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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


@bruitist made the wonderful topic of Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon. Which y’all have been neglecting lately: bad, bad pop-culture nerds! Shame on you! And shame upon us all.

So, let’s try this:

Describe a movie or a TV series as poorly, yet accurately, as possible, in seven words or fewer.

If no one gets it in two days, please post the answer (for god’s sake, please, don’t leave us hanging!) Or someone at least call them out. We’ve had some tough ones going for over a week, but everyone was still having fun with it! Two days should be enough time to get a response, or then to at least refine your original clue. If you have refined a clue multiple times and still no one is getting it (even though it’s an “easy” clue), it’s time to give it up.

And also, anyone can ask for a clue (“Is it anime?” “Is it Marvel?” “Does it have Danny DeVito?” “Is it sad?”) and the clue-giver can answer freely, but must be honest.

Update! It was getting confusing, so try this out if you want your clue to be answered:

Bold-face clues as well as titles/answers!

Quote the original clue you are answering!

Wait until your clues are answered before giving another one!

PLEASE: No more than two active clues, it gets really confusing if everyone just gives clues.

Only if you absolutely must submit more than one guess, limit it to 3 (“shotgunning,” or, if you prefer photography terms, “bracketing”). If it’s an older (expired) clue, though, that no one else has solved after multiple guesses, throw a blanket over it with as many as you like.

Like, you’re out of WiFi range and your battery is dying and you want to get this out rather than call emergency services before you die. Or you have a 3 day weekend coming up and you just want to get a jump on it to see if you’ve answered it when you come back, that’s fine too.

That’s not hard-and-fast, this is here for fun. Heck, use 6 or 8 words or more or fewer if you think it’s clever enough (you’ll get perma-banned you won’t get perma-banned). Award as many points as are appropriate to the person who guessed your clue, or other prizes as well (it’s the internet. Imaginary prizes are just fine.)

EDIT: changed the title so that it was seven words. I’m an idiot for not doing that to begin with.

EDIT: New development! If you have a clue that hasn’t been solved, you can try responding with bullet points of the previous guesses, just please try to quote the clue (or clues, if you had to give more than one) that they were responding to. An example of a possible solution:

This is my clue, it’s obvious

It totally had this guy in it

  • The Altoids Family 2: Living in a Tin Can
  • When Herbert Met a Mouse
  • Skillets: a Documentery
  • Etc., the Movie

Fine, you guys. One more clue, and if no one gets it, I’ll give it up tomorrow (or the next time I log on):
It’s also the movie with that kid

Someone guesses it! “The Movie With the Kid 3”!

Give them a fake real prize, clue-giver! Something relevant to the movie (or show (or book or manga or whatever)). Just as an example, if the solution was Citizen Kane, give them a pretend sled (it’s not a spoiler, the movie came out in 1941, fer cryin’ out loud! Vader is Luke’s dad! The chick’s a dude in The Crying Game!)

DO feel free to use the internet to solve these, UNLESS a clue-giver says otherwise. They may have a specific quote that can be copy-pasted into google that will solve it instantly, but on their request, we should respect that and use our brains instead.

Again, it’s pretty loose, we’re still figuring it out. Just do the best you can to keep it coherent. It’s like trying to play a game in a really loud room where the person whom you last spoke to may not hear what you said for a couple of days.


Starting out, easy one, I hope:

Four guys, a Mohawk. Eighties. Several explosions.


It’s the A-Team you crazy fool MinuteWalt.

I ain’t going to participate in no quiz!


I was trying to throw a softball for the first one.

Also, your answer (2nd line) could have been construed as Slumdog Millionaire.
(Although it was eight words, honestly, no one will care.)


I wan’t sure if you got it if it was now your turn - and I needed to be sure that it was right, but I guess in this case, a plan came together :slight_smile:

Ok how about.

People. Aliens. People Aliens.


District 9?


The Thing?


@MinuteWalt @pgreyy

No sorry, non-scary aliens only . . . well, not scary in that way anyway :wink:


Good lord, there is a movie that is on the tip of my tongue…
Is it a comedy, or a drama?


(need clues)…
Wait, @adrian , is it The Coneheads?

No… people aliens… there are a few…


Tv “comedy” :smiley:


Third Rock!


Now we are closing in, but think older, fluffier and probably more obscure.


Mork and Mindy?


M&M is the closest analogue I could think of in terms of date and style. This is much less funny and more muppety though :slight_smile:


Condor-man? The Greatest American Hero? Latka Gravas from Taxi?

Perfect Strangers?

I give up, you win, fairly. You gave a lot of hints.

If it’s ALF…


(10 minutes later)

Come on @adrian, give, what’s your show?


Yes, tis ALF! Gratest show ever! (sorry was afk making tea :slight_smile:


Oh, you are shitting me. [quote=“adrian, post:15, topic:3898”]
more muppety

Dead giveaway.

Well played.


Action heros try polyandry, song, and dance.