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Pokemon GO!


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One of the recent updates caused the app to start crashing (of the variety where Android would tell me that unfortunately, the Pokemon Go so has crashed and must be restarted) when I haven’t even opened it. [/quote]
One of the people who are trying to reverse engineer the game (the people who build the scanners and such) said that Niantic added obfuscating calculations to make it harder to figure out what are the relevant calculations. This consumes more battery (the CPU does more number crunching and probably generates more heat), and older phones will have a harder time running the app. If it’s true, that’s sad; I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a company making it harder for people to use their product.


In the last week I’ve really cooled down on the game. There just aren’t new Pokemon to catch in my small town and the amount I’d have to walk to get enough candy for evolutions is ridiculous. Gym battles are useless around here because of the amount of people who gps spoof and make it unfair.

Until they make some major updates I’m bored. Actual battles, real tracking, new generations of Pokemon, trading, and actually cracking down on cheaters would make it into a great game.

It was a fun novelty while it lasted.


I definitely lulled for a handful of weeks until earlier this week, when they implemented the Hallowe’en update. Now I’m swimming in cubones, gastlies and meowths, and finally evolved my first Marowak! Plus reducing the distance needed to get a candy via buddy-walking means I might actually get a venusaur sometime before the next century.

I do wish they’d implement more changes towards making play more interesting/interactive, but we’ll see what happens I guess?


The Halloween event got me off the couch and running on Wednesday night. I had to work late on Thursday, but on Friday I drove down to a local beach resort that is the local Pokemon hotspot. I saw multiple Haunters but didn’t catch so much as a Ghastly. I did get a couple starters and a Dratini.

That said, I also lost my keys in the dark at some point. After contacting multiple coworkers and taking an $80 Lyft ride, I have gotten my spare keys stashed in the office, got my car, and am now home at 2am. It’s been my worst night in a while, and my own absent-mindedness is to blame rather than Pokemon, but the association isn’t helping.


Oh no, that sounds awful. Sorry about that.


The Halloween event was a great shot in the arm for the game!

Doubling up candy and making the Gastly spawn rate was great. And quadrupling candy for buddies was amazing! It’s going to be brutal to go back to 5km per candy on my quest for a Dragonite…

Over the last week I got enough candy to evolve a Gengar, Muk, Machamp, Sandshrew, Poliwrath, and hatched a Pinsir! All new to my Pokedex! That puts my caught types up to 132! Getting close.

If Niantic can keep rolling out events that change up the game in new ways it’ll motivate me to keep playing. I do wonder when those legendaries will show up…


Yeah, I had barely played GO in months since my phone’s GPS is wonky, so my avatar barely moves at all and sometimes just will not go to where I am physically located. But I’ve managed to get a bunch of stuff this week and I actually hatched an egg! Something that hasn’t happened in months! Stupid phone…

I’m hoping they do similar things with all the holidays.


And here I thought I was sitting pretty well at dex 123!

I’m wondering if the legendaries will get rolled out like Ingress’ anomalies – large-scale events mapped out and structured to be weekend destination trips. I’m not sure how they’ll encourage exploration like the anomalies do, though, since there’s no reward set up in PoGo for hitting specific pokestops and no community-created tours/maps. Hmm.


How did the anomalies work? Was it only in large city centres? Not sure if my town of 8000 would be host to something like that?


I‘ve only been to one, so I’m sure @MinuteWalt and others will correct me if I’m wrong, but unfortunately they do usually occur in concentrated city centres.

Anomalies occur over longer periods of time (weeks maybe?) and take place simultaneously all over the world. People attend and pour time and resources into battling for team control in special localized battle zones. (Judging from the PoGo trailers with people battling MewTwo in Times Square, this seems the most similar, although the timing coordination seems more difficult.)

Mission Days are when organizers would create missions, or little scavenger hunts, where you had to go down to a specific location and hit all the portals along a given path. If you were successful in completing the majority of the missions, you’d get special badges as awards.


@penguin_lx pretty much nailed it @twispby. They also often coincidentally rolled out before a content update to get people psyched up, so the “plot” tended to roll up with the meta rather neatly. When they did things well, they really did things well, often the players didn’t realize that an “event” of some sort was coordinated with something they were trying to do on the back end, either a server side optimization or post-beta feature rollout. They also did fun stuff just to keep people interested and guessing.

(I assume they still do, I don’t mean to speak of Ingress in the past tense. It kind of feels rude. I mean, it’s right there still on my phone, I don’t want it to hear me.)


This happened today! Still plugging away and grinding my way towards level 30. I have a friend who’s been pretty hardcore about pogo and it keeps me playing.

Not a big fan of how hard it is to build up gyms since two updates ago. It’s pretty pointless when you can knock them down so easily now.


Is it true that Dittos manifest as other pokemon on the map?

I’m on the reverse side of the coin when it comes to gyms – I live near NYC, so until two updates ago, all the gyms were level 10 blues all the time. I’m team blue as well, which means there was never any space to get in. Now there’s a lot more variety, which makes it easier for people to get in to gyms at least for a little while. I do appreciate that they’ve given priority to those people that defeated the gym when placing pokemon, so you can’t stand around a gym and wait to snipe it when it goes grey.


Reddit seems to be of two minds. At first, it seemed that only pidgey and rattata could be Ditto. But there are also reports of other pokemon being Ditto. So maybe all pokemon can be Ditto, and most Ditto are pidgey and rattata because they are common. It could also be all pokemon can be Ditto, but some are more likely than others (e.g., if you catch something rare like Porygon, you might not want it to be Ditto).


Can only speak anecdotally because I caught a pidgey that transformed back into ditto. Took me around 200 catches before he showed up. Seen others say they go him in 50, or 100 catches.

Everything I’ve read make it seem like ditto is limited to commons: rattata, pidgey, and zubat seem to be the usual suspects. Makes sense as everyone seems to be able to access those.

Battled a couple in gyms today. Transforms quickly and has cp come within a couple hundred of the attacking Pokemon. If your Pokemon is quick enough at attacking you can wipe ditto out shortly after it transforms, so I don’t see it being a powerhouse.


Sorry, if I wasn’t clear. Ditto only shows up as other Pokemon on the map. It’s harder to ignore all those pidgey and rattatas now!


Hah, you’re right, ditto hiding is definitely an interesting mechanic that’s a good push to get people to catch the commons again. Definitely encourages me to go take a walk today and try to find one. :slight_smile:


Anyone feel like rattata and pidgeys are running more often than usual?


Not running away for me, but much harder to catch! Since the last update they seem to break three or four balls more often.

Now that they might be dittos I can never shake the suspicion that the ones that get away are not what they seem! :slight_smile: