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Podcasts: What do you listen to?


Podcasts! They’re great, aren’t they? It’s like radio but in a pod.
I’m sure most of us listen to SU&SD’s podcast, but what other 'casts do you guys enjoy? I’m a pretty heavy podcast user and these are some of my favourites:

This American Life - I’m sure most of you are already familiar with TAM, but for those that aren’t, each week they take a topic and broadcast different stories on that topic. Those stories can be journalistic, they can be short fiction, radio dramas and so on. Fantastic show.

Serial - A sister show to This American Life that started airing just this week. Rather than focusing on different stories each week, the idea here is that each and every season should do a deep-dive into one particular story. The current story is about the murder of a teenaged girl in 1999, and the twists and turns the investigation take. It is riveting stuff, and I think I might even like it more than TAM.

LOST Rewatch - Patrick Klepek from Giant Bomb and Max Temkin from Cards Against Humanity watch through all of LOST from season 1 and discuss each and every topic. As someone who fell off Lost in season 1 this is a great way to experience all the crazy plot twists without actually, you know, having to sit down and watch the dang thing.

Daft Souls - Matt Lee’s video gaming podcast. Funny and insightful, and with frequent guest appearances from SU&SD crew.

Sawbones - Sydnee McElroy, a medical doctor and her husband Justin (who also writes for Kotaku) dives into medical history, telling us about how people in ages past tried to cure various ailments. Entertaining and educational. Edutational!

A Life Well Wasted - Robert Ashley’s, formerly of 1UP, podcast about games and the people who play them. Each episode is extremly well produced, and Ashley’s take is very different from most gaming podcasts. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any new episodes in more than a year, but the seven that have been released so far are all worth a listen.

Giant Bombcast - Giant Bomb’s podcast. I probably like it the most when they don’t talk about video games but rather go off on wild tangents. It’s lost some of its appeal since the sad passing of Ryan Davis, and Vinny Caravella leaving for New York, but I still enjoy listening to it each and every week. Recently Dan Ryckert’s completely insane stories have been a highlight.

Gamers With Jobs’ Conference Call - People with real-life actual jobs discuss games!

Good Job Brain - An offbeat trivia podcast. Both funny and informative.

My Brother, My Brother and Me - Another Justin McElroy podcast. In this one he and his brothers Travis and Griffin answer their listeners’ question and give, possibly, the worst life advice you can imagine.

Feel free to share your favourites, too! I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to.

What are we watching?

SUSD, Dice Tower, Ludology, D6 generation, Secret Cabal, Plaid Hat, Daft Souls - for gamey goodness

Freakonomics, Dr.Karl on JJJ, The Infinite Monkey Cage - For Sciencey Weirdness

The Bugle, Getting Doug with High,
All of Kevin Smith’s (Jay and Silent Bob get Old, Edumacation, FatMan on Batman, Smodcast, Hollywood Babylon)
All of Richard Herring’s (As it Occurs To Me AIOTM, Edinburgh Fringe Podcast RHEFP, Leicester Square Theatre RHLSTP, Me1 vs Me2 Snooker ) - for Comedy haha’s


Daft Souls
Not a Game
BBC Friday Night Comedy
Regular Features
and of course SU&SD

Tried Night Vale but sort of bounced off.


Kermode and Mayo’s film review - films and bickering

Rum Doings - off topic chat and bickering, from John Walker of RPS and previously PCGUK fame and Nick Mailer

Neil de Grasse Tyson’s Star Talk Radio - science!

The Final Lap Weekly - NASCAR podcast, so kind of a specific audience

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe - science!

The Crate and Crowbar - current and ex pcgamer and RPS types talk about them vidjamagames

And, obviously, SU&SD


SUSD! Obviously.

99% Invisible, a fantastic show about the built world and design.

The Music Is My Sanctuary Radio Show, a pretty fantastic monthly podcast of eclectic music that always makes me happy.

I also sometimes listen to the news from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, but generally I prefer something a bit more escapist on my walk to work.


Podcasts are great. Especially for travelling.

My current list is:

Daft Souls - Matt Lees’ video gaming podcast. See above post.

Fear the Boot - RPG podcast, about the hobby in general, lots of banter. This, plus a number of long flights, got me into podcasts.

Plaid Hat Podcast - Official Plaid Hat podcast, talking energetically about the board-gaming industry. Often very silly.

Writing Excuses - With Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler. Fifteen-minute episodes on writing.

A Brief History of Mathematics - Now finished, ten episodes from BBC radio 4. These are a great mix of interesting biography and simple explanations of the various branches of mathematics.

Freakonomics - From the authors of the books. A recent episode was “What do Medieval nuns and Bo Jackson have in common?”.

NPR: Intelligence Squared (debates) - A new one for me. I’ve not listened to debates before, but this is high quality and fairly interesting.

Regular Features - Another from Matt Lees. Very rude; don’t listen.

The Infinite Monkey Cage - With Robert Ince and Brian Cox. Also new for me, so I’m not sure on the schedule, but it doesn’t run for the whole year. Panel discussions on physics and philosophy. Often with comedians.

Welcome to Night Vale - Radio broadcasts from the fictional town of Night Vale.

Popup Chinese - A mix of mandarin lessons, from beginner to advanced, and Sinica podcasts from Beijing. The latter usually discusses various current events, politics, or economics in and around China. It’s fairly varied.

  • some other mandarin podcasts.

I apologise for not providing links. For some reason chrome is not currently allowing me to search.


Shut Up & Sit Down is the obvious one.

Daft Souls is also probably no surprise

Comic Vine Podcast is also good to get my weekly comic book fix, because I have no friends interested in comic books :frowning:

Others like Fatman on Batman and House to astonish I dip in and out of but I generally only have time for a few a week and it annoys me to listen to them piecemeal so I ignore a lot of great ones.


SUSD (natch)
BwL Radio

Please Don’t Hug Me / Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available
RHLSTP / Me1 v Me2 Snooker
Pappy’s Bangers and Mash / Flatshare Slamdown
incompletely articulate
The Comedians’ Comedian
The Bugle
Answer Me This


I really only listen to a couple of podcasts.

I’ve listened to some of SU&SD but I haven’t gotten through all of them yet. I’m working on it.

And beyond that I listen to Welcome to Night Vale.

I know I’m not very podcasty.


I’ve been listening to Good Job Brain! since Erik mentioned it a few weeks ago. It’s really good! This week I learned something fascinating about carrots. I’m not sure there can be a higher recommendation.

Answer Me This! and Kermode/Mayo are both great but both have been previously mentioned.

How Did This Get Made? is good but I hugely prefer the episodes where they’re talking about a film I’ve seen. The one about Fast 5 with Adam Scott guesting is a classic.

Everthing else I really enjoy is kind of niche - the Guardian Football Weekly for soccerkickball, War Rocket Ajax for comics, The Attitude Era podcast for people in their underwear pretending to fight each other, that sort of thing.


The Alton Browncast on the Nerdist is pretty great. He’s THE food nerd, and has interviewed William Shatner, John Hodgman (who he road tripped with), as well as fellow celebrity chefs like Flay and Andrew Zimmerman, local Atlanta street artists, and both famous and obscure non-celebrity chefs (e.g.; Michael Ruhlman, and an awesome guy who runs a hot-dog stand).

The subjects often cover food (duh), but tend to stray much wider afield. Alton and John Hodgman talking about Doctor Who and geeking out about meeting… er, no spoilers… was fun, for example.

I currently ride a motorbike, though, and I usually listen to shows when riding in a car. So… I either need to upgrade my helmet or buy a car before I can feel honest about giving my opinion about podcasts.


I’m fairly new to podcast as previously I’ve been listening to audiobooks instead. I’ve just been listening to these three:

Shut Up & Sit Down
Daft Souls
Regular Features

Er… so basically I’m just listening to Matt Lees and his friends. However thanks to your lovely words above I’ll be dipping into some of those above.



It’s an incredible piece of audio composition that’s also very fascinating and informative talk radio. It’s like Steve Reich meets Frontline meets Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Right there with Jubaal, I don’t listen to podcasts much but will definitely be checking out a few more in this thread.

Besides Shut Up & Sit Down and Daft Souls I listen to old Penny Arcade podcasts every so often. The ones they recorded whilst they were coming up with strips are hilarious, and it’s great seeing ideas take form between the two of them.


I listen to tons of podcasts, more than is probably sensible.

I believe most have already been mentioned: The Bugle, Not A Game, Infinite Monkey Cage, Daft Souls, Good Job Brain (thanks Erik!), Regular Features (you can hear my horrible posh-scouse voice in episode 104, though I’d recommend against it), Rum Doings, SU&SD, Answer Me This, Welcome To Night Vale.

Midnight Resistance - excellent video games podcast, can trend towards looooong episodes but I still try to catch it when I can.
No Such Thing As A Fish - podcast from the researchers for QI. Much more entertaining and informative than the actual TV show.
One Life Left - more videogamey goodness.
Tone Control - currently between seasons, but this is a series of really in-depth interviews about creative process conducted by Steve Gaynor (of Gone Home fame) with videogame luminaries including Ken Levine and Tim Schafer. Really fascinating stuff. It’s part of Idle Thumbs which is also a great videogames podcast, but I’ve covered too many videogame things already ;).
Super Marcato Bros - a video game music podcast, has brought several great composers to my attention, especially Japanese composers that worked during the chiptune eras. The hosts are composers themselves and really knowledgeable and enthusiastic, without getting super technical.
BBC Introducing Mixtape - just an hour of new bands basically, discovered a ton of music through this.
Pod Your Own Adventure - just started checking this out since there’s going to be a live show at Game City and it’s pretty good! Various guests play through Choose Your Own Adventure-type game books.

I’ll have to check out Sawbones & Radiolab, they sound great!


Just wanted to leave this link here. It’s The New Yorker writing about Serial, one of the podcasts I mentioned above. It does a good job of explaining why everyone should listen to it. :smiley:


Apart from SUSD I listen to:

Throwing Shade - a podcast by a gay guy (the hilarious Bryan Safi) and a straight women. They make fun of all the homophobe and misogynist dicks in the news every week.
Oh No Ross and Carrie - They look into religions and superstitions and tell about their experiences afterwards, but not in a hostile way. They actually became Mormons for a while, for example, and were very kind and fair when they talked about it. They also visited a Sikh service, tried homeopathy, hypnosis and ear candling and had some great interviews with sceptics.
Girl on Guy/ - Aisha Tyler’s podcast. I love her, a lot. If I wasn’t gay… Anyway: She has guests from popculture on her show and talks with them about geeky stuff.
The Nerdist Podcast - This one everyone probably knows already. I adore Chris Hardwick. I don’t usually have crushes on celebrities (bit old for that) but he’s just so funny.

Bonus: Not strictly a podcast (they are videos) but related to the Throwing Shade podcast

Gay of Thrones - A gay hairdresser recaps the episodes of Game of Thrones while doing the hair of his customers. They started with season 3 (so don’t try to find earlier ones)
Regardless of how often I have seen these: I almost pee myself everytime.
“And then she’s like all blue in the mouth and I’m, like: Run little girl she’s a bitch!”

Oh: Alfie Allen (Theon in the show) was a guest once :slight_smile:


Planet Money - A 15-20 minute NPR podcast that covers various odd economics topics, such as the zoo economy and how homeowners insurance really works

Regular Features - FARTING NOISES

Point of Inquiry - A fantastically produced podcast that covers interesting and controversial subjects, typically through interviews with experts. Anyone interested in the gamergate nonsense of late would enjoy their recent episode on Misogyny in the Freethought Movement. There are a ton of parallels. They’ve also done episodes on things like the theology of ISIS, factory farming, alternative medicine, etc.


Relevant: Radiotopia is having a Kickstarter. You can get cool things if you donate, but more to the point just go and check out the list of shows. If you like radio, you’re bound to find something of interest. As I previously mentioned, 99% Invisible is my favourite podcast, and I’m starting to branch out into the other shows in the network.


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - started out as a series of hour-ish-long looks at interesting historical subjects, has evolved into multi-part four hour plus detailed examinations. As an ex-radio dude I admire anyone who can do a solo show of that length and still be interesting.

Dan Carlin’s Common Sense - The same chap, talking about US politics. He’s what you might call a radical centrist and I find myself disagreeing with him as often as I agree, but he’s always interesting.

Snap Judgment (US spelling, if you’re searching) - Just ran a successful Kickstarter for their next series. Bill themselves as “storytelling with a beat”. A bit like a funky This American Life. Some awesome stories and really inventive production.

Radiolab - The best freakin’ thing on radio. Interesting topics, innovative sound design - nobody in the business uses production to further storytelling like these guys.

Digital Human - The closest thing on UK radio to some of the really good American stuff that’s being made at the moment. Helped by having an extremely talented, creative and hard-working researcher.