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Pokemon GO!


I still don’t understand the appeal of Florida :wink: all that heat and humidity, plus everything’s trying to eat you.

@twispby, I’m at 68 caught, 69 seen (I had an Arbok escape after a razzberry and an “excellent” throw with a great ball. So infuriating. What more do you want from me, giant purple snake???)

I imagine I’ll be one of the few people tromping through the snow and -20 temps come February hoping for ice Pokemon.


Just hit level 22 today! Used a lucky egg and evolved nearly forty Pokemon… Mostly Pidgeys.

Got my Dex up to 90 caught/ 93 seen! Evolved a Diglett, Kakuna, and caught my first Clefairy to bump up the numbers! Technically my wife caught the Clefairy while I was driving to an amusement park, but I coached her!

There’s a couple be species in the big city (Calgary) so I’m hoping to get a Seel this weekend!


I know that feeling. Ran into a Marowak and threw the best I had at it and it ran away after wasting my pokeballs.

And I haven’t seen one since.

Same story with Kabuto! Sigh…


That’s all very true. But sometimes when I’m feeling blue or depressed, I can look out the window wherever I am here and remind myself, “I live in a tropical paradise. I don’t have to go home when the vacation’s over. I live here already.” And most of the things that try to eat me are mosquitoes, my cat, and certain friends of mine; the first can be dealt with, and those last two don’t bother me much. Alligators, bobcats, and panthers mostly just want to eat pets and small children with un-vigilant parents.

@twispby and @penguin_lx and @ everyone else probably, I hate you all. I don’t even want to say what I have or what level I am. I feel like a small child in a room full of adults. Which is pretty ironic because, you know, it’s Pokemon for crying out loud, and I’m the oldest one in this room.


"Los Angeles, every day, hot and sunny, today, hot and sunny, tomorrow, hot and, for the rest of the… hot and sunny, every single day, hot and sunny. And they love it.
"Isn’t great, every day, hot and sunny?"
What are you, a fucking lizard?
Only reptiles feel that way about this kind of weather. " - Bill Hicks


Hey, it gets cold here! It snowed… once… in 1983!

Besides, it’s also often hot and rainy. Or tropical stormy. Or weirdly cold during a hurricane, and as black as night at noon.

Props for mentioning the late, great, Bill Hicks. There’s a comedic lineage there that prominently features other innovators like (notably) Lenny Bruce (who died for our sins), to George Carlin, and others.

Whatevs, I just caught a Ponyta last night (why am I so excited about that?!?!), and my second evolved 'Mon, a Tentacruel, and a Horsea, all new on this one walk! In my neighborhood! Why, oh christ, why am I getting all emotional about this crap?

Horsea is adorable. I want to go snorkeling and have this bitty thing cling to my little toe as we explore. <3<3<3


I actually walked to work the other day just so I could hatch some eggs… and on the way caught a Ponyta. I literally punched the air.

…luckily, no one was watching.


no snow in California to get those sweet sweet icemons…oooo maybe it’ll be an excuse to take a trip to lake tahoe in the winter :heart:


Spent the weekend with some friends who are super into Pokemon Go, and had some crazy experiences:

  • the ferry terminal at the Toronto Harbourfront is insane. There are 8 pokestops that essentially overlap, so people just show up in droves and hang around all night catching Pokemon. The stops are constantly lured, so even sitting still you’ll get 5 or 6 Pokemon popping up every couple of minutes. Literally hundreds, maybe even a thousand people in a tiny area all on their phones. I caught 30+ magikarp, almost as many psyducks and horseas, a handful of dratinis, poliwags, starmies and even some diglets. It feels like cheating.

  • my friends caught wind of some rare spawns on Pokemon tracker programs (before Niantic cracked down on them in their update yesterday), and we were part of a rush to grab a snorlax in a random residential cul de sac. People were frantically driving up at two in the morning, getting their cars as close as possible and then getting out and pelting down the street like fools. (Sadly the snorlax ran away from me; my friends caught him though!) I’ve never seen so many people at 2am on a random side street. There was a similar but smaller rush to grab a porygorn in a grocery store parking lot.

This is madness.


After a mini vacation with my family I’ve filled out my Dex to 101 caught and 103 seen! I’m quite happy that we caught all the base Pokemon in the city we didn’t have back home and hopefully I’ll hatch some eggs and get to evolve them someday.

Niantic nuking pokevision really stinks. It was nice to be able to check out a map at home and run out for 15 minutes to grab a monster I needed. Now I just hope in the brief moments I can play something of value shows up!


Just had two 2K eggs hatch a pidgey and a rattata. Sigh.

I guess it balances out catching a nifty vaporeon and wartortle last week. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just so everyone knows, Niantic wasn’t able to lock out 3rd party tools for Ingress, and there are a few very helpful ones out there right now, and have been for quite some time. I highly doubt they’ll be able to kill 3rd party stuff for PoGo for very long.

I just caught a Gastly! Apparently there was a Rattata standing on it’s face or something, I had to deal with that little jerk first. I was beginning to think ghost-types were actually a myth. I was within 0.3 k away from a small graveyard that happens to be a nexus of multiple Stops and two Gyms. I may have to reevaluate what I originally thought about local political geography not affecting the game on that finely granular scale. One single ghost/poision-mon isn’t enough to confirm that though.

Confession: I started carrying around a spare Magikarp. I’m totally going to 'karp a gym. And back it up with a Gyarados surprise! I know, it’s a bit trollish, but there’s so much flavor there. And I think if I do the work for evolving a Gyarados, I’d deserve a little silliness.

@penguin_lx Eh. The 2k ones are still good for XP and candy, I guess. I’ve been saving the little ones for the starting incubator, kind of a hatching factory, and only using the 3-use ones (that I got for leveling up or got lucky at a Stop) for 10k, or even 5k if that’s all I got.

I’m feeling pretty good that although I’ve been tempted to spend real money, especially for an incubator or seven, I’ve been able to resist. Next time I have income that is truly disposable, I may make some purchases, just to show my appreciation.

I never got to give Niantic dollars for Ingress. They had a unique business model that generated profit from very clever and subtle advertising, cross-promotion, and selling anonymous crowd flow data to institutions (a-hremm… Google… cough cough you didn’t hear it from me!) interested in logistics, the traveling salesman problem, and the very difficult-to-do task of foot-path mapping, instead of in-app purchases.

They have got to be reaping all kinds of valuable anonymous infrastructure data right now, although the nature of PoGo maybe displays more of the Brownian motion of people just wandering about than the guided missiles Ingress turned its players into. There’s got to be a lot of marrow in the bones of their data collection, though.

Oh, shit. I actually just drooled, thinking about logistical and infrastructural raw data, and associating it with my inner carnivore. I drooled. It landed on my cat, who is on my lap. She didn’t care, and she keeps on sneezing on me anyway, so… revenge?


There are three gyms in my town and the constantly change hands. However, I get up at 5 am for work and take over all three.

So everyone wakes up to yellow gyms, each one held by a Magikarp!

It is delicious!


Carpe Pisces! Seize the carp!


Apparently they’ve asked that the ferry terminal be delisted as a pokestop, because the pokemongers keep overwhelming/trashing the place.

Also I spent the weekend in NYC visiting family and was vaguely thinking I would capture a few Pokefriends not native to Toronto but! But I didn’t have a data plan there, and none were ambling by when I had a wifi signal. Oh well.


Wait wait wait, you‘ve gotten an incubator from a pokestop before???


I can definitely see why they would want to delist or at least reduce the number of stops at the ferry. It was insane. I can’t imagine trying to navigate that crowd to actually use the ferry.


Indeed. They’re pretty rare, but you can get them. I think the one thing you can’t get at a Stop is a Lure Module.


You’re right. Pokevision seemed to be stopped by a Cease & Decist or similar because the data from the Niantic servers is unchanged and still accessible by 3rd party tools.

EDIT: Scratch that, turns out they have in fact changed the data… :frowning:


I would like to get this out of the way @PangolinPaws, because everyone here is probably thinking it.

Your forum name is practically a Pokémon all by itself.