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Pokemon GO!


Also also – I think you should name your party raichu Soiréechu. Or Soiraichu? Something fancy :wink:


jealous of all the chus in party hats :slight_smile:


I just got one today! :tada:


I think I’m going to uninstall the app now. It’s a battery hog and doesn’t play well with other apps. I’ve been using Blossom’s PG Manager to manage my pokemon, but Niantic changed the login again, so now I can’t use it unless I buy something called an api hash, which sounds shady since it’s used by spoofers.

It was fun while it lasted, and I hope others continue to enjoy the app.


So, totally only semi-related:

A few weeks ago, my 6 year old shows up on daddy day carrying a huge binder filled with Pokemon cards. It is a nice binder, made to look like a Pokeball. It has a fabric elastic strap that keeps it closed. This is an obvious hand-me-down from one of the people who works with his mom at his school.

I learned how to play the card game. I read him all the text on the cards (he’s OK with reading, his confidence just isn’t there yet). He’s got some good ones, too! A couple of fairly rare foils (yes, I looked them up).

Today, I went with my mom to Target, for a “completely unrelated reason.” The main, real, reason I insisted on joining her: I bought $80 worth of Pokemon cards, sleeves, and some album sleeves.

I just thought, “OK, fine. If he’s into it, I should be there, too.”

I am currently sorting and sleeving, or sticking them in the album sleeves, by type. I have never sleeved cards in my life, and I was into MtG the year it came out! I’ve worked in the toy industry off and on since the 90’s, and I’ve never owned anything Pokemon, except for GO! and Stadium (but even that was more my older son’s).

What. Just, what.

I suppose if my teenager can get me into MLP: FiM, I can get behind my little guy’s Pokemon thing. Even if it cost me eighty bucks, that’s not a big deal in the scale of tabletop games.

Edit: my older kid helped me to sort and sleeve these cards. Extra bonus bonding time!


I used to collect Pokemon cards. I was in grade 6 when the cards first hit fad status so it got its hooks into me deep as the target demographic.

5, or 6 yeas ago I started to collect again. I ended up with over 1000 cards. No duplicates. I had a 4 inch binder that became over a foot wide when closed.

Sadly, disposable income is limited. I got into board games and couldn’t justifying spending money on cards. Especially when I was a collector, not even playing the game.

I found a dad on BGG whose son loved Pokemon and wanted to get into collecting cards and in blew his little mind. Got a few board games out of it. Certainly nothing close to the investment I put into them, but eh.

My son is 4 and plays Pokemon around the house. Usually he’s pretending to be Charmander, instead of training him. Maybe in a year or so I’ll see if he wants to catch em all…


Only tangentially related:

Creatures Inc just released a new ludicrous, adorable mobile game about a land of competitive Magikarp jumping, and it’s the best thing. No need for GPS or friend codes, just all karp, all the time.

There’s actually no real gameplay to speak of, but it’s an adorable way to while away a rainy afternoon.


I shouldn’t like it, but I do. Not much of a game, but it’s just too cute to dismiss.

I’m on to my fifth generation of Magikarp. All of whom have been named “Magikarp” and always will be.


Oh I agree it’s ridiculous, but too darned cute.

I’ve been alternating between names like “Flotilla” and “Armada” and “Pickles” and “Capt. Crunch” :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the proverbial “passing of the torch”


Ridiculous, cute and an emotional roller coaster:


I am currently waiting eagerly for the ultra version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. A true Pokemon Lover!!:wink:


Oh man, I’ve had one magikarp snatched up by a pidgeotto and another blown up by a voltorb within the first few hours. And this is a game for kids?


Soliciting ideas for magikarp names, as my creativity has run dry. Here are some of mine:
Mario Karp
One, Two, Red, Blue
Playing Koi / About A Koi


Vigo the Karpathian

John Karpenter

Lynda Karper


Nice! In the same vein, I thought about naming one of mine Jimmy Karp. Maybe one of the ones that has a coin bonus.


My wife thought up Karpe Diem.

Also Karp Magikarp, which must be sung to the tune of Dance Magic Dance from Labyrith. Even better if you two-step while singing it.

Toro (Japanese for non-fatty tuna, thus cheapest). If the Magikarp is really good, then you could call it Chutoro (medium fattiness) or Otoro (fattiest and thus most expensive).


I got my first legendary Pokemon this weekend!


For Magikarp jump, I just used to randomly swipe on my phone’s keyboard and pick the most ridiculous suggestion. Adverbs work surprisingly well, since it results in things like “Actually, jump!” and “Contemptuously, nooooo!”


What does everyone think about the Harry Potter thing Niantic is cooking up?

I’m no going to lie to myself, and I know each and every one of us will download and install it, even if it’s just to see what Unite is all about.


Actually, I probably won’t. I’m still playing Pokemon GO, which has definitely improved over time with the additions of raids, the changes to the gyms, etc. I also have a couple of other games which I check in with daily. Ican only handle so much gaming on my phone!