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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


who heard the board game related section on this month’s answer me this?
it left me a tiny bit uncomfortable in various unplaceable ways


As I’m a big fan of podcasts, thought I’d rejoin this thread and add some new ones, or maybe update about old ones.

Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Years - Stephen takes us through some of the most significant scientific breakthroughs that define our modern era. Just listened to the first two episodes and loved them. I like that Fry is not an expert but he IS an enthusiast so you do glean some of the excitement of these discoveries from his tone and attitude. Also, he has a great voice for listening to.

The Adventure Zone - I know some of you listen to this. I didn’t enjoy some of the shorter campaigns that they’ve done since leaving D&D - the super hero one that Clint GMed really didn’t gel but I’ve returned to the new major campaign and am enjoying it again. Maybe it is just that Griffin is a better GM!

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy I love these kind of podcasts - mini interesting lectures about things we probably all ought to know more about.

there are many others but I’ll come back to this!


The one that’s taking up the bulk of my time these days is Revolutions, because that French revolution is a lengthy and horrible ordeal. Fascinating stuff, though. I started on that one specifically but I’ll definitely have to go back and get the others.

Other than that, my favorites are the Campaign Podcast, Neoscum, and Dragon Friends. Funny actual-play stuff is a good antidote for a lengthy commute.

There are others in the list, of course, like SUSD, which is always good.


Is Revolutions the one by the guy who did the History of Rome?


Yup! That might make it onto my list at some point as well.


Its good. I’m about 2/3 of the way through it. Took a bit of a break to listen to some other stuff but now back on it.


Another one I’m enjoying at the moment is NPR’s ‘How I Built This’ - all about various entrepreneurs and how they built the companies they did.


I forgot about this thread! Thanks for bringing it back up @Griffster77!

I burned through all of “This Paranormal Life” and am now in the sad stage of being up to date on something I love. Waiting weekly for episodes is a depression I didn’t know existed until streaming seasons of stuff was a thing. Anyways, it’s basically comedic examinations on paranormal cases and it’s great.

“Bubble” started recently and it is entertaining. High quality story telling and lots of talent behind it!

“Never Seen It” has comedians writing scripts for movies they’ve never seen and reading them. It’s one of those amazing ideas for a podcast that makes you envious you didn’t come up with it. Big fan of the games they play on the podcast too!

And “Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids” is exactly what it sounds like and I find it hilarious and nostalgic.


I saw a live Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids and it was pretty fun. It’s a podcast I can dip my toes into when I’m in the mood.


I listen to a ton, but I want to draw everyone’s attention to:

The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast. It’s hysterical in ways that I can’t even begin to describe.

It’s a podcast about… the beef and dairy industry. But it’s fictional. And beef is really really important to people in this world. And lamb is a drug. Also there’s some cosmic horror?

It’s just a really clever show made all the more wonderful by the deadpan British delivery.

Brainwaves - Boardgame and Tabletop News Show

Might I recommend What’s Ray Saying?
I suspect being a white guy from Barrow that I am not the target audience, but it is a wonderful mix of the history of black America, and personal observation. Fascinating, and it’s teaching me a lot.


I mostly listen to podcasts when I’m cooking, with my favourite being the SU&SD podcast but when I have finished up the supply of them, I like to migrate over to the Ludology podcast. The Ludology podcast really gives you an incite into game design and it helps you see the hard work that goes on for board games (even simple ones) to be made.


Threedom is my new favourite podcast. It’s just Paul F Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus and Scott Aukerman hanging out. Easily the most naturally funny podcast I’ve heard.

Been listening to a lot of The Rewatchables recently. No idea why. I just like it. Bill Simmons seems such a fun guy!

Earhustle has really turned a corner since Earlonne Woods was freed from jail. It’s become a great feel good podcast with an air of apprehension.

And finally got round to Slow Burn. Taught me a lot about the Watergate and Clinton scandals (being someone too young for either - well I remember Clinton, but didn’t really know the context of it all).


This was mentioned three times in the Last Game You Bought? topic, and much like Beetlejuice, it has been summoned!

So Very Wrong About Games

Last game you bought?

I really enjoy these guys’ encyclopedic knowledge of games and their no-frills, not-much-digression style. I don’t know that I’d actually want to hang out with them in person, unlike the SUSD crew, as the rapid-fire declarations might get a little wearing. The guy who does most of the talking, whose name I am completely blanking on, DOES make enough self-deprecating jokes that it allows me to hope he wouldn’t necessarily be an insufferable, self-appointed “Smartest Guy in the Room.” but you never know.

I also think it’s funny that the format of the show is “What We’ve Played Lately–>News–>Review of One Game–>Lengthy Complaint Session About One Particular Aspect of Gaming.” I mean, are they going to run out of stuff to complain about? I worry! But I probably shouldn’t, as no one has ever run out of things to complain about in the entire history of things.


RE: So Very Wrong About Games

I believe the one you refer to as “The guy who does most of the talking” is Mark Bigney. His co-host is Michael “Mike” Walker.

I particularly enjoy their perspective on games as they have both, by all indications, been involved in the niche/hobby boardgame culture/hobby (what this thing is that we are talking about… Formerly known as “All of the things that Asmodee will eventually own” - this category is no longer as impending) for a considerable amount of time. This is particularly refreshing as, it seems to me, a new release must necessarily contend with establish classics for the opportunity to be discussed on their show.

And while I don’t necessarily believe that new games need to be better than establish classics from either a gameplay or a components/aesthetics perspective, it’s certainly nice to get a glimpse through the eyes of a gamer of established, nuanced and documented tastes at new games.

If I had one criticism of their criticism-style, it would be that they give the “Dudes of a Map”-style of games way more leniency than I would. They are far more likely to speak positively of a mediocre DoaM game than they are a mediocre, dry, themeless euro (despite both of them, particularly Mark, expressing on several occasions that they see themselves as Euro-style gamers).


I didn’t know one of the hosts is Mark Bigney, thanks for pointing that out. I found his 'All the games you like are bad" (considering the name of the podcast I should’ve known it must be him involved) reviews interesting, if sometimes marred by his arrogance (even though he’s admirably self-aware about it).
So I’ll now definitely give his new endeavor a listen.


lately, I’ve been listening to The Prancing Pony podcast. Deep dive in the works of Tolkien. They started with the Silmarillion, and are now doing the hobbit, chapter by chapter.

At least, where I am. I just discovered them a couple of months ago, and am only ~50 episodes in. I think currently they’re a couple of chapters into Fellowship.


I never got on with So Very Wrong About Games. They get so swamped in farcical sarcasm back & forth it really grates on me. Occasionally listen to the review section if they cover an interesting game, but I always regret it afterwards.

(And this review of SVWAG reads like a SVWAG review haha)


Almost, lacking only some wry humor, a couple of self-deprecating jokes and an angry rant!