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[PBF] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Meinrad’s face changes from worry to excitment as he quickly looks in his pouch and says “6 pennies huh… OK I’m game”.
As he shakes Gert’s hand, Meinrad will whisper "And how do you feel about the old woman at the prow whispering by herself. I think she’s praying, but I heard some of those people can make the river boils, or make frogs jump on board, or even turn you into a fish… Don’t you find that a bit concerning ? "

Gert grins as they shake on the bet and when Meinrad starts voicing his concerns his grin widens for a moment before he tries to look very serious.

“Ohh, I’ve heard stories all right.” He says, also lowering his voice. "I’ve heard they can create channels that close up behind the boat. And that people on their boats go missing over night. The stories I’ve heard tell that perform strange rituals and sacrifice strangers to keep their boats going in tough times. In fact " and he lowers his voice even further “I’ve heard it’s the people who try to speak with them that go missing.”

He tries to waggle his eyebrows mysteriously and keep a straight face as he delivers this final line.

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Whilst you chat and work away with the cargo, the barge continues downstream. You pass uneventfully through Messinger, aside from some dark looks and shouted insults directed at the Strigany, which clearly upset them despite the fact that it is a common reaction to their kind. Some bread and cheese are shared out as the Verfelfluss beings to meander more the further south you travel.

As the barge turns one bend in the river, there is a commotion at the prow as Vadoma let’s out a delighted shriek, her shawl falling away as she bolts upright. Her eyes dart this way and that, although you can she must be almost blind from the cataracts that mist her vision. Her arms wave around as she claws at the air with withered hands.

Perhaps surprisingly, the crewman just seem to shrug her behaviour away. You catch a knowing look between a pair that seems to say here we go again… The one Else spoke to about the Beast watches her intensely though, muttering prayers and warding himself from evil spirits.

Vadoma finally settles back onto her stool, speaking aloud with a voice like crackled parchment.

“Oh, praise them! Venerations to the ancestors, for they have delivered us from this twisted bend of river and the Beast of Ortschlamm! All praise! And yet, no less diligent, for we stray towards other, greater perils…”

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Gert looks up at the commotion and watchs the crew to see how they react. Given it seems to be no big deal, he tries to carry on with whatever he was doing, although keeps one eye on the curtained cabin to see if there’s any reaction from their employer.

Not even a twitch of the curtain. Maybe Rutger didn’t hear, is too distracted, or simply doesn’t care.

Meinrad will go to try and talk to the old woman again. Trying to remember how she said it, he will greet her:

“Praise be to your ancestor madam! I am Meinrad, I hope that everything is alright with you, you seemed really out of it before. And what are those greater perils? But please, first, can I bring you anything to make you feel more confortable? This barge must not be an easy place for the eldest among us”

If Meinrad notices that Else show sign of also wanting to talk to the old woman, he will motion toward her and invite her to come along with him.
He will also try to catch back the shawl of the old lady and give it back to her.

Her boney hands grasp your wrists as she mumbles “Yes, yes, come and join me in thanking the beneficent ancestors for letting us avoid the Beast.”

She doesn’t really seem to notice you draping her shawl back around her shoulders or helping her settle back down more comfortably.

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As he kneels down next to her so she doesn’t have to keep her arms up, Meinrad tries to move a bit away so that the woman holds his hands rather than his wrist, and he says :

“Does the Beast leave in the bend of the river behind us? And please, would you be so kind to tell me what danger still await?”

Meinrad would also like to try and look a bit more at the woman, see if there is any signs of something a bit weird about her, of if she is just like any old person he has seen.

“Oh, the marshes, those marshes, cursed and haunted by the terrible Beast! Its baleful gaze is swathed by the fog, but best stay out of the waters: they’re all cursed and the Beast lives down there!”

Vadoma does not physically seem to be anything other than the old lady that she looks like.


(Considering your background, give me a Challenging (+0) Intuition roll to see if you glean anything other from your close contact with her.)

Okay, rolling for Intuition
d100: 97 vs Intuition 26

Vadoma just seems to be an old lady to your eyes. There’s a possibly she might not be entirely all there, as she cranes her head to try and hear sounds that you can’t detect at all.

(That is a failure. However, it was a good roll to introduce the rules of automatic success and failures.
Any dice roll of 01-05 will automatically succeed at any test, regardless of the skill value being tested. Coversely, a roll of 96-100 will alway fail.)


Meinrad makes sure that Vadoma is comfortable and goes down the barge toward Reiko;

“Hey Reiko, I’m a bit distressed right now. You all seem pretty calm for people riding a boat on a river hosting a monster. I mean, I came on to guard a camp, I can fight a bit but not against a beast living in a marsh! I just want to know, are we at risk?”

“I already said that Grandmother’s words should be ignored. We ain’t seen no Beast, no sign of one neither. Just let her alone to pray will you — and hope that in your dotage people leave you to your comforts.”

Reiko looks pretty tired, and from the way he snaps at you get the impression that he has had to go through this routine time and time again.

All of you also start to notice that the amiable chatter from the crew has been slowly disappearing since you passed Messinger. You catch the Strigany looking distractedly out across the banks either side of the barge, and generally not focusing on the tasks at hand.

Else will take to patrolling the deck, one hand on the grip of a pistol. As she passes Reiko, she says “Just because you have seen no Beast, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Beasts, and worse, hide from the light of Sigmar and it is through our faith in him that we shall prevail.” Then she pats her weapons, “Of course, it helps if we help ourselves too!”

On each pass, Else will pause near Vadoma and listen in. There is definitely the hint of Second Sight there and, while it might not be a good idea to try and execute the Strigani’s ancestor, Sigmar’s will must prevail.


“Stop encouraging them!” Reiko hisses. “They already see Beasts in every shadow without your help!”

He curses and rushes down the boat, bawling out one of crewmembers who is standing in a coil of rope looking off to shore. One of his colleagues further down the deck is about to chuck a bucket overboard to collect some water; the bucket is attached to the line, and would yank the distracted crewman from his feet. Reiko just about manages to stop the accident before it happens.

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Meinrad tries to find the crewmember he already talked to before, and gives him help with whatever he is doing.
"When I was a boy, I was in the plains at the foot of grassy hills with my father’s flock. I was maybe 8or 9… I saw a huge shaddow coming down of the smallest the hills, it grabbed ten , maybe fifteen of my sheeps, all the black ones, and ran away. My old man said it was a wolf, but I know what I’ve seen. Some things in this world can surpass your imagination. "

Seeing the crew become lax in their duties, Gert will try to pick up the slack. He’ll try to focus on keeping the boat out of trouble, then the crew second. He’ll try to drop a few attempts at light-hearted jokes as he does so. “Ohh, better catch that line or there’ll be a beastly accident.”

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Gert’s efforts are appreciated, but the jokes fall flat. They elicit some nervous laughing, but once Gert is past the crew surreptitious glance around and ward themselves. None of this is helped by Vadoma uttering portents of doom to any who get close to her. “’Ware the waters, for the Beast shall rise up!”

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(Can I try to look though the fog and the water to see if anything looks abnormal ?)
EDIT: And could I make a case for Outdoor Survival instead of intuition ?

(The intuition was about seeing if you picked up anything from Vadoma’s aura because as a Witch, you a little more attuned to magically energies than ordinary folk.

You could roll Outdoor Survival is about trying survive in the wilderness. I would not give you any extra information about Vadoma. However, you could roll it to see if the natural signs you’ve seen make it likely that the fog that slowly rolling is as would be expected.)

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