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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


Thanks for that link @suz ! Really hooked on that Dice for Brains podcast now, and binged all the way through the season 2 finale at the moment. Such a treat to listen to such an enthusiastic group of players.


Oh I’m so glad you like it too! Yes, I also totally binged and my kids have been listening to an episode a night instead of a bedtime story. Not only is the storytelling excellent, but they go out of their way to be family friendly and welcoming to people new to roleplaying. And there is an awesome woman on the show who is allowed to shine. All of these things make me smile.


I have to drive my step son to his dad’s Friday night.

I’ve downloaded a couple of episodes to be our journey soundtrack.


SUSD, obviously!

Re-listening to The History of Rome by Mike Duncan - originally really big on iPods and is just the best factual record of the Roman Empire out there. He also did History of Byzantium (not as good, but still epic and brilliant).

Have listened to The Secret World Chronicles for years. Nazis using alien technology to beat superheroes and super-villians on Earth. Alternate history that is mad as a box of frogs - it has magic, star ships, secret cities built underground by Faraday and everything in-between. Written by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin and read by Veronica Giguere with over-the-top American-Russian accents and very adult themes in places. It is not high quality writing, but Veronica reads it brilliantly and it is my guilty pleasure. It is now on book 8 and has over a thousand podcasts.

Though technically not a podcast (they are videos), if you convert these to mp3 they sound just as good as they look. SETI Institute - everything from mainstream Astronomy to Exoplanets or founding colonies on Mars. I don’t pretend to understand all of the Physics stuff, but it is from guys who work in these fields so it is really interesting to see what they are thinking.


Histroy of Byzantium isn’t Mike Duncan, his current podcast is Revolutions. Which I highly recommend if you dont already know it.


Thanks, I may well try it.


merritt k (who does the previously mentioned and very great Woodland Secrets podcast) just started a new podcast recently called dadfeelings, which is about fictional dads and exploring what these dads mean and how they make us feel. There are five episodes so far, covering a variety of dads like Darth Vader, Mufasa,and Piccolo. It’s good! Check it out! http://dadfeelings.com/


I was re-reading the thread, and @osaekomi (back in 2014!) had a comment that made me remember that, “Oh, yeah, that is a podcast, not the radio!”

It’s hard to listen to the radio on a motorbike. I used to get most of my news and spoken entertainment back when I had a car. It’s like there’s been a mineral or essential trace nutrients I’ve been lacking in my diet. So I’ve been doing a lot of NPR (National Public Radio) podcasts. Yes, mostly comedy, like the panel show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

But at least I get to listen to the news again instead of reading from websites. Tone and clarity of voice helps with context, which print doesn’t always do.


So I’ve mentioned a few podcasts I like, but here’s a complete list:

We Should Be Friends: 4 women talking about small press comics and indie video games. Focusing on the work of women and people of color mostly. They’ve also discussed a few video games designers like Nina Freeman. The description is “A podcast about cool work by interesting people” and it lives up to that.

Woodland Secrets: Twine game designer, author, and poet merritt k interviews interesting people! Very funny, very interesting, goes deep into a lot of really cool topics in an open-ended conversation

dadfeelings: discussed above, dadfeelings is another merritt k podcast which discusses fictional dads like Darth Vader and Mufasa from The Lion King. Occasionally with guests, merritt talks about the positives and negatives of each dad, how the media in which they appear portray dadhood, etc. It’s very interesting and cool!

CoolGames Inc: Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy take a one line video game pitch and try to create a complete design for that game in an hour, then have their work critiqued. Hilarity ensues.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me: Advice podcast featuring three real life brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. Consistently hilarious.

Our Debut Album: Comedians Dave Shumka and Graham Clark spend an hour attempting to write a single hit song. Very funny and actually produces some really good music.

One From The Vaults: Morgan M Page discusses trans history. Everything from Stonewall to pop music. She just completed a 3 episode series about 3 trans women who inspired Andy Warhol!

Imogen Watches Classic Films: Imogen Binnie (author of the novel Nevada) watches and discusses a variety of films, not all of which could actually be considered classics (unless you consider last year’s Jem and The Holograms a classic)

The Cinephiliacs: Critic and scholar Peter Labuza interviews a film enthusiast, critic, historian, etc. about film, their relationship to movies, and then dives deep into one of his guest’s favorite films. Really great stuff if you’re interested in movies

Grrl on Grrl: musician June Owatari interviews women musicians about the music that inspires them

This one is not family friendly

Fist You: a sex toy review podcast. Very entertaining and interesting perspectives from two drunk queers about sex toys

And of course the SU&SD podcast!

anyway, i was kind of getting tired of posting all my suggestions piecemeal so here’s all of them.


I only listen to two podcasts. SUSD obviously, but the other one is the Knights of the Night actual play podcast.

It’s a group of guys (and sometimes one girl) in Cleveland going through various RPG campaigns. They started with World of Darkness Hunter and then moved into the Dresden Files RPG. These campaigns have continued over the years, but the group has also done some one shots in between stories with D&D 5th ed, Dungeon World, Numanera and a relatively new RPG called Clockwork Dominion with the creator as a guest GM. The group is a fun bunch, it is wonderfully edited to keep out a lot of fluff or distracting background noise, and there is some great role playing in these podcasts. Highly recommended for RPG fans.


Tea and Jeopardy, a very entertaining, hugo nominated podcast in which author, Emma Newman, interviews various geeky types over a cup of tea.


Finally someone who’s heard of the One Shot Network! Would recommendOvershare, an improv podcast done by the same people.


I just started listening to Scared Yet? with Kris Straub and Abbie Howard. Both great artists (Abbie’s better), and both skilled at getting both your laugh on, and your horror on (Kris is better at the words).

They’re both hilarious and have a good sense of creepy-as-hell.

There’s only 3 episodes though, and since Abbie’s on a vacation exploring opportunities, and Kris is still dealing with being a parent, regular updates are not expected.

Still, neat discussion about creepy-pasta and horror. These kids have the chops, they know what they’re talking about.


I’ll have to check that out. I love both of their comics, so this sounds like it’d be up my alley!


Overshare is great, but they seem to have slowed down quite significantly. James has OneShot, and Alex has Bits on Bits (which is kinda good, but the video Let’s Play format is not for me), so they’re both too busy for a regular Overshare I think.


Huh! These guys (and gal) are doing this podcast from somewhere in my own backyard! I’ll have to give a listen (though not sure The Dresden Files would be my cup of tea…)


Actually I think some of their best work has been from their Dresden campaign. Most of the characters are extremely memorable and often have me laughing out loud. Admittedly if you don’t like urban fantasy, then you may not enjoy that, but by the same token you probably shouldn’t enjoy the World of Darkness setting either, though there is more horror than fantasy involved in that, I suppose.


Everything’s Coming Up Podcast
2 ladies invite a guest to speak about their favourite Simpons episode.


Scared Yet, a conversation about creepy pasta, between two delightful horror web comic artists, Kris Straub of Broodhollow (and a some other rather sillier comics, like Chainsawsuit, and the writer of the deliciously creepiest of creepy pastas, Candle Cove) and Abby Howard of The Last Halloween (and the ridiculous Junior Scientist Power Hour).

Only two episodes since July, and both of these kids update irregularly on their own projects anyway, but it’s still a fun 2-ish hours when taken together.

Kris started Scared Yet as a videocast, if you want to look it up, also a neat critique of individual creepy pastas as well as critical analysis of horror in general, much like the podcast. Also, the Local 58 videos, if that genre seems fun to you.

Anyone familiar with Penny Arcade probably knows who these nerds are anyway, I don’t know why I’m trying to sell you on them here.


This summer I burned trough all of the SUSD podcasts. Then I got through all the Cool Ghosts podcasts. I then destroyed some 200 odd episodes of Regular Features.

The last binge victim was The Black Tapes and… oh my goodness, it is so wonderful!

Basically it’s X-Files the as a docu-drama podcast! I went through the first two seasons in days. Three days. I don’t know what to do with myself now…

To fill the hole I moved onto Lore which basically examines folklore in different cultures from episode to episode. It’s a short examination of where, how, and why we come up with stories like vampires and werewolves. It can hit pretty heavy when you hear some of the things people have done because of their superstitions, or when it delves into creepy true crimes. SPOILER ALERT: Man is the real monster! :wink:

I also started Tanis too! Same crew as The Dark Tapes and I’m digging it. They do a good job of blurring the lines of fiction and reality.