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Please Help with Xmas List


I’m being badgered to list some games I want for Christmas but I’m procrastinating, mainly because I don’t know what I want!

Can any of you fine people help with suggestions please?

I’m probably looking for something newish as chances are friends/family won’t have played it. I prefer theme over mechanics. Maybe one family friendly game and one deep strategy for mates.


What are some games you already have and like (or indeed dislike)?


Well if playing with family, I recommend Men at Work. Its great and I love it. Its on my Christmas list.


Well, just to name a few: Galaxy Trucker, Dice City, Escape: The Curse of the Temple(?), Battlestar, Legendary, Descent, Cutthroat Caverns, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Disney Villainous, Zombicide, Cash N Guns, King of Tokyo…

Thanks @Griffster77, I’ll take a look :+1:


OK, some titles that come to mind: Flash Point, Firefly, Doctor Who Time of the Daleks, Burgle Bros, Colt Express, Captain Sonar, NMBR 9, Revolution! (if you can find it).

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This barely counts as a board game, but… Pitchcar?


Horrified comes to mind, if you’re into the old horror movie theme.

Western Legends is touted for the Western themeing.

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Yeah this is a game I think you just need to have - it’s gorgeous, hilarious and makes people take ludicrous risks. It’ll be on the table for me this xmas.

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Sweet. Men at Work is on the list! Cheers

Whoops, got this one, thanks though.

Hmmm, might look at Burgle Bros and Horrified, thanks. Colt express is good but a friend has that so I’ll leave it.

Not heard of Western Legends but if it’s got a good theme, I’m intrigued.

Plenty to get on with here, thank you all so much for the great ideas and quick response! :grin:

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Family game: Just One, Werewords, Time’s Up.

Strategy: Great Western Trail, Concordia,

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We’re having a lot of fun with Hadara

For a family game, and something a bit different, Illusion


Loads there to check out and ponder, thank you! :+1:

This is a great choice. Or, since it’s so cheap ( at least in the US), you can get it and The Mind as a family game.

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Oooh cheap is good! More variety. Thanks chaps.

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