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Pearple's Choice 2018--Most Unique/Original Concept in a Game Released in 2018


Vote here for the Most Unique/Original Concept in a Game Released in 2018.

This list includes games nominated by the SUSD forum demonstrating the most unique or original concept in a game for 2018. This can be mechanics, theme, components, or any combination thereof.

Vote for AS MANY of the following nominees as you think are worthy:

NOTE: to write-in a candidate:

  1. Reply to this thread with the text: “Write In Vote: [Insert Best Game EVAR!]
  2. All likes for that reply will be tallied as votes for that title in the final count.
  • Castell (2018)
  • Cerebria: The Inside World (2018)
  • Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game (2018)
  • Dice Hospital (2018)
  • Discover: Lands Unknown (2018)
  • Drop It (2018)
  • Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr (2018)
  • KeyForge: Call of the Archons (2018)
  • Micropolis (2018)
  • Nosedive (2018
  • Now Boarding (2018)
  • Nyctophobia (2018)
  • Pikoko (2018)
  • Princess Jing (2018)
  • Stuffed Fables (2018)
  • The Mind (2018)

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Current Write-Ins

Pearple's Choice 2018--VOTE NOW! ...on *so many* categories...!

Fog of Love is a 2017 game (see BGG).


With much regret I withdraw the submission. I though it went on sale in 2018 but maybe 2017 was a limited run.


Keyforge is definitely an original concept. I’m skeptical that it’s a good, worthwhile concept, but original for sure.


Write In Vote: Maiden Quest


Write In Vote: Consentacle


While Consentacle is indeed a fantastically unique game, it came out in 2014 according to BGG.


It released in 2018. From the 2017 Kickstarter:

“Consentacle was originally produced as a showcase prototype for the No Quarter exhibition of games, with only a few sets in existence. We’re bringing it to Kickstarter to fund mass production because so many people have asked if they can have a copy.”