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Pokemon GO!


Tis the season?


Yes, I got one of these today (only my second Pikachu ever)! I love that they didn’t just change the model, so that I now have normal-Pikachu and Pikachu-in-a-santa-hat as distinct Pokemon.

(Edit: I also love the name you gave it. I might steal that.)


I’m curious to see if evolving Santa Hat Pikachu will make a Santa Hat Raichu, but I doubt it :stuck_out_tongue:


The internet says, “Yes!”


!!! That’s highly excellent! Guess I know which pikachu I’m evolving first, haha.

I’m glad that the tracking is finally fixed, it definitely helps motivate getting up off the couch knowing you’ll be able to find everything that shows up on the tracker.
Also, apparently there have been new pokemon released! I haven’t seen any of the babies yet, but it’s refreshing to get a little revitalization into the game :slight_smile:


The rumours I’ve heard so far are that the new Pokémon are currently only available through hatching, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong on that front!


I believe this is the case, too. It’s a bit punishing for those players that only do the catching part and don’t walk around too much with their app open.


Yeah, all the new “baby” Pokemon can only be hatched.

Igglybuff and Cleffa hatch from 2k eggs
Pichu and Togepi hatch from 5k eggs
Magby, Elekid and Smoochum hatch from 10k eggs

I only saw a Hatted Pikachu show up on my radar once today and then it disappeared. Supposedly the spawn rate for them is increased, but this weekend I caught 5 so… hopefully tomorrow!

I’m curious if any new Pokemon will hatch from the eggs I got before the update. I have 9 5km eggs from before so it’ll be a good test to see if the Pokemon inside the egg is determined at the pokestop or when into hatches!


Apparently someone got tired of walking.


Details of the holiday event:

From December 25th to January 3rd:

  • PokeStops will give out a single-use Incubator every day, once a day.
  • You will now find new eggs that have a greater chance of hatching the Gen 2 Pokémon that Niantic introduced into the game earlier this month, Togepi, Pichu, etc

December 30th to January 8th:

  • The original starters, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmadner, and their evolutions will appear more frequently throughout the world.
  • Lures will now last sixty minutes instead of thirty during this period.

Free incubators is the number one ! on that list for me, even if they are single use. Help get rid of my ever present collection of 5K eggs…


I’m hoping squirtles and bulbasaurs are EVERYWHERE! There’s a nest in my town and since the last migration it’s spawned Charmanders, so I finally got a Charizard. Bulbasaurs are ridiculously rare around here (I’ve caught two in five months) and Squirtles do not spawn here.

The incubators will be nice too, but starters are the draw for me.

I’ve been saving coins for a while now and have been hatching eggs since the gen 2 babies showed up with incubators. So far I’ve hatched a Pichu, 2 Igglybuffs, and a Magby.


The ability to toss eggs you don’t want to hatch would be amazing too…

I realize it probably won’t happen as they want to encourage people to spend money on incubators, but I can dream.


I’ve got a ten km egg cooking right now…If it’s a pinsir I’m going to be super angry :stuck_out_tongue: Fingers crossed for a lapras or onix (still blanks in my dex). But yeah, I’ve been swamped with 5K eggs that give me nothing but meowths and poliwags. :disappointed_relieved:

The only baby I’ve gotten so far is an igglybuff with it’s creepy red eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Squirtle is the most common starter around me, with bulbasaur second (though it’s my favourite, so I buddied my way to a venusaur). I’ve caught one charmander since July, and hatched three. :confused: nowhere close to a charizard…


If there is ever online trading in this game we have got to get together!

We have complete opposite Pokemon around us. Through eggs I managed to get enough for a Poliwrath, but when Gen 2 fully rolls out I have no candy for a Politoed.



I’ve got a pack of dodrios I’m saving for my Torontonian friends if Niantic ever gets trading working, since they were pretty common around NY/NJ. Let me know what to save for you! I’ve got Poliwags like they’re going out of style, haha.

My dex is sitting at 133 with Lapras, Onix, Hitmonlee as my no-shows.

Blastoise might be a possibility soonish (I’m 26 candies away), but Charizard (82), Alakazam (69) and Machamp (114) are an eternity away. I’m walking my way to a Golem right now (thank goodness for 1km candies!), with previous buddying for a Rapidash, Raichu and Ninetails already. Omanyte or Kabutops will be next I think? Or maybe a Muk…


My remaining first generation list is: Venusaur, Blastoise, Farfetchd, Hitmonlee, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Omastar, Kabutops, and Dragonite

Three of those are region specific, and the rest are probably candy-walking grinds.

Currently buddying with Omanyte, but it’s too snowy for cycling lately so 5km/candy is brutal slow.

I saw a Hitmonlee on my radar once, but couldn’t track it down. It was beyond frustrating.

And Dragonite, well, maybe a migration will bring some Dratini to the prairies some day!


I was lucky enough to catch a Dragonite roaming the streets of New York City, although it has garbage CP, so I’m still trying to catch enough Dratini to evolve a better one (although that’s also going to take forever and a day…)

Yeah, I lost a Charmander, a Hitmonlee and an Onix to bad tracking. :confounded: I’m glad they fixed it. I used to just ignore the tracker, since it was meaningless, but when that unidentified silhouette shows up you can’t help but get your hopes up.

Looking at the Gen 2 dex, I didn’t realize how many Gen 1 pokemon get evolutions (or prevolutions). I guess I should hold on to my second Scyther and Porygon!

I wonder I’ll be obsessive enough to try and catch all 26 unowns…


A Game Theory video placing Pokemon Go at the beginning of the pokemon franchise timeline, and the precursor to the great pokemon war.
Somewhat discounted now that ditto has been released, but interesting nonetheless!


It’s a legitimate starterpalooza!

I’ve caught 2 ivysaur, 1 wortortle, 10 charmanders, and more squirtles and bulbasaurs than I can remember!
Evolved a blastoise (and levelled it up a bunch), and am now only 42 candies away from a charizard…
I’ve also hatched a magby and 2 more igglybuffs.

Happy new pokeyear, everyone!