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Pet names for components

lol. I thought my group was the only ones that did that. glad to see we are not alone.

I thought by the middle you were referring to Robert Downey Jr.: diamond merchant. Mel Gibson is in one of those decks, at least according my family. The most coveted visiting aristocrat is ‘The Pope of Dope’. He doesn’t have any back story that I know of, just a title.

For those who have played a few months of pandemic legacy boogie men should be a fairly clear reference to a number of game pieces. I sat playing the game with my wife for 10 minutes before she noticed the game piece hanging out of my nose. Gross but good for a cheap laugh…

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In my family, the wooden King token in Citadels (as seen here) was always called “the Pineapple” or “the Pineapple of Destiny.” I think this might have been around the time of Kung Fu Panda 1, hence the “of Destiny” bit? It was all pretty silly.


We always call the Contingency Planner in Pandemic the Lantern-Jawed F-Wit.

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I’m in the mood for some forum necromancy!

I often end up calling most forms of money spacebux. Netrunner credits: spacebux. Medici’s florins: spacebux. Power grid elektro: still elektro because it’s cool.

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At our current Playthrough of Path to Carcosa I have both ‘It that Follows’ and ‘The Man in the Pallid Mask’ in my deck. I refer to both as “Not that fucker again”.

Also, each and every currency is just flat ‘money’.


The folks in Nusfjord are renamed every game, and given little back stories.

The caballeros in El Grande are often just called ‘sad men’ unless they’re in the castle, when they can be truly happy.

The three types of worker in Great Western Trail are called ‘tops, leather daddies and brokeback types’. Also the guy in Kansas City who inspects your hand for duplicate cows is called ‘The fickle Mr Pfister, the very specific cow dismisser’. I guess he’s not really a component though.

I’ve been known to call the various info boards of Archipelago ‘the bleak spreadsheet of colonial horror’.



Also, totally going to co-opt the sad men into El Grande

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I don’t think anyone ever remembers the correct names for the icons in Innovation. They’ll always be “bulbs”, “crowns”, “castles”, “leaves”, “factories”, and “clocks” (actually concept, prosperity, authority, health, industry, and efficiency).

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Woah, didn’t realise I actually started this thread!

Not really our own creation, but a typo in Crows Overkill, means that one type of bird will be forever referred to as “warglers”.

Which is only slightly less amusing than making jokes about cock.


I was just thinking about this topic last night because my fiancée and I played Targi. It’s not exactly a component, more like a card game, but we always call Fata Morgana (the card that lets you move your marker in the desert) Farta Morgana. Because that’s the kind of mature adult gamers we are. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Weirdly, so was I as we played Star Cartel again, so there was much discussion of space chocolate (which sadly bottomed out in value).

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They’ve always been referred to as ‘energon cubes’ in the groups I play with. Too much Transformers when we were kids! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a friend who insists on calling money in any game “currency units.”

Whenever we play pandemic, we call the medic’s specialty ability after we have a disease cured (all cubes of that disease are cured whenever the medic is present) the “Jesus walk.”

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Not component per se, but my wife calls the “fight” marks on the Marvel Legendary cards that let you fight villains or the mastermind “scratches”

Because they look like claw scratches.

“I have 3 scratches so I can defeat the Maggia Goon”