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Pokemon GO!


I know, these animals are incredible. Prehensile tails, anteater-like tongues, front claws so massive they walk bipedaly on the back. Plus they roll into a ball when threatened and their movements when they climb trees looks like that of a caterpillars.

Freakin’ incredible.


It’s on the Red List, too. Dang! Poor little adorable lizard-mammals! (Yes I know they are not lizards). I just want to scoop them all up and keep them safe in my house. They can eat all the bugs in my fridge as long as they promise not to use their stink-glands. They can have my bed and couch, I’ll just sleep on the floor.

With all the other ones who won’t fit on the bed or the couch, I guess.

… I don’t really have bugs in my fridge.
At the moment!


I just found out there’s now a reptile shop in town. Gonna go there on Saturday and try and resist the urge to take them all home.


I just used the word “melty” in a text. A perfectly acceptable neologism!

My phone’s spell check wanted to correct it to “Meowth.” What is even happening?!? I don’t know this world any more.

@bruitist Amateur herpetology is fun. I used to have a ball python named “Richard Nixon,” and an iguana named “Gandhi,” several unnamed fire-bellied newts (I know, they’re amphibians, not reptiles), and a red-eared slider aquatic turtle, named “Yertle.”

Yertle was the best, and the weirdest. She would sometimes freak out on her floating sunning rock, and spazz out into the water.

Once, in her aquarium, when she was swimming, she distended her entire lower intestine, and then pulled it back up into her cloaca. No one with herpetology experience has been able to say this is something that aquatic turtles do normally. It freaked me out. Apparently it was healthy to do, this happened many years ago, and she’s still alive today (although with a different human).


(pssst… did you catch them all???)


I ended up not going as it turned out the Caribbean carnival was in town yesterday, so I wanted to avoid the crowds. I’ve got next week off work, so I’ll pop down then.


Is anyone else mad that Niantic has been kind of f-cking with us? They killed the (admittedly broken) pawprint system, and have made it a major pain in the ass to catch even low level Mons.

I mean, jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, it took me 7 Poké Balls only to let a Caterpie eventually escape! A goddammed Caterpie! Does anyone else think the recent update kind of nerfed things?


Apparently the catching difficulty is a bug.


Ah. Good to know. I was a little hot and salty after watching this.


As an outsider (tried it for a day, but decided it demanded way too much time), Pokemon Go is both very interesting and quite frustrating. Right around the corner from where I live, near the cathedral, is a meeting place where dozens of Goers gather throughout the day well into the night. It’'s fascinating to watch, but at the same time they are clogging the street and the pavewalk and apparently local residents had to call the police a few times because of the noise at night. Now they have placarded pleas to be considerate, using the loading screen as background design.
On the one hand I guess it’s good that some youngsters that would otherwise just sit in front of their gaming devices all day long now at least do that outside. On the other, in the end as far as I can tell they are doing not much more than sitting there and grinding (there are four overlapping Pokestops and a gym there), and in some cities Goers have endangered the traffic by driving into pedestrian areas etc.
And then there’s the “funny” stories you can read on news outlets, like the fact that in Denmark (I think it was), Go players have stumbled upon at least 6 bodies that had not been found otherwise. Or the Go player that called the police because there was a couple having loud sex where he wanted to catch some Pokemon. Or the group that got lost in a cave in the UK, looking for a rare specimen.


Yeah, I’m cynical.

It came in after their last update and it just seems too convenient for a free-to-play game to suddenly up the difficulty of catching pokemon, making players use more items. Thankfully you can buy more pokeballs at their handy in App Store!

I wonder if there wasn’t the outcry from players if this “bug” would have been addressed, or quietly left in. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m finding more frustrating is the lack of potions from pokestops! Gym battles are a great way to earn XP later in the game, but once your potions dwindle your kinda outta luck. And if you’re using higher HP Pokemon the regular potions are all, but useless.

If they actually roll out Pokemon Centers where you can heal all your Pokemon in a go that’s help a lot.

I’m at a fatigue point with the game without a good way to “radar” in my area. There’s nothing new to catch, I’m out of potions, and grinding for the sake of leveling up gets old fast when I need over 100k XP now.

Niantic said the game was only about 10% of what they had planned and I’d love to see a bit of that other 90% soon!


In the previous update, there was an irritating bug that caused greatballs in particular to spin out of control after a razzberry was used, and no one was in an uproar about that (probably because you can’t buy great balls [yet]). :stuck_out_tongue:

Pokeadvisor got shut down yesterday too, so between removing the radars and the easiest IV calculator, Niantic is really barricading themselves into a hole. Aside from server load, I honestly can’t see there being a downside to either program – these tools will keep people invested in the game longer (with the eventual lead to more in-game purchases).

I’m wondering if they’re planning to shift to a more pay-to-win model. Introductions of potions and better quality pokeballs into the shop seems like an obvious move, if money is their primary concern. Perhaps these potential pokemon centres will cost coins to use.

On the other hand, I had a great night last night doing circuits of the park with my roommates. Each of the three of us dropped a lure in the centre of the park to end the night, and within about 2 minutes there were thirty other people of all sorts of ages congregating around the lures, chatting and exclaiming about the 80 bajillion zubats that kept showing up.


If I were Niantic wondering how to effectively monetise Pokemon Go, sponsored Pokemon centres would be high on the list of possibilities.

I can imagine Starbucks paying to have all of their shops become go-to locations for reviving K.O.'s Pokemon. This would generate revenue for Niantic, customers for Starbucks and not necessarily cost the players any money.

Everybody wins, or have I missed a downside?


Crowds that are not patronizing these spots, and who in fact make it undesirable for others to just visit for the actual goods or services these spots provide. That’s been a pretty publicly reported backlash.

I still think integrating the unusual approach Niantic used for Ingress would be effective monetization, without invoking the evil demons of the F2P models making the game impossible to be satisfying for non-whales. Their cross-promotional angle could be easily integrated with the micro transactions in a way that they would still make cash hands-over-fist, allow players to support it directly for a small boost, and still be welcoming and open to competition for everyone. Also, they have yet to truly experience the full force of the brutal roller coaster of licensing merch and third party promotionals on a large scale.

But, I gotta say, their biggest problem is the unexpected explosion of their IP going way beyond what they thought they could handle, and they’re swimming just as fast as they can to keep their heads above water.


If the reports are true and they’ve made 200 million in their first month of official release, I don’t think they have to try to hard at the moment to make further changes to their model.

McDonalds has reportedly partnered going forward so they’ve already got that scheme going.

On another note, I’m getting frustrated by cheaters in this game. I wish it didn’t bother me as my sole drive is “catching them all”, but it’s annoying to see someone with two Gyrados at the local gyms already.

You can’t catch Magikarp in my area. Let alone enough for 800 candies worth.

I try to make a point of defeating their gyms, but I’m out of potions and the pokestops are stingy with anything, but pokeballs. Everyone seems to be red in my town and it’s disheartening to grind a level 7 gym, hold it for ten minutes, and have it turn red again.

Blegh… Pokemon fatigue.


I know what you mean. I’ve found that i just don’t have enough time to remain competitive so I’m just enjoying the collection aspect as the local Gyms are far too tough for me.

While I have had a lot of fun messing about with the unofficial API, building a bot & cheating always seemed to sort of spoil the point. Making a radar that functions like the paw print thing was meant to, however, I’m perfectly fine with and learned a lot in doing so.


Just because they’re rolling in dough doesn’t mean they’re not struggling to meet demand. Money doesn’t mean fast. They could have bit off more than they could chew, as we’ve seen with so many unexpectedly over supported crowdfunders that promised more than they could give, even with raking in the cash.

Well, I suppose they also could have just stopped caring about making good product, just to swim in the mountain of gold like Scrooge McDuck. Being deliberately exploitative seems unlike Niantic, but people change.

Honestly, I haven’t played for the last few days, mostly because of the PokeStops being nerfed and the weird difficulty amp of catching frikking Rattatas and other garbage Mons. OK, there’s also been a lot of rain here, that doesn’t help, I can’t blame that on Niantic. I mean, this isn’t YouTube or reddit.

Maybe I’ll go out again, maybe I’ll wait for the next update. I’m not sure.


I’m still playing, but not to the same degree. Mostly I cruise around enough pokestops to get my eggs refilled and if a Pokemon crosses my path I imprison it!

I’ve caught and evolved almost everything I can in this area except for a few that I’ve only seen once, or twice in five weeks. Those are going to take a while without services like pokevision.

I’m glad to hear Niantic is cracking down on cheaters. I had a trainer in my town who was gps spoofing to the gyms as soon as they weren’t Team Valor and taking them over. Literally as soon as the changed over. Of course he was nowhere in site, playing from home, and using multiple Gyrados. Did I mention you can’t even catch Magikarp here? I reported him last week and I’m assuming he got banned. Haven’t seen him sniping gyms for four days!

Also heard about and tried a new trick. If you can find an area with no Pokemon and use an incense, the game seems confused about what to send your way and sends mostly random Pokemon. Mine are still North America specific, but I’ve caught Horseas, Poliwags, and a few other Pokemon that don’t show up in my area. Travelling during the incense equals more Pokemon too, so driving at slow speeds on country roads works well. Maybe the only perk of playing this game rurally!

Got my Dex up to 113. Getting closer…


Whoa, dude sounds like a scumbag. Good job, cheaters need to be curbed. Like, curb-stomped.

Also, yes, good exploit (there is a very big difference between exploits and cheating).

We’re lousy with Magikarp, here. You can barely walk ten feet without tripping over one of those slippery bastards. Easy to catch, too, I’ve noticed. It’s just you need around 100 of those little f#*k3rs for a single evolution and I’m over it.


Apparently, you nailed the new shorthand before a bunch of places. Although the first one I saw in video was here. In a “PoGo News Update” from LRR.

I’m sure there are others, but I’ll gladly credit you as the first to coin that phrase.

In fact, I’m pretty sure you are verifiably the first person to use that. It ain’t much, twis, but I’d take it and run.