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Pokemon GO!


heey. i reinstalled pokego a lil while ago when i found out my mom uses it. so far one thing that seems annoying is that the gps seems to still be out of whack, but then presumes you’re in a car while it’s relocating the avatar. (not sure if i’m making sense there, you probably know what i mean though ;P) other than that, seems ok.
i got some new pokemon so i’m happy about that. and was able to snag a pikachu in a santa hat (^_^)/ immediately made my new walking buddy.


Yeah, the GPS has been especially bad the last two days, but the “we’re telling you you’re going too fast even though it’s just the game being glitchy!” has been around for months. It doesn’t even bother me anymore, I’ve gotten so used to it :expressionless:

But yes, santachu and baby Pokemon will worm their way into your heart whether you like it or not :wink:

The best thing is that tracking is finally fixed!


[quote=“jgf1123, post:122, topic:2170”]
I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a company making it harder for people to use their product.
[/quote] New Coke. A blight on society that was mercifully short-lived.


[quote=“penguin_lx, post:160, topic:2170, full:true”]
I’ve caught 2 ivysaur, 1 wortortle, 10 charmanders, and more squirtles and bulbasaurs than I can remember!Evolved a blastoise (and levelled it up a bunch), and am now only 42 candies away from a charizard…I’ve also hatched a magby and 2 more igglybuffs.[/quote]

I was checking this thread out because my beloved and her brother are positively addicted to Pokémon Go. She’s forever furtively taking her phone out when she thinks I’m not paying attention, and doing…whatever it is one does when one…Pokémons (?). I read your post and immediately started laughing out loud because she and her brother talk like that to each other all the time, and I just sit there looking like a caveman who’s been given a sewing machine: completely confused. Then again, I’m 45 years old, so maybe I’m not supposed to understand! :wink:

Anyway, that’s me butting in for no good reason. I’ll leave y’all to it. Have fun storming the castle! :grin:


Hahaha, I have a couple of friends who still play, and people are loathe to let us start conversations because exactly that gibberish that comes out of us. :laughing: It definitely does have that trading card quality to it though when you find someone new who’s interested and they do the “oooh, you have that thing? Check out my cool thing.”

Now if only we could actually trade…!


Pokémon is a verb.


I Pokémon
You Pokémon
He Pokémons
She Pokémons
We Pokémon
They Pokémon

It makes no more sense than the actual activity.

I am totally fine with that.


I’m once again done with this game! Ya know, until they release the next update. I’ve caught everything I can catch with the exception of evolving Togepi (can’t seem to hatch a second one!) and the regional Pokemon (Farfetchd, Mr. Mime, and Kangaskhan). The starter event really helped finish my Dex.

The gym scene is now exclusively dominated by GPS spoofers. In a rage I stooped to their level and spent the last couple weeks spoofing to take out gyms of known cheaters. I don’t even put a Pokemon in the gyms I defeat. I just make it harder for them to dominate.

Niantic really needs to stamp the cheaters out, but it’s clear they don’t care and as longb as the events roll out the money will roll in.


Yeah, Niantic has really been pushing the worldwide release rather than focusing on known issues in existing markets. I guess the influx of cash from a new player base outweighs those still holding on.

I’m 5 away from the catchable First Gen North American dex, with 3 out of the 7 gen 2 babies hatched. Not sure if there’ll be another big update before I get as far as I can with those last 5. I might actually put the game down for once :grimacing:


So… how about those Gen 2 Pokemaaaaaans?


Not gonna lie, I stopped PoGoing when Fire Emblem Heroes came out, but now I have a reason to open it again!


Fire Emblem only lasted about a week for me. The completionist in me shut down when I kept summoning crap heroes and realized to get the ones I want I’d have to spend real money. I don’t mind giving games a couple bucks here or there if I get my entertainment value out of them, but gacha games are a money pit.

I’m happy Nintendo is making money with it because it should encourage them to keep making mobile games… c’mon (good) Animal Crossing!

And speaking of money; PoGo has reportedly cleared a billion diallers! I’m curious how the breakdown of profit goes between Niantic, Gamefreak, and Nintendo?


I haven’t spent any money on FE:H, and I’m not playing a ton, just about a stamina bar a day on my commute. It’s definitely a nostalgia hit as I encounter my favourite characters (FE is one of my big all time favorite franchises). More than anything it’s caused me to dig out my old fire emblem games and replay them :wink:

I booted up the PoGo update at work today, and man, I do not recognize any of these Pokemon. :stuck_out_tongue: I never played gold or silver, so they all look like aliens to me, haha.

I like that they changed up the counter and movement patterns of Pokemon in the wild, and I’m looking forward to getting some of the special items to special evolve the gen one mons I have candies for. Already landed a sweet espeon with the renaming trick :slight_smile:


I only played Fire Emblem on the DS, so most of the characters meant nothing to me.

The second generation of Pokemon and the most recent one are the only games I didn’t play. It really does have an impact on the amount of excitement I feel when discovering a new Pokemon. Nothing compares to the excitement of finding a wild charmander (my fav) while out for a walk.

Filling up this generation on the dex seems quicker. Most of the monsters only have one evolution at 25, or 50 candy. Only the starters and a couple others have 2 evolutions.

Finding items for evolution is ridiculously rare. I’ve gotten the crown one (for Sloking evolution) and that’s it. I’ve probably spun somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200 stops to get it. Hope the others come easier.


Sadly, FE didn’t do well that entire generation, between the arguably terrible DS game and the lackluster GameCube game, there was a good span of years that FE fans were disappointed. I got into FE during the GBA heyday, where it really shone, although it’s definitely had a resurgence on the 3DS now.

I haven’t spent enough time with the gen 2 pokemon to figure out their rarity yet – I’ve seen a handful of chikoritas, but neither of the other two starters, and I think everything else I have is common. I’m wondering if the rarer pokemon are going to be even sparser since there’s an increase in overall numbers. No evolution items yet for me…

Any specific pokemon you’re hoping for, @twispby?


Oh, I think I played the Fire Emblem on GBA! The first one I remember was with a female main character with green or blue hair? Lyn? I loved it, so if it was one of the bad ones… I love bad games!

I’ve actually gotten insanely lucky with running into the evolved versions of nearly all the 50 candy evolved from gen 2. So the dex has filled up easily.

Some people are reporting Unown in the game, but I’ve yet to see one. That’s a bit discouraging as there are apparently one for each letter of the alphabet. Finding a bunch of other Instinct players and spelling out crude words in gyms is just a pipe dream now!


Oh, no, the GBA ones were great! Lyn is one of my favourites! That’s Blazing Sword, the first FE to officially get translated into English, and in my opinion one of the best.

The DS one, Shadow Dragon, was a revival of one of the original NES games, and based its mechanics around an older playstyle that contradicted what the GBA games had set up. The characters are some of the most iconic (Marth, Tiki, etc) but the storytelling felt much more regimented than in past games. There were no support conversations between characters, and a lot of the banter was gone. But the biggest change was the treatment of bonus recruitment maps, or gaiden levels. In past games, they were either especially challenging or branched the story path based on your choices, and were treated as rewards for playing well. Usually you got characters recruited to your team at the end of them, if you survived, and some of the time they were even important enemy characters, revealing more of their plot and backstory (like recruiting Jaffar at the end of Blazing Sword). In Shadow Dragon, though, those levels were treated as a balance mechanic for players who were lagging behind, and could only be accessed if you had 15 or fewer characters alive, meaning you actively had to kill off characters you recruited to keep under the limit. (I’m definitely one of the “reset every time you lose a character”, so this hurts my heart).

Anyway, tangent aside!
Hahaha, I was wondering how they were going to treat the unowns. I mean, having 26 of them is probably excessive, especially without trading being implement yet (ever?), but the I appreciate the effort for spelling stuff out via gym :wink:

I’m still trying to hatch all the dang babies, so my dex is pretty empty, haha.


I still play Pokemon Go, but I don’t go out specifically to catch pokemon anymore. I used to take the app running, but Niantic has made it impossible for my phone to keep Pokemon Go, the fitness app, and a podcast app open at the same time. So I mostly take it out during lunch or while running errands.


Tis the season.


I see your party Pikachu and raise you…


Haha, excellent!!
Such party! So festive! Much hat.

“Volt switch”? I didn’t realize they’d introduced new skills too, although I guess that makes sense!

I’m slow going on the gen 2 dex, there’s only commons around me. Still waiting for a wobuffett :wink: