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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


One I’ve recently enjoyed is Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble. The basic premise being that each episode they have a guest on who talks through what specific food they’d pick for a perfect meal.

It’s less a food-focused podcast and more about the memories/anecdotes associated with each item. Plus James being weird about how he’s a genie/waiter.


I find it very dependent on the guest. The Sindhu Vee one is my favourite so far.


At the risk of being snarky, I’ll list a few podcasts I am NOT listening to. First: Blue Peg Pink Peg. I tried, I really tried. I want to support non-middle-aged-white-male voices in gaming as much as I can, honestly. But there are a couple of voices–male voices–on this show that I actually cringe upon hearing. They sound as if they are trying to emulate local radio morning commute “Morning Zoo” DJs. I had to turn multiple episodes off after 5 minutes because of the grueling forced ‘zaniness.’

Second: Heavy Cardboard. I’m sorry, the show is just… undercooked. There’s so many shoutouts to recent conventions and so on, so much extraneous business, and finally, when they get down to talking about games, the vocabulary used is just too limited and unimaginative. I feel like I don’t need to hear someone saying “Yeah, this game was awesome.” I need them to at least take a well-informed and articulate stab at explaining why the game was awesome.

I’m on the fence right now about The Board Game Design Lab. I find the host a little grating and repetitive but he has some interesting guests, so I’ll keep trying it out.

Ludology hasn’t had many episodes lately that have appealed to me, but that’s more me than them, I think.

Finally, I feel like the SU&SD podcast has declined a bit in both quality and quantity. It’s hard for me to say anything even remotely mean about these fine bois, but I think Matt and Quinns may be a bit over-extended, even with the new staff and interns (by the way, Ava is doing a HELL of a job) and the podcast seems to be the most obvious place where the strain is showing. I hope they can farm more work out and maybe find the “new Paul (or Paulina)” or maybe bring the old Paul back, and bring the podcast up to its old level of crackling fun and liveliness.


I’ve committed myself to keep going back to this one to see if it gets any better. I’ve sent in very similar feedback to their contact email


I finally got round to listening! Took a while to find since the names changed to With A Pencil so searches on the old name don’t work.

I love it. I would’ve liked more of a range of movies though, only a few hold any interest for me. I think being a fan of the movie is essential - the Hannibal episode was great, but I found the Gone Girl discussion just kept repeating the same points over and over.


I can understand being annoyed by some vocal mannerisms or whatever, but I don’t get the “don’t just say it’s awesome. Say why it’s awesome” in regards to Heavy Cardboard.

They spend 60-90 minutes giving extreme detail about why it’s awesome (or why there are problems).

Really, the breakdowns they do (components, graphic design, rulebook, game play, what they like, what they don’t like, etc) seems like just what you’re both asking for.

Now, maybe you don’t like how they present it (vocabulary, etc) and that’s fine, but I don’t get the criticism that they don’t provide the detail at all


You’re right and I’m doing them a disservice. I think I was remembering one of their Top something something games and recalling how I felt about that particular episode, which was that the guy who is the main host of the show seems to have a pretty narrow vocabulary (at least of terms of art in games), because I felt that he was just saying the same things over and over again. It wouldn’t be fair to expect too much detail in a “listicle” episode. The two or three episodes with full-on reviews I have listened to have been very detailed, albeit containing most of the other traits l have found to be annoying.