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Pokemon GO!


I will probably try it out, but my enthusiasm for the Potter fandom may have crested.


Necroposting! Friends and trading are in Pokémon Go now. If anyone is still playing you can add me and I’ll send you presents and be BFF’s!!!


I’ve just gotten back into the swing over the last couple of weeks; I’ll add you! Anyone else is free to add me too.


I’ve just redownloaded Go, and am desperate for friendsies!!


Good lord, I need to get a phone again. It’s been nearly 2 years, which has been a nice break, but I really miss augmented reality games.


Stop the clock! After two years of Pokémon Go-ing, I have finally finished my Kanto Pokédex this afternoon after beating an Ex Raid and capturing Mewtwo! I am so happy I got it! It took forever to get a raid pass and if it got away I would have been bummed!


Also the Ex-Raid system is dumb!



(Also thanks for all the lovely gifts lately)


Likewise! If you ever need a trade let me know! I spoof around (for a variety of reasons) so I can grab regionals if people need any!


@DKat and I have gotten back into the game somewhat, partially because of the promise of connectivity with Go Pikachu and Go Evee on the switch. It’s been fun getting back into it, though it’s a bit confusing at times.