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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


My wife and I took advantage of some long drives during the holiday to binge the first season of My Dad Wrote a Porno, and I’m amazed we didn’t crash as a result of laughing at some of it.


A few of my favs:
Talkhouse Music/Film - It has Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes chatting with Matt Berninger of The National - possibly one of my favourite interviews ever. How they parse through each others lyrics is fascinating. The film version had Max Landis chatting with Joe Dante (about how Landis’ idea for a Gremlins sequel!) and Terry Gilliam chatting with Rian Johnson. So so so great.

Silver Screen Snobs - Best film podcast out there. Two Aussie guys who know a lot about cinema but aren’t pretentious at all. They feel very similar to SUSD in ethos and presenting style now that I think about it. Sharp and professional but in a casual fun way.

Crime Town - My favourite of the true story Serial-A-Likes. Mobsters are strange fellows, and the corrupt government is so Hollywood.

Revisionist History - Malcolm Gladwell doing behavioural economics way better than Freakanomics (who have sadly gone a bit downhill over the last few years). The episode about basketball players refusing to use a shot that was proved to be crazily accurate just because it looks silly (and the one guy who used it anyway) is really interesting.

Beautiful Anonymous - Christopher Gethard (comedian) has a phone number. First person to get through gets to chat about whatever they want.

Adam Buxton Podcast - Surprisingly good interviewer regardless of his comedy.

Book Shambles (soon to be renamed Cosmic Shambles) - Robin Ince and Josie Long chatting about books with different comedy/science guests. Kurt Vonnegut pops up a lot.

Griefcast - Cariad Lloyd speaking to other comedians about grief. Insightful without trying to be groaning profound (a tightrope that a lot of similar podcasts, like Death Sex & Money fall off). As someone who hasn’t really experienced such extreme emotions, and works closely with death (not sure of the cause and effect of those two facts…), I find the subject something I want to understand more.

The Life Scientific - As a scientist I love to hear how other scientist’s lives turned out. It really dispels the magic around Nobel prize winners and shows the incremental nature of what appears to be sudden breakthroughs to the outsider.

Do the Right Thing - A great UK comedy panel show that I think has now stopped to make way for a TV version.

Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown - Another UK great comedy panel show.

Ctrl Walt Delete - There’s something nice about listening to two old time tech journalists critically discuss tech design, business and trends. Especially like how they retrospectively assess how tech was reviewed.

Last Podcast on the Left - Comedy podcast about serial killers, cults, the paranormal and occult in a loud-mouthed American frat boy kind of way. It has everything I hate and find offensive, but for some reason it works. Definitely not for everyone. The Aum Shinrikyo cult episodes are a good starting point.

Is It the Future Yet? - Okay, it hasn’t had an episode for 5 years, and hasn’t been regular for 6 years, but it was the best gaming podcast and I miss it. Jem is a comedy genius in his own soporific slightly dazed way. And I love what they’ve done with www.isitthefutureyet.com .


I’m with you on Last Podcast, I shouldn’t like it, but I do. I’m just starting the Charles Manson episodes. Ben Kissel trying to read creepypasta is joyous.


I generally skip the creepy pasta episodes, I enjoy their longer stories more for the running jokes, but Kissel is always great. His acting at the moment is brilliant.

…and youtubing Ben, he looks nothing like I imagined!


so am i the only one listening to The Adventure Zone? Here’s the official description:

“Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of … you know, kobolds or whatever in … The Adventure Zone.”

It’s… it’s just great.


New series of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme has started on Radio 4! There are 3 episodes on the BBC iPlayer of what remains the best sketch-comedy show currently running. Treat your ears while you can!


I’m currently getting up to date with Super Dragon Friends I may give this a go after.

I also listen to D&D is for Nerds which is excellent. First series was maybe just ok as people found their feet but season 2 onwards is excellent. The latest episode did come with a disclaimer and possibly rightly so.


Other than SUSD, I listen to the Tuesday Knight Games Podcast (The guys who made 2 Rooms and a Boom) and the Bored with Life play D&D stuff.

On TKD they mainly talk about games they’ve been playing but they also often talk about their experiences in designing and publishing games. Paul and Quinns have also appeared on episodes too. Matt may have done also but I can’t remember for sure.

The Bored with Life play D&D does exactly what it says on the tin, the BwL crew play D&D… I started listening to this because they played through the 5th edition starter pack which I was about to GM, however they then go on to play their own custom campaigns which is quite entertaining.


No I listen to that too - Magnus rushes in!!


Mike and Tom Eat Snacks has come up here before (somewhere). I like it. It’s dumb, but not too dumb. And also sometimes snacks. So :+1:

@macnme Oh holy heck, you brought My Dad Wrote a Porno here. You’re banned (you’re not really banned).
It’s such an awkward podcast…it’s uncomfortably delightful.



Well, actually, not anymore! It’s just us two.

Thanks for turning me on to that!


I’m going to add here that I’m really, really happy with the new Bugle. The rotating co-hosts are terrific, and I’m very happy with the new perspectives that have been added.

In addition to the ones that everyone mentioned—99 Percent Invisible, The Allusionist, Sawbones, In Our Time—I’m also a fan of History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps (which started with the Ancient Greeks and has slowly worked its way to the middle ages, although it just started a spin-off podcast about the history of philosophy in India…).

But I’m also pretty fond of Hello Internet, which I guess no one has mentioned. And I’m fond of it but I’m not sure I’d really recommend it? I mean, it’s just a “two dudes talking” podcast, and it’s not really “about” anything except carrying on the conversation that they had last time. But I can really get into that format, and the sort of intimacy that develops through it (even though it’s still an intimacy that’s very aware that it’s performed for other people).

I would be very happy if Paul and Quinns and Matt had a podcast where they just talked about whatever, they just talked about whatever they talked about last episode and what they were thinking about it now. I mean I like the board games podcast and don’t want them to stop that, but if they had a podcast where they just talked about whatever for an hour and were nice and lovely to each other… I would be down with that, downer than a downy duckling tumbling down:

This would be me.


YOU listen to it. That’s enough to get me interested.


Me too!!


I am really enjoying Isy Sutie’s: The Things We Do For Love.

It has started releasing episodes periodically now (There was only 1 episode for about 6 months).

Pretty self explanatory really the comedian Isy Sutie (You may know here as the actress who played Dobby in Peep Show) has a guest on (Typically another comedian) to discuss the things they’ve done for love and love at different stages/ages of their lives.

Really funny and entertaining my partner and I listen to it together quite a lot.


I went to school with Isy Suttie.


Is this your way of confessing your name may crop up in the podcast?


I would very much doubt it.


Been a listener to This American Life for quite some time now and it’s brilliant. Each episode covers something different and the journalism and delivery of the subject matter is pretty much unparalleled in the podcast world.

There’s few podcasts I’ve listened to that I can say have episodes that have made me laugh, be furious or cry. Seriously spectacular stuff.


This American Life can be very hit or miss for me, but it has some really incredibly high highs. This week’s episode is a good one.