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Pokemon GO!


I finally hatched an Omanyte from a 10km egg this week, and I think Omanyte takes my Unexpectedly Adorable Pokemon award. Didn’t think it’d be that charming, with its happily waving tentacles. I’ve named mine Wiggles.

Other nicknames I’m a little too enamoured of:
Buzz Aldrin and Susan B Anthony for my Beedrills (well Szn B Antony to fit in the character limit)
Kale, Mesclun and Escarole for my Bulbasaur/Ivysaur family
GoodFeather for my Pidgeot (after the Animaniacs’ pigeon parody of the Godfather)
Omlette, Crepe and Frittata for my Exeggcutes and Exeggcutors
and Buscemi for my Magmar (apologies to Steve, but dang, the Magmar kinda looks like him)

Anyone else have nicknames they’re gleefully proud of?


I love your nicknames! I’ve never really gotten into naming my Pokemon in any of the games. I have occasionally renamed a magikarp to “mwahaha” after taking out a gym and leaving my fishy friend as a taunt!

I’m still pluggin along in the game. Pokedex is up to 120.

I’m looking forward to this new “buddy” system where you can earn candy for a specific 'mon. I have quite a few Pokemon that I’ve only caught once and this will provide a way to finally evolve them!


If I saw a Magikarp named “mwahahaha” holding a gym, I’d respect that and let it stay. That’s excellent.

I’m at 109, and that’s with some lucky one-off, frantic catches on the bus :stuck_out_tongue:
A lot of the evolutions of rarer pokemon seem unobtainable right now (I’ll never be able to evolve a golem or machamp at this rate), but the buddy thing sounds excellent! Maybe I’ll get a ninetails after all!

I’m a little sad they didn’t have a sprite of the pokemon walking behind you on the map, a la pokemon gold/silver, although I can see how that might interfere with things.


Yeeeaah… No geodude/golem shortage here. Or ponyta/rapidash for that matter.

Poliwag/Magikarp/Seel/Anythingthatlikeswater is rare here.



If they implement long-distance trading, I’ll gladly trade you a Poliwrath for a Rapidssh or Golem. :slight_smile:

I’m working on my 2nd Poliwrath; Seels are pretty rare here too, though. There’s magikarp aplenty, but you need so many of them, I just send mine directly to the candy grinder.


For sure!

Also, that is the best name for an Arcanine!

Why do you number some of your Pokemon?


The numbers are to keep track of the IV (internal values), which functions like a measure of overall potential – the higher the number, the better the pokemon is, and the stronger its evolutions will be. In the most recent update, the appraisal feature is a rough indictor of IV, but I’ve been using an app that overlays onto the game and calculates the math for you. Not as accurate as Pokeadvisor was, but it can be pretty specific, especially when used in tandem with appraisal.

(Translation: I’m a huge nerd? I don’t even battle in gyms that much, so IV is kind of irrelevant, but it’s super demoralizing to save up those hundred candies and evolve what you think will be a great pokemon only to discover that low IV made it useless [aka my CP 695 Nidoqueen].)


Jayzuss, I’ve just been going on CP.


It’s absolutely something you can (and should) ignore if you don’t want to get bogged down in even more tiny numbers :stuck_out_tongue:


The IVs get rolled into the CP, so it’s not terrible to use CP – so long as you’re keeping an eye on the level of the pokemon, too. So if you’re comparing like-levelled pokemon (the same spot on the arced dial), the higher CP will have roughly better IVs anyways. What cutting straight to the IVs allows you to do is to compare across different levels without spending a bunch of CP and candy to boost the lower to a comparable level to make the comparison.

Edit to add: the other thing IVs let you do is distinguish between Attack and Defense, which get amalgamated into CP opaquely, masking what proportion they’re contributing. If you value one or the other higher, CP doesn’t help you figure out which similar pokemon is the one you want.


Tangential Throwback Monday!

Are you sure they’re animals? Looks a lot like a vegetable to me :wink:


Only need to walk 231 more kms with my new buddy!


Still not really playing, but I couldn’t resist adding a buddy :smiley:

And when I opened the app to take this shot, I caught an Onix!


Just taking my leafy greens for a 240 km walk, don’t mind me :slight_smile:


Oh the bane of my pokemon existence…geographic limitations. My town is accessible only by the airport or by ferry, no road out, so what we have here is what we get unless we go on vacation. That said, being a major cruise ship hub and having 90% of the town along stretches of coast means tons of water type.

Poliwag/Goldeen/Seels/Horsea/Staryu/Psyduck/Slopoke/Squirtle/Magikarp all spawn repeatedly around my work. I’ve even caught a few Gyrados around here. Finding enough ponyta, growlithe, or geodude to evolve mine has been a pain. I would kill a dude for an Onyx.


I have the misfortune of a crappy GPS on my phone, so most of the time, when Pokemon GO actually figures out where I am rather than where I was hours previously, my avatar usually won’t walk at all. So egg hatching is incredibly slow and candy generation with the buddy system is going to be agonizing as well. :frowning:


I have decided. I will never, ever let any of you know what level I am.

It’s embarrassingly low. I don’t get to play often, the weather here has been brutal this year (yes, you have gotten sick of me saying this). I tried during the hurricane, because it cooled down a bit, but then that soon seemed unwise and threatening. And besides, rain makes it hard to use a smartphone.

And lightning and heavy objects being flung by the wind makes it hard to stay uninjured. Or for that matter, alive.

Autumn is almost here, the equivalent of the joy most other people get from spring (no pun intended) for Floridians. I can almost go outside again during the day.

Hell, I walked for an hour a couple of days ago, I got another Ponyta (squee!), and a couple of other mids and some commons, but I had a bunch of commons escape. A Magikarp, dammit. Green circle, 5 balls, and poof. AAAARRRRGH!!!

I did single-handedly beat a gym that should have whomped me. It was a tiny gym, too. It killed almost everything I threw at it, and was retaken the same day. But, still. The little things. I’ll take that small victory.


No posts for almost a month. Who is still playing?

I’ve been playing since launch. About a half dozen people in my workplace started playing just to see what the fuss was about. My office is fairly competitive, so early on there was a lot of comparing people’s level, pokedex, CP, etc. Maybe 3 people are still playing now.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of nostalgia for Pokemon (I got most of the way through Pokemon Ruby Red, but that’s about it). But the idea of an augmented reality game is interesting. Also, while I’ve been telling myself to explore more of my city, Pokemon Go actually got me out of the house. It’s also been helping me maintain a regular running schedule.

The popular local spot is a nearby coastal resort town. Rare pokemon seem to pop up there more often, and there’s a quadstop was lured almost every night (though I haven’t been by for a while). One time, I was walking by the quadstop toward my car when a Gyrados appeared. It took about a dozen balls and more missed, but I caught it. The quadstop has since been reduced to a tristop because people kept bringing lawn chairs to loiter there and the community was getting annoyed by the jaywalking and littering.

The most recent shuffling of nests has been interesting. I saw two Aerodactyls in my neighborhood when I’ve never seen one before. I went for a run in the park tonight and caught 8 Magmar.


One of the recent updates caused the app to start crashing (of the variety where Android would tell me that unfortunately, the Pokemon Go so has crashed and must be restarted) when I haven’t even opened it. The annoyance, plus the implications regarding background data collection shenanigans, lead me to uninstall it. As I commented in the installation review, continued lack of Pokemon tracking plus always on data collection means this is a data gathering app, not a game. It might have been a different matter if it would have been able to award credit for distance walked while not open in the foreground, but again, months gone by without even a “we recognize this is an important feature and are working to add it.”


I rarely even bother opening the app anymore. The game frequently crashes a little while after I open it, especially if I try to look at a gym or something like that. My avatar almost never walks at all, meaning eggs don’t hatch and buddies don’t get any candy generated. The only benefit to this is if I start the game in an area with a good number of stops, I can leave and typically still get one or two uses out of the stop before the game realizes my phone is not actually there, even though it still doesn’t move my avatar.

Of course, this assumes that the game puts my avatar where I actually am when I start it up, not where I was five hours previously. I can’t count the number of times I’ve started it while out with my wife and had my avatar show up close to my work which is about a 30-40 minute drive away. Or there’s a small park with four stops and a gym nearby and even though I am right in the middle of the park, the game keeps thinking I’m across the street in any direction. It will even make my avatar run through the park to the other side, still keeping on the far side of the street and typically out of range of all the stops. It’s just ridiculous. The games performance seems to be worse if there are more people around playing the game, meaning the more popular areas to play are near useless to me.

I know part of this has to be my phone, as other people aren’t having these issues, but the app used to work just fine and it just seems to be getting worse as they update it.