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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


Nice. I put It’s on the USB for the car. Now if I could just borrow the car…


New, fully updated list of podcasts I like! A couple of these have NSFW language and subjects below so i’m gonna spoiler the list. the NSFW ones are at the bottom:

[spoiler]most safe for work at the top

Woodland Secrets - podcaster, writer, game designer, and poet merritt k has wide-ranging conversations with a variety of guests, from video game designers, journalists, comedians, artists, writers, etc. Basically merritt made a podcast wherein she talks to her friends, but her friends are really funny interesting people, and it rules.

dadfeelings - another merritt k podcast, here she talks about dads from all kinds of fiction, considers what these dads say about dadhood, dadhood as a role and an idea in fiction and society, and tosses off a lot of dad jokes. The episodes about Darth Vader, Piccolo (from DBZ), Captain Hook (in the movie Hook), and Alan Grant (from Jurassic Park) are all wonderful

We Should Be Friends - four funny, curious, creative people talk about small press comics and indie video games, focusing on the work of a single artist (in most episodes). They’ve led me to some really amazing comics and games. Highly recommend if you’re looking for unique things to read or play.

You Must Remember This - Film critic Karina Longworth gets into golden age hollywood history and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Stop Podcasting Yourself - Comedians Graham Clark and Dave Shumka have conversations with other comedians and everyone laughs! It’s hilarious and often incredibly interesting

Our Debut Album - Every month, Graham Clark and Dave Shumka have 1 hour to write a hit song. After 12 months, they will have an album.

The Adventure Zone - feel like everyone knows about this one by now. i’m almost caught up

Cool Games Inc - Griffin McElroy (from TAZ) and Nick Robinson (of Polygon) take one line video game ideas and try to design a game around it.

Imogen Watches Classic Films - Author Imogen Binnie watches a movie (not necessarily a classic) and then records her thoughts on the movie while driving her car around. It’s so funny and her stream of consciousness is really interesting and she has never once gotten into a car accident

Observations with Sovereign Syre - author and adult film performer Sovereign Syre discusses serious subjects, such as childhood or the economic crash of 2008, with very funny comedians.

One From The Vaults - Historian and writer Morgan M Page discusses trans history, from activism to stardom, going deep into topics that are often ignored. If you only listen to one episode, listen to the episode about Georgina Beyer, the indiginous trans woman of color and former sex worker who got elected to the NZ parliament and was instrumental in the passage of the Prostitution Reform Act of 2003, the law which decriminalized full service sex work in New Zealand

The Whorecast - Siouxsie Q talks with sex workers of all stripes about what’s going on in the world of sex work, from laws and politics, to activism, to award shows, to individual interviews. It’s a great and much-needed look into a massively maligned and stigmatized industry from the people who actually work in that industry

Why Are People Into That - Tina Horn discusses kink with guests, trying to discover what is appealing about various sexual kinks or acts.

Fist You - two friends have a few drinks and review sex toys! i’ve made a guest appearance on this podcast![/spoiler]

i’m really happy with my current lineup at the moment.


Yeah, ‘You Must Remember This’ is one of my favorites.

I’m going to have to give dadfeelingz, We Should be Friends and Imogen Watches Classic Films a try.



Been doing a lot of drawing recently while listening to the Dragon Friends podcast. It’s basically just a bunch of Australian comedians playing DnD and it’s great. It’s one of those things that’s nonsense, but somehow you find yourself getting weirdly invested in the story.

It is totally my jams. Next time they come to Melbourne I’ll try and grab one of their live shows. Check it out!


I mentioned Dragon Friends in my own list, but I didn’t mention that I went to uni with the DM, “Dungeon Dave” (as well as a couple of other people on the podcast, but Dave’s the only one I’ve ever really met).


First off, I send many thanks to @Marx09 for recommending No Such Thing As a Fish to me last year. It’s one of my must listens now.

Secondly (and this is not so much of a recommendation as a cautionary tale), if you have ever felt the need to insert Grant Howitt into your ear, then listen to Hearty Dice Friends. Imagine The MIghty Boosh satirising Answer Me This, but with lower audio quality. I really like it. The co-host, Chris Taylor, is just as ridiculous.


Hello to Jason Isaacs! Nice to see the church of Wittertainment represent.


Hmm, looks like I’ve got some that haven’t been mentioned yet:

The SnakesCast - board game info and reviews from the folks behind the Snakes and Lattes chain in Toronto
Blue Peg, Pink Peg - board game reviews, with occasional nonsense
Dog and Thimble - nonsense, with occasional board game reviews

How to Succeed in Evil - on hiatus now, but great stories about an Evil Consultant and his inept clients
The Seanachai - same podcaster as the above, short stories and interesting musings. I could listen to him talk all day.

Qwerpline - a mock morning radio show, a spin-off of the Loading Ready Run team. Hilarious!

Unattended Consequences - podcast with Patrick Rothfuss (author) and Max Temkin (co-creator of Cards Against Humanity). Funny, philosophical, and interesting.

Aquisitions Incorporated - there are two podcasts now for the D&D stories from the Penny Arcade folks. The main series with the main cast (Jim Darkmagic et al), and the new “C” Team. Both are fun! The “C” team took a few episodes to get their feet under them, so you might want to start a couple of episodes in (I recommend after their intro mission).

The following podcasts are all presented by a single group. All podcasts have a story each week and are quite well done.
Podcastle - fantasy fiction of all kinds
EscapePod - science fiction of all kinds
PseudoPod - horror fiction of all kinds


Bumping purely because I want more recommendations for history podcasts. I’ve eaten most of the free stuff from Hardcore History, which hit me hooked, but I can’t really afford the ‘big box of everything’ download, but also can’t decide which bits to purchase, especially if I might end up stumping up for the compilation further down the line.

But I’ve got a doggo now, full of long walks. And GMT have got me fascinated by history, so I want to fill my walking ears with that.

Recommend me historicasts, :pear: ple


I’ve been working through The Dollop, and enjoying it. It mostly covers more obscure details in American history. The hosts are two comedians and it can be a bit light if you’re looking for something more like Hardcore History, though.


The History of Rome is a good starting point. Then there is Revolutions by the same guy and also the History of England/Byzantium which can be considered spinoffs of the first but by different authors.

I got a bunch more if that kind of history isn’t your cup of tea, but I find those 4 good starting points with a large list of links to related casts.


I only got about a dozen episodes in, but The History Of English Podcast has healthy doses of history and linguistics, as understanding how English developed requires understanding the historical context that it developed in. It’s an interesting view of history through a very particular lens.


I recommended this before but - while this is a fairly niche topic - Morgan M Page’s One From the Vaults about trans history explores a very often overlooked part of history. She’s engaging and entertaining and she digs really deep into the subjects.

Also the Hollywood history podcast You Must Remember This is essential


I need to find some engaging UK political podcasts. I’ve started listening to the New Statesman one which aint bad, but I feel like there must be better out there. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I’ll throw in a quick word for Blastropodcast the main podcast is a very silly science show that may not be to everyone’s tastes (for me it depends on the guest), but its worth it just for the joy that is the ‘Muffed Movies’ episodes - improvised movie parodies done from memory, and some of the funniest nonsense I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

But mostly I’m here to back up @suz in recommending Hearty Dice Friends. BFFs and co-game designers Chris Taylor and Grant Howitt (of Sean Bean Quest fame) try to answer your RPG questions, and generally get sidetracked by discussing which fantasy creatures they’d prefer to have sex with. Very, very funny, and with some genuinely great gaming advice hidden between all the tangents. And if you’re willing to kick them a little cash, their Patreon Discord is a small but delightful place to hang out.


I just listened to S-Town from the wonderful staff behind This American Life and Serial, two of my favs. It was completely not what I expected in the best possible sense and I can’t recommend it enough. I listened to all 7 episodes in two days.
Here’s the blurb from the website “JOHN DESPISES HIS ALABAMA TOWN AND DECIDES TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. HE ASKS a reporter to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. But then someone else ends up dead, sparking a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life.”

I’ve also been listening to more Answer Me This, a feel good easy going classic that I always come back to over time. The premise is that people message in with questions and the gang (british) find answers. Funny stuff.


I’ve enjoyed the handful of Page 94 episodes that I’ve listened to. It reminds me a bit of the New York Times podcast The Daily, except sadly not as regular.

And there’s The Bugle, of course.


(i normally hate the american podcast style (not least because adverts make me cringe) but) i don’t believe noone seems to have mentioned how much of a joy buffering the vampire slayer is — a musician and her wife discuss every episode and finish with a song about it.


I’ve picked up couple new podcasts recently and they don’t seem to be on here, so I thought I’d spread some love:
Twenty Thousand Hertz – A nifty podcast about sounds in media and daily life we tend not to think about, and how they’re made for public consumption. Topics range from things in movies, like the Wilhelm Scream, voice acting, and foley effects; to more sciencey things like forensic audio, noise pollution under the ocean, and why modern cars will often record the sounds of their engines to pipe back in to you over your speakers.
The Poundstone Institute – Basically it’s Paula Poundstone doing her own version of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me except with more science and psychology and fewer public quizzes, which is a win in my book :smile:
The Weekly Weinersmith – Science/cartoonist duo Kelly and Zach Weinersmith (of SMBC fame) do a weekly podcast about science with scientists!
And if you’re one of the other (apparently three) people that were disappointed when The Nightly Show got cancelled, Larry Wilmore has a new podcast called Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air. Not everyone’s cup of tea, of course, but his interviews with Malcom Gladwell and Neil DeGrasse Tyson in particular are fantastic.


Did a quick search and it seems nobody else is listening to Ear Hustle?! It’s a podcast produced in the media lab at San Quentin State Prison by inmates, talking about life in prison. It’s still pretty new - only five episodes so far - but it’s great. It’s also incredibly sobering to listen to these guys who’ve been incarcerated for most of their (and in some cases all of my) life talk about the simplest little joys they have while I’m feeling annoyed by slow traffic lights on my walk to work.


Some I often listen too:

  • Podcastle/Shut up & sit down podcast (obviously) - Really love it, however less so ever since Paul moved to Canada. I dunno, it feels more “forced” sometimes.
  • Electronic Wireless Show (the RPS podcast) - As someone typed on a itunes review: Came for the nice music, stayed for the chats about games
  • TED Radio Hour - often food for thought, which I like during the more dull working hours (hint; most). And I really like the voice of the host.
  • Dice for Brains - An actual play podcast in the Star Wars (edge of the empire) universe with a very talented GM and equally talented players.
  • Freakonomics radio - Not always has topics I’m interested in, but there is enough content to sieve through the archives and pick the cherries.
  • Daft Souls - Not having consoles, not every episode is of personal interest, but the enthusiasm makes up for that.
  • Idle Thumbs - Really like their anecdotes about games. I have the same “issues” as Daft Souls that I don’t own a console, so endless talks about Mario’s are less interesting, but still acceptable.

Some Dutch ones I listen to:

  • Het Ludieke gezelschap - About the only board game podcast from the Netherlands and a decent one at that! With an astounding 5 person host. Not everything is interesting (they tend to do overlong trip-reports of congresses interviewing interesting but more often not so interesting people)
  • Praktijkvader podcast - A podcast about dad-stuff. Each episode the host interviews a famous figurehead/speaker/author on different subjects of being a father or having interesting points of view in general.
  • Ongesigneerd - A podcast about the overlooked design of things like the shopping mall, the cemetery, offices, street names, car sounds etc.
  • Babylon - A three part short (horror) story which, while it didn’t freaked me out, it really managed to set a very nice (well, not nice) atmosphere/tone.

Some I did try for a while but didn’t continue listening to:

  • Crate and crowbar - Interesting podcast and really like Tom Francis talking about stuff, but the podcasts are simply too long. Yes that can be a thing, I didn’t knew either.
  • Ludology - Still listen occasionally, but I have a hard time following it/become bored by it quickly.
  • Never tell me the odds - Another Star Wars RPG podcast, but I really couldn’t stand the (grating) humor.
  • Radho talks through - His videos (just about) work for me but the sheer speed of him talking on the podcast makes me really tired really quick. I cannot keep up with him I guess.