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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


Oh believe me, there was a rant, but I deleted it before posting.

(I’ll just say they really flog that ‘some people treat opinion as fact’ joke to death. WE GET IT! IT’S IN THE TITLE!!!)


Sniffing the Pages

Our very own @Griffster77 is in league with these miscreants! Check it out. It’s like being in a book club, but you can listen to it without being in a book club.


My favourites:

This one and Heavy Cardboard are my favourite games casts. Not got on with SVWAGs, Blue Peg Pink Peg, Game Pit or Dukes of Dice (but will give all of those another chance).

Not games
The West Wing Weekly
The Comedian’s Comedian
Rule of Three
No Such Thing as a Fish
Films to be Buried With
The Infinite Monkey Cage


I’ve got a fair bit of overlap with you there, in particular:

The Comedian’s Comedian, No Such Thing as a Fish, The Infinite Monkey Cage

Makes me want to check out the rest of your lineup now. :slight_smile:

I also occasionally like RHLSTP, Do the right thing, and Second Captains for some sport. :+1:


I don’t know those sport ones. I’m a cricket fan - I’m sure there must be some excellent ones but I haven’t found them yet.

I need to have a listen to Richard Herring. I like Com Com because they’re not trying to be funny.


Sorry, only Second Captains is sport, Do the Right Thing is an infrequent comedy podcast panel show, hosted by Danielle Ward. Definitely worth a listen.