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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


Oh believe me, there was a rant, but I deleted it before posting.

(I’ll just say they really flog that ‘some people treat opinion as fact’ joke to death. WE GET IT! IT’S IN THE TITLE!!!)


Sniffing the Pages

Our very own @Griffster77 is in league with these miscreants! Check it out. It’s like being in a book club, but you can listen to it without being in a book club.


My favourites:

This one and Heavy Cardboard are my favourite games casts. Not got on with SVWAGs, Blue Peg Pink Peg, Game Pit or Dukes of Dice (but will give all of those another chance).

Not games
The West Wing Weekly
The Comedian’s Comedian
Rule of Three
No Such Thing as a Fish
Films to be Buried With
The Infinite Monkey Cage


I’ve got a fair bit of overlap with you there, in particular:

The Comedian’s Comedian, No Such Thing as a Fish, The Infinite Monkey Cage

Makes me want to check out the rest of your lineup now. :slight_smile:

I also occasionally like RHLSTP, Do the right thing, and Second Captains for some sport. :+1:


I don’t know those sport ones. I’m a cricket fan - I’m sure there must be some excellent ones but I haven’t found them yet.

I need to have a listen to Richard Herring. I like Com Com because they’re not trying to be funny.


Sorry, only Second Captains is sport, Do the Right Thing is an infrequent comedy podcast panel show, hosted by Danielle Ward. Definitely worth a listen.


What I can’t figure out about SVWAG is how they can play so many damn games. I don’t mean how can they play so many different games, I mean how can they play games so often? I was listening to a podcast from a couple of weeks ago, and Bigney was complaining about the villains in Sentinels of the Multiverse getting kind of same-y after 50-60 plays. I was driving around while I was listening and I swore out loud in the parking lot of the grocery store “WHO THE F*CK PLAYS ANY GAME 50-60 TIMES? Of COURSE the villains are gonna get boring–what game can hold up to that kind of intense repetition?”
I’ve only been actively gaming for like 3-4 years now, and I own WAY more games than I play, and even the games I do play I’ve maybe, MAYBE played a couple of them in double-digit numbers. Who ARE these people? Even Quinns and co. do other stuff besides play games, right?


I’ve got heavily back into D&D recently so listening to a lot of D&D podcasts but one I particularly enjoy 'DM Word of the Week is only loosely based on D&D and ends up exploring all sorts of things (histroy, mythology, economics, biology etc) while investigating the backstory to a word linked to the game.


Been really getting into The Magnus Archives. Creepy lovecraft style short stories, and it looks like an ongoing narrative in the background…



Some podcasts that haven’t been mentioned:

Waking Up/Making Sense by Sam Harris. Good, long, interviews with mostly interesting people. Worth listening sped up to at least 1.2x, like Hardcore History.

The Listening Project. The BBC’s take on StoryCorps. Can be quite moving. Always at least interesting.

Special mention for Cognitive Engineering by Aleph Insights. Check it out. You’ll thank me.

My other recommendations all show up in a thread search.


Thank you, @chrislear.


I feel like I’m opening a can of worms here, because I already have… too many podcast subscriptions, but hey. Lets talk. What are your favourites? Should we do a top 5? What the heck - lets do a top 5.

In no particular order, my current favourites are…

Hey Riddle Riddle:
Three hysterically funny folks tell each other riddles and carry on absurd improv scenes. Probably the fastest I have jumped on to a Patreon out of a need to get more content from these folks. Hosted by the fella who plays Chunt on Hello From the Magic Tavern and his two pals. It’s so good you guys.

Hello From the Magic Tavern:
I know this one has been around forever, but I’ve just jumped on board with it. An improv podcast where a guy who fell through a dimensional portal into a fantasy land interviews magical creatures accompanied by a wizard and a shapeshifter. It’s goofy and often very dumb, but I love it. I’m on to the second season now, which is over a hundred episodes in and I didn’t start all that long ago.

The Dollop:
One fella brings a topic from American history, the other fella doesn’t know what it’s going to be in advanced. It’s good, it’s funny, it’s bizarre and very interesting. They’ve also started a climate change art initiative that I’m a huge fan of.

The Parapod:
One guy believes in ghosts, the other guy doesn’t. This one is just so so funny. It’s over now, but if you haven’t heard it do yourself a favour and go back over. Season 1: Ghosts, Season 2: Mysteries, Season 3: Conspiracies. There’s a movie coming sooner or later. It’s amazing. Just listen.

Oof, this is a toughy, but critically important. A Canadian podcast about the opioid/opiate crisis that we are currently facing (and I know its in other places as well), told by the folks being directly impacted by it. They’ve taken to calling this war-correspondence because that’s what it feels like. Its only 4 episodes in, and each one has packed more emotional wallop than I was quite ready for. Please listen to this show. I love all the others on the list, but this one is really important.

Honorable Mentions: The Adventure Zone, My Brother My Brother and Me, Canadaland, Even More News


Those are actually in my top 5 (with obviously SU&SD, also Penny Arcade, and Kris Straub’s Scared Yet?, which talks about the genre of horror, but unfortunately doesn’t have much content).

My runner-up would be the Alton Browncast (which I think may be defunct, now) with guests that don’t always have to talk about cooking (the best ones were with non-pro chefs, like Adam Savage, William Shatner, and especially the one with John Hodgman). The chef ones, like with Andrew Zimmern, were enlightening, as well.


I did not know he had a podcast. That’s such great news.


My top five right now
Book Shambles
Pappy’s Flatshare
The Rewatchables (I have no idea who Bill Simmons is, but I love him!!!)
Inside the Comedian
Off Book

(Honourable mention to Silver Screen Snobs. It used to be my fav podcast, but they’ve been a bit tired of late. Such is the podcasting life)


Are you suggesting podcasts can’t go on FOREVER
NO MATTER THE PREMISE? :open_mouth: :wink:


Any hobby that you force yourself to do every week without fail starts to drag after a while. Eventually it trips up.

(Plus one of the presenters left because he wasn’t enjoying it anymore, but the replacement just isn’t the same dynamic)


STRONG recommendation for Villains - part of the same network I believe. Hosted by Shea Serrano. Amazing.


That’s why we only do it once a month. Means we don’t get the big bucks, but we both dislike social media anyway.


Not of all time, but what’s being listened to currently:

  1. Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities - Lore kinda got old for me and felt real same-y after a while. This sort of scratches the same itch, but has more of a Ripley’s Believe It or Not feel as the stories are more grounded in reality and less… lore.

  2. Acquisitions Inc.: The C Team - I’m still on season one of this D&D campaign as I only listen to it over the spring to fall season at work. Looking forward to diving back in.

  3. This Paranormal Life - Joking about paranormal tales and deciding if they’re real or false based on “research” and developing in jokes. It makes me smile and even giggle sometimes.

  4. Master Manual - Couple of DM’s talk about D&D from the DM perspective and answer questions, re-invent monsters, and come up with npc names and items on the spot. I heart them and hope they keep going!

  5. Never Seen It with Kyle Ayers - Comedians rewriting tv and film scripts they’ve never seen. The scripts are pretty hit and miss, but I love talking about media and listening to comedians do it is alright too. I genuinely like the games they play and allow listeners to play along with.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Regular Features
  • Bubble
  • Dumb People Town