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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


Virtual Memories

It has interviews with various authors. I first discovered it because there’s an interview with John Crowley.


Mine are entirely Radio 4 focussed:

In Our Time - the current episodes and a many years long project to listen to every episode ever recorded. Now back to 2004 so six years left before I complete my labour and am bereft.
Analysis - really great analysis of current world trends and ideas. Recent episodes on Wahhabism and Russia were massively informative.

I agree completely on Radiolab and will investigate Dan Carlin.


Not a podcast, but if you’re in the UK and you’re not taking advantage of the iPlayer to listen to John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme you should probably get on that.

New series started last week, and it’s still a little gem. It kind of reminds me of early (ie, good) Mitchell & Webb.


Six episodes in, let me reiterate how fantastic Serial is! So many twists and turns. You never quite know who to believe. It’s a riveting story. I’m just worried we’ll never get any real conclusion or closure - the products have admitted that they don’t know how the show will end. Could be they end up not really being any closer to the truth than when they started.


I don’t listen to that many podcasts. Mostly Swedish public radio. They upload basically all their stuff as podcats with the music removed. Since I don’t really own a radio and the time the shows air never coincide with when I want to listen, I end up downloading a bunch of pods in my phone. They do some really good comedy. Sweden has a very similar system as Britain when it comes to TV and Radio. When it comes to radio, only the Swedish equivalent of the BBC is actually worth listening to. The rest is only an endless stream of commercials and the same 10 songs over and over again.

Other than that, I listen to the following:

Daft Souls, which a lot of you should be familiar with already. It’s our dear Matt Lee’s of The Opener fame’s own podcast where he invites friends to talk about video games. Very interesting and very funny.

Regular Features. Another podcast featuring Matt Lees and three of his friends. This time the same three friends. It’s mainly four blokes talking about penises. Not safe for work because of the language but very funny as long as you are not easily offended.

The Co-optional Podcast. Not sure if this really is a podcast since they use web cams but it has podcast in the name so it goes on the list. It’s a “weekly” “three hour” show led by The Cynical Brit, TotalBiscuit and regular guests Jesse Cox and Dodger. They also invite some other Youtuber as the fourth person. Or if one of the regulars is out, they bring two guests. It’s mainly about video games but they talk other stuff as well. One of my favourite episodes is the one with TotalBiscuit, Matt Lees and Jim Sterling. It almost beat out the Escapist panel with TotalBiscuit, Jim Sterling and Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. But that panel still has the highest concentration of British video game cynicism and bitterness I have ever seen.

It seems like my list will get longer in the future thanks to this thread.


Does no one else listen to wrestling podcasts? I do because they’re awesome; The Art of Wrestling, Stone Steve Austin’s, Chris Jericho’s, all brilliant to listen to. And The Bugle, also BitSocket’s podcast, One More Go, Gamewank.

And Flip The Table.

And The Little Metal Dog Show.

I also do two myself, Sonic’s Ring (general movie/game stuff) and The Conquistabores (wrestling).

I like podcasts.

Does no one else listen to wrestling podcasts? I do because they're awesome; The Art of Wrestling, Stone Steve Austin's, Chris Jericho's, all brilliant to listen to.

I dip in and out of SCSA’s podcast, because Blimey O’Reilly is that advertising intrusive. When he’s got somebody good on it’s pretty great - the two-parter with Paul Heyman was predictably amazing. The Attitude Era Podcast is the only Oily-Cuddling-related podcast I’d recommend pretty much without reservation, I do regularly listen to Cheap Heat and Straight Shoot, but that might just be proof I hate myself a bit.


I’m amazed at how long I had to scroll down before someone mentioned Radiolab - it’s truly excellent and has a really unique production style. Also worth a listen are:

In Our Time: Radio 4 stalwart on art/culture/philosophy/ideas/science etc. - the archive is always worth digging through it you’re after a good academic introduction to a topic
Philosophy Bites: bite size philosophy
Ludology: Not a regular listen, but some interesting talk on game mechanics / dynamics

(Others I listen to have already been mentioned - The Bugle / Rum Doings / Hardcore History / Monkey Cage)


I am bumping this thread back to life! Fear the tremendous power of my bumps.

Most of what I listen to has been mentioned already (Hardcore History, the Bugle, Regular Features), but I’ve got a couple more for y’all.

We Have Concerns is a short, tight, 20 minute comedy podcast about new scientific discoveries. Equal parts improv and thoughtful discussion, and it takes just 20 minutes. Which is exactly how long it takes me to walk to the shops and back.

Lore is a new podcast looking at the background behind spooky stories. Sometimes. It’s still trying to decide exactly what it is, but 20 creepy minutes that mixes reality with anecdotes makes for great listening. I listened to the last episode (about forests) while going for a run (in a forest) and got properly terrified.


Lovely Quinns Bumps.

I’ll add a couple of new ones to the list as well:
Mystery Show: Gimlet’s (Startup /Reply All) newest show. It’s ostensibly about solving various ‘mysteries’, but that really is just an excuse to talk to different interesting people. The first episode is a bit so-so, but the second one is absolutely amazing, in particular the bit where the host talks to a customer service person. I don’t want to say more about it than that, but the show is worth listening to for that moment alone.

https://twitter.com/housesnhumans: The Bored with Life crew and some guests (included some british person named Paul Dean?) plays an Apocalypse World campaign. I came for the cool world building but stayed for all the other players trying to sleep with Paul’s character.


There’s No Such Thing As A Fish: The researchers of QI talking about the weird stuff they’ve found out.


Ooh yes, We Have Concerns is fantastic - I have an erratic budget that I can chuck at Patreon, but WHC is one of my really essential pledges along with Regular Features, love it to bits.

I’ve gained and dropped quite a few podcasts since I last posted, but a few I don’t think have been mentioned:

Top Score - holy crap I love this one so much, it’s an interview show covering video game music. The host Emily Reese is lovely and very knowledgeable, and the archives include interviews with just about everyone from Jeremy Soule to Disasterpeace to cover bands and fan remixers.
Listening to Top Score introduced me to the Infinite Guest network, which has some other pretty interesting shows such as Reasonably Sound (Mike Rugnetta of the Idea Channel talks about all kinds of audio-related weirdness, often a bit odd, but always thought provoking) and You Must Remember This (compelling, well researched stories about various Hollywood figures, particularly focusing on the early-mid 20th century, with an even-handed and unflinching approach to talking about issues of gender, race and sexuality).
Mortified - a show about people reading out things they wrote as a teenager in front of a theatre audience. I thought I would hate this, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt since everything else on Radiotopia is so damn good, and it’s really hilarious, and often quite heart warming.
The Allusionist - 10-15 minutes of language nerdery from Helen Zaltzman (of Answer Me This)? Yes please!
Invisibilia - like Serial, a short series by a couple of folks from This American Life, this one is standalone episodes delving into really weird phenomena around human behaviour and psychology.


I’ve only started dipping my toe into the podcast ocean fairly recently and I haven’t got beyond games ones yet. It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally caught up with Ludology, which is often fascinating. I’ve also just started listening to Boardgames Insider which is Ignacy Trzewiczek (Portal Games, designer of Imperial Settlers, etc.) and Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games) talking about what they’re up to as well as general insights into the boardgames business.


Not too many. No time.

Classic Car Talk (Requiescat in Pace, Tom).
Hardcore History.
Toucher & Rich (The completely non-serious morning show on one of the Boston Sports radio channels. They always make me laugh).


I regularly fill my ears with shows from the Frog Pants Network mainly The Morning Stream which is a brilliant casual geeky chat thing.


Rhett & Links Ear Biscuits is a nice way of staying up to date with what’s hip and fresh with the younguns!
It turns out they no longer say “hip” or “fresh”!

Rhett & Links Ear Biscuits is a nice way of staying up to date with what's hip and fresh with the younguns! It turns out they no longer say "hip" or "fresh"!

Wow! That’s groovy, man.


Idle Thumbs: this one was mentioned in passing by @Illessa , but thought I would give it a direct link and another plug.

It is one of my favorite podcasts. Folk in the video games industry sit down and discuss what they’ve been playing and explore the tangents that crop up along the way. Very much in the vein of Matt Lees’ splendid Daft Souls, but mostly coming from the perspective of people who create video game content.

The show provides thoughtful and often humorous commentary on the video game industry, but will occasionally stray into board game and movie discussions, which is always entertaining.

Given the huge back catalog, you are dealing with an established world of running jokes and alternating hosts, but trust me that it’s worth the time to get into. As a starting point I would recommend episode 182, which includes the sordid story of a relationship which blurs the lines between reality and video games, as realized by The Sims 3.

I really can’t recommend the podcast highly enough and as an added bonus there is a large (220 and growing) back catalog of episodes, so if you get hooked like me then you have a deep well to draw from to slake your thirst.


Just discovered Do the Right Thing, currently starting it’s series.
Very ‘Panel Gamey’ but without the TV sensibilities, featuring a lot of the greats from the British Stand Up circuit. Well worth a listen.


I only recently got into the podcast thing, so I’ve identified a bunch that are interesting to me, but I’m still catching up/whittling that list down to something that I’ll keep up with on an ongoing basis.

I like catching up on some of the NPR/PRI/BBC World stuff I don’t get to listen to when they air – Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me; This American Life; Marketplace; Left, Right, and Center; and On The Media.

I’ve got a list of Netrunner podcasts I’m trying out, mostly to compensate for the non-existent playtime I get with the game anymore, but the one I’ve gone ahead and done the most catching up on/backlogging is SanSan South, which I really enjoy.

Then, there’s Radiolab; Science vs. …; Meanwhile, in the Future; and I keep meaning to get The Adventure Zone started after it came highly recommended to me.

Oh, and Shut Up & Sit Down, of course.