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[PBF] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Reiko looks puzzled for a moment, then asks “Did Reuter not mention his business partner, Stiegler? This mill is a joint venture between the pair, both camp at the site along with the foreman, Thulgrim. There’s a few more Strigany hired on as labourers that stay there too. I don’t know much about the construction, I just ferry in the supplies.”


Meinrad will also spit overboard. "They were good folk, and had the best songs. Hey, what can you tell me about the work camp ? From what Rutger told us, it seems like it’s gonna be a quick easy job, And it pays well ? I’ve never seen such a thing, and I’ve worked around a lot, what’s the catch ? "


The Strigany shrugs. “Don’t seem to be one far as the work’s concerned. Pay’s always come as promised. Don’t care much for the camp mind. Much better being with Reiko on the barge.” One of the other crew shouts him over, and he wanders off in response.


Meinrad will go to Reiko, Gert and Else.
“Hey, got anything I can do ?”


“Ah well, probably the better job anyway right? Nothing worse than being stuck in one place for too long. Say, are we passing through Messlnger on our way? That’s near here right? They had the most excellent bread last time I went through there.”


Reiko nods “Ain’t stopping though, straight onto the Grausse.”


“A pitty. At least I’ll be able to give the town a wave on the way past.”

“Yeah, give me a hand securing these crates? You said you were a Sheppard’s son right? What brings you out here looking for work?”


Else is going to see if she can get a word with the guy who mentioned the beast, when Reiko is not.looking


(Describe how you go about doing that.)


Is there much opportunity to catch him alone? Or is Reiko watching them?


It’s pretty hard to have a word with someone without anyone else noticing at all due to the relatively open nature of the barge, but you can easily find a time when Reiko is occupied if you want to specifically avoid him seeing the conversation.


“I got along fine with my old folks, but I was one mouth to much to feed. Shepherding does not earn a decent living. I go from job to job, trying to scrape by. You seem to be at ease here. What made you want to take a job on land rather than on a boat like this?”


Else waits until Reiko is occupied elsewhere and then go up to the crewman. She’s quite a blunt character so I think she’s quite open about her interest.

“You mentioned the need for a guard against the Beast. Have you been troubled recently? I am less inclined than many to write off such stories to superstition…”


The crewman seems a bit taken aback by the forthright approach. “N…n…no…” he stammers “None of us has seen it. But Mother Vadoma is always muttering about the Beast of the Marshes” he makes a quick warding sign. “Strigany honour their elders and ancestors; be silly to ignore her warning jus’ 'cause none of us seen or heard anything of any Beast yet…”

You notice that this particular crew member practically rattles from the various types of charms he wears, many of which you recognise as various warding symbols representing various dieties worshipped in the Empire - Sigmar, Ulfric, Ranald, Manaan, all are represented.


I agree. Do you think your elder will speak to me? I’d like to hear more.


The Strigany shakes his head. “Your friend already tried; best to not distrub and leave her to her prayers.”


“well keep your eyes out and let me know should you see anything.”

Else gestures to the charms, “Best choose one, my friend. The gods are jealous characters and it doesn’t always pay to hedge your bets… May Sigmar bless you.”

Else goes back to her position observing the cabin, also keeping an ear out for the conversation of Meinrad and Gert. Gert seems a useful ally in case of trouble. She’s not so sure about Meinrad so far.

She also makes a point of displaying her weapons, taking them out, inspecting them, cleaning them etc.


“It’s always nice to take a job on the land to remind me how much I enjoy working on the water. And if it’s to be a new settlement, there’s likely to be more than just this one boat making deliveries. Might be a good place to find a nice boat to work on.” Gert drops into a friendly stage whisper “and between you and me, the best thing about a boatsmans life is always being somewhere new.”

“I had a similar parting with my da. He’d been taking me with him on whatever jobs he could where the captains would let him. But they’d often use me as an excuse to pay less, I got underfoot or didn’t need the extra crew or whatever excuse you can think of. Anyway, we got stuck up in a tiny little town past Tallerhoff until we found a captain willing to take me on, but not my da. And so it goes. Still run into my da every so often. Although I haven’t seen him in a year or two come to think of it. Anyway, how long have you been traveling for? Any neat towns you’ve been through?”


"With the flock, I was always kind of travelling, but I’ve been on my own for a year now I think ? Time flies… Anyway, most of the place I travelled to weren’t excentric or remarquable, more like veeeeeeery boring. Although, as a kid I’ve been in Marienburg with my father. I think he needed to sell something over there. I do not remember much of our time over there, but I think it was really huge and bursting with life. I hope I can go back there one day… "

" What do you make of the lady warrior over there ? Else I think ? Did not looked like one talkative gal, but I do not want to get on the bad side of those guns …" And Meinrad will do finger guns ( :point_right: :point_right:)" BANG BANG" while looking at Else.


Gert seems somewhat taken aback by finger guns. “Ah, yeah. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of her in a fight. If I’m honest I hope it’s an uneventful trip for her. If she has to get those pistols out somethings gone wrong. I’ve been on the water for a while now and most unpleasant things can be avoided by either distance or care. Anyway, she seems fine. Quiet, but in my experience those who’re used to scrapping generally are. I bet she’s a bit more talkative after a drink or three though.”

An look of amusement crosses Gerts face as if remembering an old joke. “Say, are you a betting man? 6 pennies to the first person to make her laugh? Of course, the bets off if one of us gets shot instead…”