’m going way out on a limb to guess The Pokémon Movie (Gold Vs. Silver).

(EDIT: for everyone who doesn’t know, “bimetalism” is a term to describe the prominence of the value of precious metals, specifically gold opposed to silver, in finance. It was super important until pegging the value of global currency to the US dollar after WWII helped to destroy the notion of money being linked to actual, physical, liquidity, but is still important today. It’s a big reason why we have so many adventure stories about the “Golden Age Of Exploration.” Spanish silver, gold doubloons, pirates and privateers, etc.)

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It’s a reference to a popular bimetalism-related read of the source material that was almost certainly overblown, and is especially inapplicable with respect to this adaptation.

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Does this have anything to do with Newton when he was Master of the Mint?

Or Pokémon. I’m still willing to accept this is all about about Pokémon.

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This makes me think of Full Metal Alchemist.


That substantially predates and postdates bimetalism respectively. Unrelated but I can’t think about Pokemon the Movie without thinking about this:

Only this leaves out the followup after the pause. “Not like this.”

No, sorry.

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I should note that in the US, relevant here, bimetalism is associated particularly strongly with controversy over monetary policy post-civil war.

Good point about Newton. I also love the clip!

I’m otherwise clueless about:

It’s not Full Metal Alchemist, it’s not Pokémon , I request an additional clue. I won’t specify the type of clue, it’s still too young, it’s your choice @Gwathdring.

I’ll repeat the above slightly better, as perhaps you hadn’t read it when you posted this.

I should note that in the US, relevant here, bimetalism is associated particularly strongly with controversy over monetary policy post-civil war. In particular the era of populist movements. 1880s through 1900. The film is an adaptation of a work from that era.

In the work, there is a likely unintended (or at best intended as mere wry aside) relationship between gold things and silver things. This relationship is not present in the film as something is changed out for a different precious material.

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But you’ve repeatedly encouraged us not to google stuff!
I’m getting mixed signals here.


The Wizard of Oz


Correct! I lied, and can in fact never resist a trilogy.

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New clue time!

Too much email makes you slow

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Hmm, I doubt it, but some elements fit. The Pink Panther?

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Only for specific clues where I said “please don’t google it!” Everything else is up for grabs, solve it however you can (unless someone requests otherwise).

I apologize if that was unclear, I’m sorry. Should I add that to the header of the topic? Argh, I should probably edit the topic header… (doing it now).

I had not, we posted those at almost the exact same time.


What does @bruitist win?

Sleepless in Seattle?