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Pokemon GO!

This game is causing pandemonium the world over… well, at least the parts of the world where the game has officially released and I would like to talk about it!

Are you on board to try and “Catch em all” at the expense of your phones data plan/battery life?

Does running around your town/city whilst throwing imaginary balls at imaginary rodents sound like the best thing ever?

Do you still regret trading away that holigraphic Charizard card back in grade 7?

Do you want to discuss a game that hasn’t officially released in the majority of countries where people on this forum are from?

If you answered yes to all of these questions than you are me, my clone, or my soul mate! If you are none of these I’d still like to talk to you about Pokemons!

So, I’m in Canada and we are not allowed Pokemon GO! Justin Trudeau really hates Pikachu, or something. They’re trying to win him over by marathoning the cartoon on Netflix. He’ll crack.

Until the Pokemon embargo comes down I will continue to play the U.S. app store release of the game.

After a couple days I have to say I’m having a lot of fun with a game that’s pretty crap.

There isn’t a ton to do and it’s got a whole slew of problems, but if you’ve read anything about the game recently you probably know this and I won’t go into it.

What is amazing is the strength of the Pokemon world can make something so broken still so fun. I was the perfect age to get sucked into the Pokemon vortex 20 years ago and the nostalgia is strong with this one. Getting to choose a Charmander, MY Charmander (best Pokemon!) and take off outside and stumble across Pidgeys and Ratatas is so freaking rad! I started out by going for a jog and was quickly derailed from my planned route to chase down patches of rustling grass.

Unfortunately I’m from a small town so there’s not a ton to explore, but my job takes me all over the place so I’m hoping there will be interesting rural Pokemon finds out there!

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I don’t know much about pokemon, but I found this guy while I was out shopping for snacks earlier. I didn’t catch him because the game crashed :frowning:

Also I finally took over a Valor gym by my house and before I could claim the Defender badge, someone from the yellow (Instinct?) team took over. I’m team Mystic.
Everyone is playing around here! So it’s been pretty fun. Whenever I see anyone doing anything on their cellphone, I suspect they’re claiming items at a pokestop or getting a pokemon now :slight_smile:

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Oh, man! Nidoqueen! That’s pretty rare and lame that it crashed.

I missed out on an Alakazam today when the game froze and when I rebooted it didn’t show any Pokemon in my area. Ah well.

I love how this game is bringing people together. Someone used a lure at a pokestop so I went there and met two guys hanging out catching Pokemon. Later I ran into a kid I know playing whom I had no idea was into Pokemon. And then I met two more people at the aforementioned Alakazam spot (one caught it, and the other had server problems like me).

That’s five people I talked to that otherwise I wouldn’t have. For my introverted ass, that’s pretty good.

I’ll be interested to see what happens when he game is actually released in Canada as right now everyone here is using a work around method to play.

I hope they allow you to change teams as well. I went with Instinct (yellow) and don’t have many allies. Blue dominates around here and Red is non-existent. I’ve managed to take one gym (for now), but the other two in my town are locked down Blue.

awwww It’s pretty rare? :frowning: now I’m more sad.
If you’re already meeting people, I’m sure you’ll meet tons of folks once more people get their hands on it. There was a crazy battle going on in my neighborhood (there’re 2 more gyms near me not in the picture below) where the gyms were constantly changing color :slight_smile: All those lures :heart_decoration:

I wanted to go out but then i was like: https://youtu.be/FrIoVX0IZfw
next time! I’ll be out tomorrow afternoon before work for sure :slight_smile:

Also I have a new respect for JigglyPuff. Whenever I beat any pokemon, s/he was involved. Jigglypuff is awesome in my book :slight_smile:
Do you happen to know if the size of the pokemon matters? like if you have 2 of the same pokemon that has about the same amount of CP but one is xs and one is xL, is one going to be better than the other in combat? hmmmm :thinking:

It is still not available in Europe. :frowning: (And I’m on iOS so I can’t download the APK that’s floating around, either.) I regularly take longs walks anyway, so I’m looking forward to being able to catch some Pokemon on the move!

Sadly my phone doesn’t have the required 2GB of RAM so I’ll not be able to join in even when it does get to Europe.

…I’ll just enjoy it vicariously through my wife. Maternity Leave my eye, she’s clearly just catching Pokemon all day! :laughing:

I’ve played Ingress since it was invite-only. All of the points of interest, like Pokestops, were player-made assets that Niantic just carried over. The first few that I visited were Ingress portals that I had submitted myself, the title and description were carried over word-for-word from my submissions years ago. Hmmm…

I’ve met people because of Ingress! Despite it’s declared secrecy, it’s a very social game. I picked up a Significant Other because of Ingress! I don’t see the same happening with Pokémon Go, the focus is much more individualistic.

Besides, it was 35° here yesterday. The outdoors can wait for me.

Also, this is apparently a thing. I have been told by @bruitist it’s Clefairy, not Jigglypuff, just an fyi.

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I actually caught a Clefairy this morning while at work :smiley:

I’d heard the Ingress thing, which explains why some pokestops/gyms were popping up in somewhat unsavoury locations. The user-submitted thing is what I’ve liked most about the game. I’ve taken detours while walking somewhere to go to a pokestop and found stuff I didn’t know existed in my city.

But I can see myself getting bored of the game pretty soon, but it’s not really the game’s fault. I’m just not a big fan of doing anything too involved.

It’s making me want to break out my old Nokia n900, which had a GBA emulator that was great for playing Ruby/Sapphire. I was playing Pokemon on my phone way before it was cool :sunglasses:


In this case, size truly doesn’t matter. CP is the measure of your pokemons strength in this game and after that your Pokemons type: so water is strong against fire, grass is strong against water, etc.

Has anyone tried to catch anything outside of a town/city? My town only has 8000, or so people and there’s only so much space to explore. It makes sense that there wouldn’t be any pokestops or gyms in be middle of nowhere, but I’m hoping there will still be some Pokemon out in the wild.

I never played Ingress, but what I’ve seen so far is fairly social.

Most players I’ve encountered are going around in pairs. And I’ve made a point to talk to people if it looks like they’re playing.

The lure system seems to encourage people to group up and the fact that the same Pokemon shows up on screen when you’re together is sort of bonding. Videos of hundreds and thousands of people coming together for Pokemon walks is pretty insane to me considering the games only been out a bit over a week now.

Once they get the game running properly and implement trading down the line I can see it being more social too.

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I work out in a small village. There are a few pokestops around and it actually seems better for pokemon than my flat near the centre of the city. As in, sat at my desk, I just had a Drowzee, an Oddish and a Weedle pop up without having to move an inch. Whereas at home, there’s maybe three pokemon around and I’d need to walk at least a few hundred yards to get them.

The downside is signal patchiness means I’ve often lost pokemon I’ve tried to catch out here.

I’m also a bit miffed that the nearby quarry isn’t full of Onyx and Geodudes.

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Do you still regret trading away that holigraphic Charizard card back in grade 7?

I am playing GO, but more importantly - I still have that card. It’s still worth like $60! Haven’t been able to bring myself to sell it.


There’s speculation that pokemon size does relate to stats, but more research needs to be done :slight_smile: Supposedly an XL pokemon has a higher base HP than usual, while an XS pokemon dodges attacks more easily (although timing your swipes is more important, I think). Each pokemon has a moveset that contains some randomness, so for instance a Flying/Normal Pidgeotto could have a Dragon or Steel move, so keep that in mind if you’re battling with the assumption that a Flying pokemon would use a Flying move in battle.

@twispby, a note of caution using the US release – when the Canadian release does get implemented, and you switch over, your info might get wiped as the anti-cheating mechanisms get put into place. I’m trying to find the article where I read this, but it’s disappeared off my history. Hmm.


you also incubate eggs as you walk :slight_smile: it definitely makes going on errands more egg-citing. eh? eh?

I may end up restarting anyways when it releases globally. It’ll suck to lose my Pokemon, but if I end up playing for a long time it’d be nice to have the option to purchase things from the store. Plus I’m all alone in this area on Team Instinct and I want some teammates!

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If you do restart, you can get a starting Pikachu!
When the tutorial offers you the three starters, just keep rejecting them and walking away until it gives you a Pikachu (about 4 times) :smiley:

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OK, this thing is getting nuts. I was just at the gas station convenience store, and the guy behind the counter was giving tips to his friend on the phone.

How long has this game been out? And when will it beat Angry Birds in download count?

Niantic must be madly giggling with joy by now.

@penguin_lx I may start over just to try that.

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Charmander 4 life!

I actually caught a Pikachu at my local “Irrigation Museum”. Yep, a small museum devoted to the irrigation of crops.

I mean, one of our Pokemon Gyms is a statue of a couple stalks of corn so…