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Pinball Wizards, Inquire Within!


I know there is an old thread talking about Pinball in general, but it tapered into conversations about Video Pinball.

This is a thread dedicated to physical machines and where to find them. This spawned from the Nerdy Dates Thread.

My plan is to edit this top post and list places where you can find pinball machines while traveling! I know there are websites out there with this information, but I figured more known curated list from SUSD forum friends haunts might be nice!

Please list your favorite places below and I will try to keep this up to date and organized!

Toronto: Tilt Toronto Original Post:Nerdy dates
Ottawa: House of Targ Original Post: Nerdy dates


Atlanta, Georgia: Southern Fried Game Expo (Seasonal)
Laconia, New Hampshire: FunSpot / Classic Arcade Museum
Myrtle Beach, S.Carolina: Black Pearl Mini Golf
Asheville, Tennessee: Asheville Pinball Museum


My biggest place-to-go-pinballing is in fact an annual expo, rather than a regular spot, but let’s plug it anyway!

On the north side of Atlanta each summer is the Southern Fried Gaming Expo, an event that’s dominated by a free to play (with admission) arcade cabinet showroom, including a pinball area consisting of a few dozen tables. Last time we went we turned it into a late birthday treat for our kid and her best friend, both of whom turned out to love the pinball in general. Lots of the machines (pinball and standard arcade) are also for sale if that’s of interest. Lots of old classics, heck of a lot of fun.

And there’s the normal arcade cabinets, a room for old consoles, a board gaming area, now there’s a film fest too, blah blah blah. It’s mostly a pretty chill crowd, too.


Right up the road from me is Funspot in Laconia, NH (USA) It’s home to the Classic Arcade Museum and has a large, rotating, and playable collection of both pinball and electro-mechanical arcade games (those last are my personal favorites!).




Vancouver is one of a few cities where Pinball Maps is an essential resource. This seems to get updated far more regularly here than in many other cities.

Main haunts for us are (in no particular order):

The Cobalt Cabaret - http://thecobalt.ca
Pub 340 - http://pub340.ca
The American - http://www.theamerican.ca

Many, many more to list, but all of the above have dedicated pinball areas with multiple, well maintained machines. And this isn’t even considering the wealth of options further east in the Fraser Valley.

[Editing to add:]



Only if SHUX and them could join forces!

It would be like several mini lion robots joining together to form one giant robot!

I was at the Meat & Bread location near it last year!!!


Meat & Bread is pure glory.



I ate that for lunch every day at SHUX last year… Heaven! Only thing I regret was not able to get the Thanksgiving sandwich… I had that at SHUX17. I dream of that sandwich…


Any time I go I’m always tempted by the specials, but I just can’t quit the porchetta.


Well this was a timely notice.


For the sake of completeness, I present Arcadia


In Christchurch, New Zealand. Come for a visit. We’re on on the other side of the world from everything.

I’ve only been to Arcadia twice, both times they had gigs on and I couldn’t get to the arcade games, just the pinball. Turns out my wife’s is much much better at pinball than me.


I’m sorry for mixing genres here, with videogames and arcade tables. But I really think Space Cadets for the old Windows OS was pretty great. You can still get it if you look for it, and it’s fine even though you may need to fiddle with it to make it work and it doesn’t have perfect ball physics.

It was a good table, though, a really good table, with lots of “missions” but not too many bells and whistles (unlike many modern tables), and the drains weren’t obnoxiously unavoidable. It was pretty solid. I’d love to see that table in real life.

I’m not joking, I’d love to see that table in real life. If anyone has a lead, by all means let us know.


Here you go.


Where can I play it, though? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is incredibly cool.


Surely that would be an easy weekend build project for you @MinuteWalt?



Also in Toronto

Other places I know of with a bunch of machines:
Cabin Fever - http://www.cabinfeverco.ca/pinball.html
The Greater Good - http://www.thegreatergoodbar.com/
Get Well - http://www.getwellbar.com/

Places I know of with limited machines:
Handlebar - http://www.thehandlebar.ca
Henderson Brewing - http://www.hendersonbrewing.com/

I’m sure there are lots of other bars/pubs that just have one machine too.


I can recommend Tilt in Birmingham (UK).

It’s a craft beer / coffee bar with about 10-15 quality tables. Child friendly too.

I’m planning on checking out Flip Out London (Croydon) soon, from what I’ve seen they have a big selection and all free to play (after £10 entry).

Where I live (Oxford) there are currently precisely zero tables… at least I’ve not yet found any…


My fave is the pinball museum in Vegas:


It had all the ones I misspent my youth on (Adams Family, STTNG, Fish Tales etc etc) and even Gilligans Island which I have proudly completed the entire quest on.



Been to, will go again, recommended to any pinhead with a trip to Vegas in the works.