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[PBF] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

(Yes, that is what I thought, I’ll roll Outoor Survival for the fog, and I’ll also try to see if I find any beast moving inside the river!)
d100: 23 vs Outdoor Survival 40


The fog is typical of the type that hangs around marsh and fenland. Maybe it seems a little thicker than you normally expect, but such things are hard to gauge. As you peer into the fast flowing water of the river, Reiko bustles past.

He’s been all aroud the deck trying to watch all his crew, but his pacing suddenly stops as the barge passes an islet to the port side. His faces drops as he turns to race back towards the helm shouting “We’re in the wrong channel!” His cries wake the pilot who was concentrating on landward fog rather than the watercourse.

There is an almighty crash the barge bucks and shudders as it strikes rocks unseen beneath the surface. The pilot’s inattention has let the barge drift down the shallower of the two channels that pass the islet. Crates and barrels fly free from the straps that fix them in place and the crew struggle to keep their footing as the Trandafir pitches and yaws in the current. At the prow Vadoma lets out a wail of horror and she is flung forwards from the barge into the foaming waters of the Verfelfluss.

(Everyone needs to make a Challenging (+0) Athletics test in order to keep their feet as the deck of barge bucks underneath them.)

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“Gods almighty !!!”
Meinrad’s athletics roll: d100: 86 vs 30

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That result will not only pitch Meinrad from his feet, but since the roll was worse than -2SLs (3-8 = -5SL), he will also end up falling into the freezing cold waters of the Verfelfluss.

Now might be a good time to remind you about Fortune Points and Resolve Points!

Fortune Points are spent to turn luck to your advantage. You can spent a point to:

  • Reroll a failed test
  • Add a Success Level to a Test after it has been rolled
    (Success Levels are the new ‘Degrees of Success’ from the older editions; more about them when we actually get into play)
  • At the start of a Round, choose when to act rather than going as determined by Initiative.

Fortune points are regained at the start of every gaming session, or as a result of certain in game encounters (they could be removed by in game effects too).

Resolve Points are used push through minor obstacles. You can spend a point to:

  • Become immune to a Psychology until the end of the next round
  • Ignore all modifiers from all Critical Wounds until the beginning of the next round
  • Remove one Condition

Resolve is regained whenever your act according to your Motivation.

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I will use a fortune to reroll my athletics

d100: 71 vs athletics 30

(I hope the water is not too cold, because here I come)

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(That is unfortuantely still a fail, and with -4SL, Meinrad is still going into the water.
Meinrad is down to 1 Fortune Point.)

The Verfelfluss is fast flowing and cold, fed by glacial streams that wind down from the Grey Mountains to discharge into the watercourse. Fortunately for the Meinrad, it is shallow at this point (hence the barge’s misfortune), but there is still a chance that he could be swept away and drowned.

First thing Meinrad feels is the sharp icy bite of the waters that threaten to force teh airs from his lungs and to rob him of his senses.

(Make an Average (+20) Endurance test to resist the cold shock of the surprise immersion.)

“By Sigmar’s beard!!”

d100: 84 versus agility 28

I’ll use a fortune too…

d100: 90 Vs agility 28

[oh well I’m coming to join you!]

Else also takes a tumble and splashes into the water…

(Make an Average (+20) Endurance test to resist the cold shock of the surprise immersion.)


d100: 21 Vs endurance (45+20) 65

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The sudden dunking is bracing, but Else quickly masters any panic as the cold waters clutch at her.

(Can I stand?)

(The water is shallow enough to do, but we’ll see where everyone ends up first, and then there’s the small matter of the what lurks in the waters…)

(well barring anything else happening, Else will try and grab anyone who doesn’t land on their feet if they are in reach and pull them to her)

Meinrad’s Endurance test

d100: 83 vs Endurance 30 + 20 = 50


As Meinrad hits the water the shock of the temperature change forces all the air from his lungs, leaving him gasping and struggling for air.

That failure gives Meinrad the Stunned condition. This can be stacked multiple times.
When stunned, a character can no longer take an Action in combat, only a Move, and that is at half speed due to disorientation.
You can oppose any combat tests, but any skill you roll is at -10 per Stunned condition.
Any opponent striking at you gets +1 Advantage before they attack.
At the end of each Round, you can remove the Stunned condition by passing an Endurance test.

In this situation, Meinrad is going to be helpless to resist the pull of the current.

However, he could spend a Resolve Point to completely remove the Stunned condition.

(can I grab him or is something more important about to happen?)

(We’re about to enter a turn order environment. The action is paused with you both hitting the water; we’re just establishing the state everyone is in before action resumes. Else’s desire to stand has been noted, but it isn’t a foregone conclusion in the current).