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Pokemon GO!


I traded a friend for that card back in grade 7. He got $5 and a bouncy ball with a Pikachu inside. He got fleeced.


In Ingress, we actually often went out in “swarms.” And sometimes we’d encounter another group, sometimes from our side, sometimes “the enemy.” We made friends on both sides. But true, mostly it was in pairs, any group coordination was virtual. A lot of people solo, me especially. My favorite solo was in a graveyard in the dark in the fall, where there was a thick pea-soup fog. It was so creepy and fun! It’s also really easy and painful to accidentally bang your shins on tombstones and placards, even with a flashlight, so no one should take that as a recommendation.

“PokeGo” (I don’t want to spell out the whole thing anymore) seems much more solo friendly, especially with the random element. I am learning more and more that the social element in PokeGo is strong, and has potential hooks for more interaction down the road. The atomic explosion of it’s popularity is alone proof enough for that. Sure, there’s bound to be some backlash at some point; with something this big, it’s inevitable. I guess I’m skeptically optimistic about it? Does that even make sense?


Totally. I’d argue the backlash is intermingled with the hype. It’s Pokemon, but it’s a pretty crap game with an even crappier launch. It still consistently crashes, it looks like butt, it eats up data and battery life like no other game and people aren’t sugar coating that, but they still love it.

Once they stabilize the server problem and have worldwide release I’ll be happy and looking forward to what they can improve.

Most of all I’m excited for the message this will send to Nintendo, who have been hesitant to do anything on the mobile market. With the boost to their stocks and the inevitable hojillion dollars they’re bound to make, I’m guessing they’ll put more effort into their next mobile projects.

Mobile Animal Crossing anyone?


Nintendo has been hesitant to do anything that isn’t on a platform they haven’t designed and manufactured themselves. I think they are still hanging on to the philosophy they acquired after the butthurt of the 80’s game crash (thanks, Atari!).

I think they’d rather make their own Ninten-phone before releasing things on a wider scale for the portable device market. I mean, they practically invented the portable gaming system concept! They’ve always been reluctant to release their IP on non-Nintendo platforms.

I kind of respect that decision. At least, it certainly sets them apart from the others. They’re even tighter about controlling their IP than Disney.

Actually… aw, hell, who am I kidding. I’d probably buy a Ninten-phone. Especially if it was designed like the original Game Boy.

[Edit] Oooh… a Ninten-tablet! Like the WiiU controller, only that’s the only bit you need or want!


Clearly you need to nickname your Pikachu something to do with irrigation or corn :wink:

Oh, it’s totally shonky. Narratively, the infrastructure of the game doesn’t gel with the traditional pokemon experience, where each individual creature becomes special to you as you train and give it personal skills and abilities. The pokemon in PG are pretty faceless, especially since you need to amass a ton of them to evolve something to its final form, and can’t affect what skills they know or even use them in the wild. That paired with the technical crashes and heavy-handed microtransactions doesn’t really spell fantastic game.

But! The physicality of accurately gauging a pokemon’s distance and deftly flicking a pokeball at it is so satisfying in a bite-sized, easily repeatable way. And the collectability of it, seeing all the empty spaces in the pokedex getting filled in (even though you already know what the empty spaces are). I’m much less interested in the gym battles, but as of right now the only way to earn pokecoins without paying real money is to be holding positions at gyms, so there’s that.

But yes, despite all the issues, the franchise and the conceit are charming enough that people are super-excited to see a sad red fish flopping around on the sidewalk, haha.

(Has anyone caught any magikarp yet? Apparently you need 400 karp candy to evolve a Gyrados. Daunting!)

Some quick googling shows PG at 7.5 million downloads in America two days ago, about 5 days after launch. Angry Birds and all its sequels sit at around 3 billion downloads worldwide, so there’s some catching up to do! We’ll have to check in after more international releases.


There’s no proper emoticon for how I feel about that pun. :stuck_out_tongue:


Played in the afternoon for the first time and it was awful.

I’ve been primarily playing in the evenings after my kids are in bed and it’s had some hiccups, but nothing like today.

I didn’t realize how bad the servers were when the majority of North America is playing. The game freezes up almost every time I get a Pokemon in a ball. When I manage to log back in the Pokemon has always dissappeared! Guess there’s not much point in playing during the day right now. :frowning:

Makes me think they should have held off on releasing in the USA and stuck to smaller markets like Canada… Ya know, like every other app that soft launches.


yeh, i have trouble getting in a lot of time time. especially when a lot of people are playing. but at night time when everyone is asleep, it’s much better. i guess i’ll have a lot of nocturnal monsters :heart:


Does anyone know if you keep the app running if Pokemon will “wander” into your radar? Or is that only if you are in some sort of Pokemon hot spot?

I have never seen a Pokemon at my house, but it seems like there are a couple repeat spots where Pokemon will show up.

Are the encounter points set and it’s just a matter of if there will be something there when you check? Or can Pokemon really be found anywhere? My guess is the former.

I know they can’t be found outside of towns, which is dissapointing. I spend 99% of my work time in the middle of nowhere and thought it would be cool to encounter Pokemon out there, but haven’t seen anything.


If you were successful in catching the Pokemon when the game freezes, it’ll still show up in your inventory :slight_smile: I had a bunch of freezes that still counted. But yeah, the servers are still sad.

I believe the spawn locations of Pokemon are calculated with an algorithm based on population density, but I’m not sure. Have you tried using an incense to see if anything shows up?


Redownloaded it today as it’s now officially available in the UK. Opened it up and caught a Hypno, a Clefairy, and a Parasect.

Then a Vulpix turned up and I’d run out of pokeballs :cry:

Gonna head out to a couple of pokestops once I’ve finished eating lunch.


Yeah, incense will work. I get maybe four or five pokemons show up in the half hour. I probably won’t buy any.


If you redownload it can you use your same account? Does anything get wiped? Sounds like you were able to continue and catch some higher level Pokemon?!


Yep, everything picked up from where I’d left off.


Had to make a trip into the “city” (Lethbridge) to pick up my bike that was in for repairs.

There’s a fair sized lake/park in the middle of the city and I decided to cycle around it, hoping to find some water Pokemon. Nope. Mostly the same stuff that’s in my small town. More Zubats, Meowths, and Digletts though.

Seems I need to go to the Pacific if I want water Pokemon.

On the bright side I saw a ton of people of all ages playing and someone set double lures near two adjacent pokestops and I gained a level!


Hatched a Magikarp out of a 2 k.m. egg today. 400 CANDIES TO EVOLVE?!

I actually started laughing in the street.

I haven’t seen any in the wild so Gyrados may be impossible for me for now.


Gyrados are seemingly impossible where I am too! (I’ve caught 1 magikarp… 100 more to go…).

Although a friend of a friend found [!] and caught [!!!] a wild gyrados. No idea where.


I thought it sounded like a complete Ingress rip off until I learnt it was another Niantic game (and uses the portal db). How is it different from Ingress, apart from the obvious theme change?


Yeah, in seems like a lot of the evolved Pokemon can be found in the wild.

I’ve yet to find a Gastly, or even have one show up on my radar, but I caught a Haunter today!

Hopefully I’ll find a Charmeleon and Charizard wandering around too since I have yet to see another Charmander besides my starter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, my goodness. It is a VERY different game, even though it uses all the Ingress assets.

It’s much more solo-friendly.
Things can happen anywhere.
It’s not even close to being about the area-control game that’s at the heart of Ingress.
There isn’t the tug-of-war feel you get in the war between the Green and the Blue.
The item economics of finding PokeStops is way different than hacking Portals (there are no “enemy PokeStops” that attack you, for instance). Sure, they’re in the same familiar places as Portals, with the same user generated flavor-text, but the dynamics are very, very different.

Niantic may be the one developer that has this whole augmented reality game genre buttoned up tightly and neatly. PokeGo, as it exists now, would have not been possible without the success of Ingress and all the user-generated assets. So, there are a lot of similarities to be sure, but they are both very, very different games.