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Phantom Doctrine


Nothing to do with this game, but it snuck up on me, and not many people I know had heard about it before either, but it looks great!

Essentially it’s XCOM (the new ones) set in the cold war era. The team behind it have already put out a decent game in the same style called Hard West which is XCOM in a Western setting.

I’ll just leave some videos here:

And theres a decent whack of gameplay videos out there too.


I love me some XCom, why have I not heard about this or the western one? Thanks for posting this!


I have Hard West and it’s pretty fun, they did a good job at integrating the cover-based turn strategy deal with a bit of story.

I am digging this theme a lot (we haven’t seen many Cold War games in ages), and the additional bits between action seem very interesting. Nice find!


I’m really hoping that linking of the clues stuff is a decent puzzle


That was exactly what I was thinking!