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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


It’s amazing how many of the podcasts listed here are on my phone! A great list, for sure.

I’d add Still Buffering, a podcast that Dr. Sydnee McElroy (of previously mentioned Sawbones fame) records with her sisters, Teylor and Rileigh, about what it means to be a teenager… now, and back then.


I’ve been on a political kick for a while now so I heartily recommend The Weeds a podcast from vox.com about public policy and government. I don’t agree with all the editorial decisions of the site, but the main speakers that host the podcast are very well informed and they make for great listening for those interested in Washington.

As for a podcast with a completely different tone on the same subject matter is Chapo Trap House, wherein a group of socialists talk politics. It’s irreverent but incredibly funny to listen to.

For the history fans, pretty much anything put out by Mike Duncan has tended to be gold.


McElroys are taking over the Internet!


For a political podcast, I was really enjoying More Perfect from Radiolab, all about the history of the U.S. Supreme Court. Sadly, there haven’t been any new episodes since last summer. They’ve announced new episodes are coming in the spring, so… fingers crossed!


Having given up on finding a good station/playlist for running, I decided to listen to the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast instead. It’s easier to run when I’m continually distracted by interesting facts. NSTaaF is made by the same people who make the TV show QI.

Everyone’s heard of Radiolab. As someone who doesn’t get out of the city much, one of the most profound experiences I’ve had was driving through Death Valley while listening to Radiolab. There is nothing but road and desert around me, and my brain has nothing to do but sit in awe at all the weird and wonderful details that make up our world.


I’ve been enjoying the New York Times new 20-minute podcast The Daily, which updates every weekday morning.

I’m surprised nobody in this thread has mentioned they listen to Tom Scharpling’s The Best Show…it feels like there’d be a big overlap between SUSD fans and his show, especially in the States.


Film and pop culture critics Mallory Andrews and Tina Hassannia just started a podcast called Everything But Sports in which they talk about everything - EVERYTHING - except sports. They just posted the second episode in which they discuss crushes. Just in time for valentine’s day! They’re both really funny and fun to listen to and i recommend it. https://soundcloud.com/user-602615611


Going back to the OP here, @tengblad started this with My Brother, My Brother and Me. I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while, and a recent trip to IKEA with my mom was a great way to fill the drive time.
It’s an hour away, as I would drive, but 2 hours when she drives me.
It was a blast! The McElroys were essential to us not only NOT murdering each other, but actually enjoying each other’s company.

It was supplemented by Jonathan Coulton, Car Talk, and The Alton Browncast.

Yes, we live in a fairly urbane city, but not one urbane enough to not consider IKEA a semi-exotic attraction.


If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend checking out The Adventure Zone, which is the McElroy brothers (plus their dad) playing D&D.

I’ve been working my way through it (I’m just about to start the most recent arc) and it’s hilarious, obviously, but also a really well put together story. And it nicely walks the line between taking the game system seriously, but having fun with it.


D&D, plus the Bro’s dad… that kind of broke me into pieces for a minute.

Families doing PnP RPGs is the most idyllic situation I can think of.

I thirst for this. I may be unavailable for a while.


A guy I know recently recently started a biweekly local radio show about board games. It’s called Of Dice And Men and is posted online as a podcast a day or two after it airs (on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, and their website. So that became the second podcast I was subscribed to (after SUSD), and I’ve been enjoying it.

I used to subscribe to the History Of English Podcast, but after burning through the first 15 or so fascinating episodes, I needed a mental break, and never picked it back up.

I’ve just discovered that the CBC radio science show Quirks And Quarks is available as a podcast, and have subscribed and listened to a couple episodes. I don’t think I’ll regret it.


Today I decided to clean out my podcast subscription feed. I was subscribing to too many, and they were sort of taking over time I felt I could use better on other things, like reading or studying.

I ended up dropping all the McElroy shows I was listening to - after a few years, I’ve started to tire a little of their particular brand of comedy. I also dropped Waypoint Radio - I’ve got enough gaming podcasts already, and some of the voices on WP grate on me.

A few Gimlet shows had to go as well. Reply All, for example, is just a bit too hit and miss for me. It will occasionally have really good episodes, but often it just feels… pointless?

So now I’m basically down to the Cool Ghosts / SUSD family of podcasts, the Giant Bomb podcasts, and a smattering of history / journalism podcasts.


Thanks for the recommendation - I really enjoyed the solo gaming episode, and have downloaded the rest.


I recently fell into a Three Moves Ahead hole. A buddy sold me on the episode where they discuss the late-90’s rotoscoped adventure game The Last Express, and I was hooked. One of the most engrossing bits of video game criticism that I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to.


I’m a huge fan of Lovecraftian concepts in board/role-playing games, so I really enjoy listening to The Good Friends of Jackson Elias, a podcast about (to quote their intro) “Call of Cthulhu, horror films and horror gaming in general”. It’s funny, smart and interesting - the three people who run it are all published Cthulhu RPG writers, so they know what they’re talking about!


Started listening to Rabbits. It’s from the people that do The Black Tapes and Tanis and has the same format. I really dig the stories these guys tell, my only worry is that they won’t finish the story.

I have a soft spot for supernatural mystery type stories, but if it were a tv show it’d be cancelled halfway through season two and I’d never get any answers…


Let’s see, my favorite podcasts:

SU&SD, obviously. I mean, seriously.

The Dice Tower, not terribly surprising, I’m sure.

You Must Remember This, a history of Hollywood’s first 100 years. Host Karena Longwood does seasons that usually focus on a topic (such as MGM stories, tales of Hollywood during WWII, Charlie Manson’s Hollywood), are well researched and very illuminating about what actually happened, separating fact from fiction.

Jay and Miles X-plain the X-Men, a great dissection of some great comics by some folks who clearly love the material.

Futility Closet - A Podcast of Curiosities, where the husband/wife host discuss some weird or interesting story from history, like a professional time-carrier in Victorian London, Japanese Fire Balloon Attack on US Soil, amazing hoaxes, strange historical mysteries and more. Usually ends with a lateral thinking puzzle.

Movie Sign with the Mads - A movie review podcast starring the MST3K’s original ‘mads’, Frank Coniff and Trace Beaulieu (and also Carolina Hidalgo). Funny banter from two guys who still love movies, despite MST3K (or perhaps because of it). They do new movies and sometimes stuff from Netflix (but all big movies).

Music In Widescreen - Prog Rock Podcast - Another Husband/Wife team, covering the Prog Rock scene. Basically their live radio show, runs about three hours (so, you know, about four prog songs LOL).

KaijuCast - The Godzilla and Kaiju podcast. Nuff said.

This is only a Test - the official podcast of tested.com, mostly about tech items of the week.

There are others, but these are the ones on regular rotation for me.


I live in the same town as the Futility Closet team, and in addition to funding their Patreon I once wrote to them and invited them to a dinner party / game night (duh) that I was hosting. They must have thought I was a stalker, a serial killer, or a swinger because they never replied.


you must remember this is EXCELLENT


Self-promotion alert.

So yeah: A few days ago, some friends and I launched a new podcast. It’s called It’s Just A Show and it’s in conversation with MST3K.

And then Trace Beaulieu (see @WizarDru’s comment above for context) listened to the show and said some very nice things about it on Twitter.

And that day will forever be known as The Greatest Day In The History Of Everything.

Anyway check it out if that’s a thing that appeals to you. And check out Movie Sign with the Mads, if you haven’t already.