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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


Yeah Black Tapes is the sister to Tanis.

Speaking of, I’ve been binging on serialised fiction a ton over the past few months - besides Black Tapes/Tanis:


  • Beef & Dairy Network - The number one podcast for those involved or just interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds.
  • Wooden Overcoats - Radio 4-esque sitcom about competing funeral directors. Cheesy as hell but I love it.

Less comedy

  • Within the Wires and Alice Isn’t Dead - from the Welcome to Nightvale folks, I got a bit bored of the Nightvale style after a while and both of these sit in a similar place, but they feel like they have more of a narrative arc which has me intrigued
  • The Bright Sessions therapy sessions with kids that have superpowers.
  • ars PARADOXICA time travel sci fi about a modern day scientist that gets stuck in the 1940s
  • You Are Here “choose your own adventure sci fi audio drama” main character crashes on an unknown planet and you can vote on a course of action every few episodes basically. Early days, but it’s been entertaining so far.

And just to get disgustingly self-promoty for a second, Interactive Intimacy is a podcast about how videogames handle sex and relationships. It came about thanks to this very community and features @regresssion, @Lara-D and me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! Apparently my busy season is getting to me! Will fix!


The Ezra Klein Show As a political nut, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the topics that Ezra Klein delves with his guests every other week or so. It’s a fantastic podcast for those interested in politics, technology, and looking into the brains and day to day life of some clever-as-fuck individuals

The Weeds Another podcast by Vox, a panel of political wonks enter “the weeds” of public policy to discuss everything from gun control, the media, and the 2016 election.

Revolutions From the same guy who did History of Rome, Mike Duncan starts from the English Revolution and works his way through the most momentous, violent political uprisings in modern history. The French Revolution was nearly ~60 episodes long, and he’s currently working his way through the Spanish Revolution and Simon Bolivar’s involvement.


I’m not really one for True Crime stories, much more of a fantasy/comedy fan.

But everyone (especially if you’re from Dear Old Blighty) should listen to the Untold Podcast series… and then immediately head outside with your pitchfork in one hand and burning torch in the other.


I missed your Alice Isn’t Dead recommendation, but (thankfully) ended up downloading the first season and listening to it all!

Wow! That was a great ride!

I like Night Vale, but it does become a bit much sometimes. Best in small doses.

Alice is so much better! I think it’s probably the cohesive narrative that makes it so much stronger in my opinion. I want 3 more seasons now, please!

I listened to an episode of Within the Wires and may come back for it later. The Night Vale fingerprints are all over it and that’s both a pro and a con for me.


It’s definitely worth sticking with Within the Wires for a couple of episodes. It’s much more structured, human and less weird-for-weird’s-sake than it initially appears. Though the conceit never changes, so can see it being something that wouldn’t stand up well to binging :slight_smile:

My new shiny fiction podcast I’m burrowing through the backlog of is Wolf 359. At first I thought it was another Nightvale wannabe (oh god I’ve listened to the the first few episodes of so many Nightvale wannabes), set in space. But it has a small cast rather than just one dude, and quickly spins out into more of a sitcom with a lot more tonal variety, from purely silly, to genuine suspense.

Also Gimlet have started a new podcast! Heavyweight, a show about trying to deal with people’s unresolved issues from their past. I have mixed feelings about Jonathan Goldstein’s work in the past, but I’m hoping this will be a great replacement for Mystery Show whilst that’s not on.


I’ve been listening to Leigh Alexander and Olly Mann on the Guardian’s Chips with Everything podcast (the reincarnation of Tech Weekly). Smart, eloquent and insightful. Anyway this led me to Answer Me This via Olly Mann which in turn led me to The Allusionist via Helen Zaltzman, thanks to a comment from @Illessa way back on this thread (I love this thread).

And that’s how I got where I am today.


We have a podcast about building, playing and dissecting megagames. This episode looks at the history of megagames with Jim Wallman who wrote watch the skies.


My consort listens to (and loves) Answer Me This, which led us both to The Allusionist. I told her about Chips with Everything, but I don’t think she’s listened to it yet.

Answer Me This and No Such Thing As a Fish are my two personal favourites, though.


Up-thread (and several months ago), @Doofling mentioned the towering juggernaut that is 2 Dope Queens, but I also want to give a recommendation to Phoebe Robinson’s other podcast, Sooo Many White Guys, in which she interviews non-white and/or non-male* writers, media creators and comedians about their careers.

The episode with Hari Kondabolu - quickly becoming my favourite stand-up comedian and my most-anticipcated element of the impending Bugle relaunch - is my favourite so far, though the first episode introduced me to Lizzo, for which I am eternally grateful.

*The last episode of the first “season” featured a token white dude.


QWRPline. It’s a fictional community radio show from the uber-Canadian dorks from Loading Ready Run, a silly gag of every local AM station in a small town. It does get better the more you listen.

It’s “scriptovised.” They use a outline->then improvise->then script the lines that work. It’s also interspersed with the test recording sessions: when the crew cracks up against their will during the improv phase, they edit that in to the gag takes of the final podcast.

Aw, whatever, we’re not asking for A Prairie Home Companion for Canadian nerds. It’s not so much a podcast as a radio play, but pretty fun, nonetheless.

I recommend it, they’re funny without being assholes.


The Tim Ferris Show is my current favourite podcasts. Some absolutely riveting guests.


I have just discovered a podcast which I am enjoying called Once Upon a Die.

It is a podcast focusing on solo play games with each episode talking about a different game which is either solo or has a solo play option.

Odd numbered shows are games where there isn’t a great story driven element to the game but where the show really shines is on the even numbered episodes. These are games that are theme/story driven and he creates a narrative around a play through so it feels more like a story than a play through of a game.

The first episode is over 12 months ago but there are only 8 episodes so I think it is fairly new which is why have felt compelled to share here to drum up interest because the guy who does it (Not me I promise) seems really passionate about solo games and is a very good story teller.

Worth checking out.


And now, so have I, thanks for this!

Here’s a link for people too lazy to google it.

Edit: just saw that the latest one, Thunderbirds (a game I covet, if only because of the theme, and the game’s designer), had one of the voices played by Matt Leacock himself.


A few of these have been mentioned already, but I’ll include them for completeness. Also, I am terribly behind in several of these.

Can You Take This Photo Please? - Australian comedian Justin Hamilton sits down with friends (usually but not always fellow comedians) and talks about stuff.
The Dice Men Cometh - Podcastable version of a community radio show from Tasmania (the southernmost state of Australia) giving a bit of a local spin on board games.
Dragon Friends - A live DnD campaign whose hereoes are played by people who haven’t played DnD before and wind up radically stretching the definition of “heroes”.
Free To A Good Home - Two young Australian comedians plus rotating guest make fun of terrible classified ads from Gumtree, Craigslist, etc.
Get This - Kind of cheating with this one, it’s just the episodes of a radio show that aired in 2006-07 that I’m joining in a 10th anniversary re-listen of.
Ludology - Discusses concepts in board game design and similarly lofty topics in a quasi-academic fashion…
Shut Up and Sit Down - it’s a bit of an obscure one where these British guys talk about board games. You’ve probably never heard of it.
Til Death Do Us Blart - The hosts of The Worst Idea of All Time (see below) and My Brother, My Brother & Me come together every US Thanksgiving to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, with only death able to give them sweet release from this self-inflicted punishment. Second episode came out recently, so just 11 months to go until episode 3!
The Worst Idea Of All Time - Two New Zealand comedians watch the same movie every week for a year, starting with Grown Ups 2, followed by Sex and the City 2, and finishing this year with We Are Your Friends. A slow descent into madness.

There are a couple of other ones that are dormant, or that I haven’t really listened to in a long while, that I haven’t included, but looking at that list I now know why I’m so behind on several of them.


Leaving out those podcasts already mentioned, I listen to:

Blue Peg, Pink Peg - standard game reviews, as well as brief segments on the social aspects of gaming. The genuine warmth between the wife and husband who host the show makes this a pleasure to listen to, much like the chemistry between Paul, Matt and Quinns.
Snakescast - From the people who run a board game cafe (Snakes and Lattes) in Toronto. I’ve only recently started listening to this, but it’s already one of my favourites. 10-15 mins long, and covers philosophical ideas which impact on gaming, such as the player contract (what behaviour do we expect when we sit down at the gaming table), as well as normal reviews.
Space-Biff! Space-Cast! - There are only half a dozen episodes so far, but the games reviews are quirky, whimsical and fun.


Shameless self-promotion: Improvised Radio Theatre with Dice, in which two ageing role-playing gamers talk about the hobby.


1 like just for the title.


I generally listen to a ton of podcasts but the two I can easily recommend to anyone are:

Screen Junkies Movie Fights - debates between three people on various movie-related questions. It’s made by the people behind Youtube’s Honest Trailers

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks - Michael Ian Black (actor/comedian in Wet Hot American Summer) and Tom Cavanagh (actor in The Flash) eat, discuss, and rate snacks. Generally they mostly go on long comedic tangents and rarely is the snack actually a huge part of the episode.


Have just discovered the joys (& horrors) of My Dad Wrote A Porno - A guy and two friends sit around a kitchen table and dissect the car crash of a Porno that his dad wrote.

Not for the feint of heart or easily squeamish… but sickeningly hilarious all the same.