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Pearple's Choice 2018--The End is Nigh...NOMINATION THREAD!


Best game of 2018 - Wildlands, Fox & the Forest
Best pre-2018 game first played in 2018: Arkham Horror Card Game, Gloomhaven, Hive Pocket

Also definitely Paul should get a Best Paul award.


Just seconding your So Very Wrong About Games nomination. I recently discovered them (even though they lived in the same city as me), because Quinns mentioned that he listens to them. They are just the most clear, direct, thorough, and no-nonsense podcast about boardgames that I’ve listened to. They also nail that Goldilocks energy level that I find so hard to get right with podcasts- too much energy gets tiring/grating for me and too little is boring. I could and have listened to these guys talk for hours at a time.

I would also nominate Ludology for best boardgame podcast that is not Shut Up & Sit Down.


It certainly seems to be a recurrent theme - “where else do you get boardgame news/reviews”.

I’d also nominate Our Turn - Gaming for Everyone (http://ourturnpodcast.com).


Best pre-2018 game: Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Sagrada
Best Expansion: Star Realms: Frontiers
Best Kickstarter: Star Realms: Frontiers
Best Game: Welcome To…, Railroad Ink


•best boardgame or expansion released in 2018 - Kemet: Seth Expansion
•best pre-2018 game you played for the first time in 2018 - Terraforming Mars

The following category is one I think has earned its place, perhaps sooner than this, but definitely in 2018 if not. Converting popular board games to apps seems to be all the rage and I find myself wishing for more resources to decide whether my $4.99 (give or take) is well spent on a particular board game app for long flights.

•best Board Game to App Conversion of 2018 - Brass

(I’m admittedly terrible at release dates, but I believe this was a 2018 launch)

Note - Games that were always apps is a much muddier field to judge whether it meets the criteria of “board game”, but a game that had a tabletop release and was later converted to an app seems like a great way to outline a nomination category.


BEST 2018

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Illusion
  • Yellow & Yangtze


  • Princes of the Renaissance
  • The Estates
  • Startups


  • kickstarter is bad


  • Reiner Knizia this year every year because i’m a fan boy
  • but seriously he’s making a killer comeback
  • don’t call it a comeback he’s been here for years


I’ll edit this as I think of others, but for now:

Azul is probably the best pre-2018 game new to me in 2018.


Close, but on Steam at least it’s saying October of 2017.

(who cares tho, worth submitting anyway!)


Best pre-2018 game played for the first time in 2018

  • Concordia
  • Ethnos

Best Paul Award

  • Paul Dean
  • @KIR
  • Anyone else named “Paul”


Thank you for rating me above “anyone else called Paul”.

You wait til I see the other Paul at work tomorrow!


You can rub it in his face!


Oh I will, but not too much.

(I need him to vote for me)


Best of 2018:
The Mind
Ganz Schon Clever
Carpe Diem (anticipation)
Azul: Sintra

Pre-2018 game

Plan B/Next Move

Wolfgang Warsch
Stefan Feld (maybe).
Michael Kiesling.

Unique award inspired by Unique Games:
The Sitar Player Eats With Foam Top Hats.


I hate to be that guy but Startups definitely came out last year. Or you could even say 2015 if you count Rights as the 1st edition. (It’s still an amazing game and should be in your old games you played this year list!)


I’ve cut games which have already been mentioned in their respective categories. This is what I have to add:L

Best boardgame or expansion released in 2018

  • Castell
  • Smartphone Inc.
  • Gizmos
  • MetroX
  • Auztralia

Best Kickstarter delivered in 2018

  • Container
  • The Estates
  • Auztralia
  • Dinosaur Island
  • Hardback
  • The Lady and the Tiger

Best pre-2018 game you played for the first time in 2018

  • Container
  • The Estates
  • Ex Libris
  • Hanamikoji
  • Pillars of the Earth
  • Milennium Blades
  • Ponzi Scheme
  • Modern Art
  • Agricola
  • Pulsar 2849

Best publisher as of 2018

  • Grail Games
  • Osprey Games

Best designer as of 2018

  • Phil Walker-Harding
  • Martin Wallace
  • Benoit Turpin
  • Uwe Rosenberg

Best Artist:

  • Beth Sobel
  • Tania Walker
  • Medusa Dollmaker

  • best boardgame or expansion released in 2018

    • The Champion of the wild
    • Lowlands
    • Monster Crunch! The breakfast battle!
    • Hardback
  • best Kickstarter delivered in 2018

    • Harback
    • The Champion of the Wild
  • best pre-2018 game you played for the first time in 2018

    • Inis
    • Burgle Bros
    • Mundus Novus
  • best RPG released in 2018

  • best publisher as of 2018

    • Plan B
  • best designer as of 2018

    • Tim Fowers
  • best whatever else you can think of (if there are enough mentions for a category, we can do it!)

    • Best RPG played for the first time in 2018 that was released in a previous year
    • Goblin Quest
    • Blades in the Dark


Tim Fowers, not Flowers! (I made the same mistake when I went to buy Burgle Bros.)


Haha dumb auto correct! Thank you!


Best game: railroad ink
Best “game which my children most enjoyed and which I most enjoyed playing with them” Dinosaur Tea Party
Best new to me game: word slam
Best expansion: sagrad 5th and 6th player expansion


best pre-2018 game you played for the first time in 2018: Maria
best designer as of 2018: Mac Gerdts